“Can Religious Beliefs Justify Refusing Service to Same-Sex Couples?” (Speech)

Back from history onwards, the world has faced a lot in terms of discrimination. These were initially started as a means to run a clean political drama.

Keeping the people always divided with differences would bring up opportunities for various political members or leaders for further elections. Today, even though most of the differences have been sorted out with equality, very few still exist in terms of gender and same-sex couples.

Same-sex couples, well-known as LGBT people, still face a lot of issues in society. People see them awkwardly, and some treat them awfully, mentioning religious beliefs.

In debates, we often see many argue about asking the LGBT groups to take their business elsewhere. It makes people seem less important about the discrimination of these LGBT people when they are denied services around a lot of places.

Nobody wants to know about the negative impact of the denial they face as well as what their families have to face.

These discriminations negatively affect their families both physically and psychologically, which could be long-term. 

LGBT individuals have faced many hardships throughout their lives. Many have been denied proper health care in terms of sex change treatments.

Many couples have been denied their dream wedding services or sometimes even the proper wedding procedures. It’s always heartbreaking to face such behaviors from others just because they are of the same-sex and should not wish for the benefits heterosexual couples receive.

Despite the marriage equality rules in the nation, LGBT couples find it hard to obtain normal services like their choice of wedding cakes, dresses, tuxedos, venue, or even flowers all around the world; most denials are due to religious beliefs too.

Continuous torcher and discrimination towards these people will create long-term emotional issues over them like anxiety, aggression, and depression which could lead to other diseases like heart attacks.

They always have to make specific decisions on where to shop or get services in order to avoid more discrimination, which is not an easy step for them.

Everyone thinks that it is easier for them to find alternatives, but that is even more difficult as they have been discriminated against from many places, access to information, and transportation. 

Most states and governments embrace the dangers they have to face even if they discriminate against LGBT people because they consider this as a legitimate matter of moral sense and religious belief.

And so, in these states, the laws are more likely to be an open license to discriminate.

Since 2015, the laws have been more supportive towards these categories of people by allowing marriage equalities and denying the laws to discriminate against them could force them to follow their own religious and moral beliefs.

It’s not fine to deny services to them; by doing so, the lawmakers are sending out signals that speak the truth that these LGBT people are considered unequal or unvalued in their community.

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