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The national religious freedom day is celebrated on January 16th every year. The day is celebrated with appropriate events and activities at home, schools, and places of worship.

The United States of America came into existence as a sovereign nation and soon after that on January 16, 1786, the Virginia General Assembly adopted Thomas Jefferson’s landmark Virginia Statute for Religious freedom and the statue became the basis of First Amendment which assures religious freedom to all people of the United States. Hence, the January 16th became the national religious freedom day.

You can celebrate this day of religious freedom by accumulating friends of different faiths for a get -together and focus on religious freedom and the impact of it on our lives. Religious freedom is a great initiative and should be appreciated by all.

If you appreciate the day and wish to communicate with friends and relatives on this day, do not forget to wish them a great religious freedom day with the following interesting greetings and quotes

Religious Freedom Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

-Today it is an honor to host a variety of religious leaders and experts on National Religious Freedom Day. Have a fantastic discussion on religious freedom issues all over the world.

-National Religious Freedom Day is a great step to breathe freely in religious life.

-Have the pleasure of speaking about the importance of religious liberty with friends today. National Religious freedom day.

-A national Religious freedom day! Each year starts reflecting on tolerance, nonviolence, and ethnic equality.

-Stay fresh with your daily dose of a religious wish. National Religious Freedom Day.

-The Virginia General Assembly enacted the Statute for Religious Freedom, which paved the way for the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

-It is just important to consider the true meaning of church or state separation and religious freedom. National religious freedom day.

-Religion becomes just one more suspicious method of obtaining power. National religious freedom day.

-In honor of National Religious Freedom Day, highlight countries where so many individuals are persecuted for their faith.

-Today is National Religious Freedom Day. Our difference in religion is what makes us so unique.

-We are blessed to be Americans with the right to exercise our religious freedoms granted to us.

-A freedom we must defend against those who seek to silence Americans of faith. National religious freedom day.

-A great time to remember our nation’s religious history and the legacy which will be continued. National religious freedom day.

-Faith and Freedom in America! A blessed day to all. National Religious Freedom Day.

-I’m going to enjoy this day with my other religion friends because I’m a child of Jesus. National Religious Freedom Day.

-Time for Americans to stand up for religious freedom. Committing to preserve it for generations. National Religious Freedom Day.

-Religious freedom must be preserved outside of church buildings and among other religious buildings. National religious freedom day.

-I wish a beautiful and spiritual day for all my friends on National Religious Freedom Day.

-On this National Religious Freedom Day we recognize that religious freedom is centered to a nation.

-This first freedom was enshrined in America’s founding documents and today we reaffirm our commitment to protect this religious freedom. National religious freedom day.

-No American should be forced to choose between the tenets of faith. National religious freedom day.

-National religious freedom day is a time to reflect on our own rights, but also to consider the state of religious freedom around the world.

-We will not rest until everyone has the right to practice and express their own religious view. National religious freedom day.

-As a free citizen of America, I’m thankful for the freedom of religion we have and will never take that for granted. National Religious Freedom Day.

-This day commemorates the adoption of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. Let’s contribute to the cause. National religious freedom day.

– The statute became the basis for the establishment clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which is then led to the freedom of religion for all Americans.

– On National religious freedom day, let us remember religious freedom belongs to all people in the country.

– It is the duty of everyone to promote religious freedom to all people. Happy national religious freedom day.

– Celebrating the National religious freedom day by not praying and being thankful for the freedom to find our own spiritual journey.

– The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom was adopted on January 16, 1786, and is commemorated each year on National Religious Freedom Day which is today!

– Happy National Religious Freedom Day. I have always supported this and will continue to stand for our right to worship any God without the intervention of anyone.

– Join our voice with all who come together for worship without anyone’s fear. National religious freedom day.

– There is a threat to Religious Liberty in the United States. Concern on National religious freedom day.

– Today and every day we thank God for Religious Freedom and celebrate our freedom to worship the Lord across America.

– Today is National Religious Freedom Day  Everyone has to recognize Religious Freedom in America.

– We are happy to celebrate national religious freedom day. We are proud to be part of such a diverse community.

– People of different faiths are granted equal rights to express their religious beliefs. Happy national religious freedom day.

– Let us always remember to protect and promote this fundamental human right – our Freedom of Religion!

– Americans will flourish as long as they have the liberty to choose religion. National Religious Freedom Day.

– The religion is your choice, Worship your God in your own way. Raise the voice for National religious freedom day.

– I am an American Christian who supports, understands and prays for you. National Religious Freedom Day.

– Happy national religious freedom day to everyone, hope everyone will have a great religious day.

– Today is National Religious Freedom Day, marking the adoption of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.

– Thankful for God’s grace, allowing us to worship Him freely every single day. National Religious Freedom Day.

-Today is National Religious Freedom Day. A good time to reflect on issues of religion in America.

-Freedom of religion has never been automatic in America. National religious freedom day.

-National Religious Freedom Day. Our religious liberties always need to be protected.

-Religious freedom is the foundation of our country and we need to preserve it for the generation. Happy national religious freedom day.

-Our right to practice religion is guaranteed by law. We are happy and we continue to defend it and fight discrimination. National Religious Freedom Day.

-National Religious Freedom Day. The freedom of religion protected by the 1st amendment celebrated today.

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