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Freedom is an essential aspect of human life. There are many people who cannot voice their choices or cannot express themselves and even choose their own religion due to the lack of freedom.

World Freedom Day is celebrated on the 9th of November and it marks the fall of Berlin Wall. It is the observance of the end of communism in the Eastern and Central parts of Europe b the then US President W. Bush. It united people of the land together and helped them get their human rights.

Some of the amazing quotes and wishes for the day for Freedom day mentioned below-

_Living without freedom is just like your eyes without vision. You are just living your days and waiting for orders.

_Only those people know the value of freedom who haven’t got hold of it for a long time and want it badly.

_We have no idea of the strength that a person has to endure during the times of oppression. Freedom for them is a dream which they can even try to achieve with their lives

_With freedom, life is a lot simpler and it is assured that the morning will be full of fresh air. Happy world freedom day

_The spirit of world freedom day is unending and will continue to be so as long as there is humanity on earth.

_The importance of freedom is only known by those who have fought for it long and hard enough. Happy world freedom day

_If you think that life is tough, look back at some of the countries who are still fighting for their share of freedom. You are lucky, happy world freedom day

_I’m lucky to be breathing and eating on my own will. Happy world freedom day

_Freedom is pure gem, use it wisely and live happily with it!

_Being free has its benefit. You can love your own good and also the bad and there is no one to judge you or stop you. Enjoy the feel on this world freedom day

_The condition of life is best when it is under a state of freedom. Happy world freedom day to all those who have fought and deserve this immensely

_There are millions of people who have fought to get the much needed freedom. Let us not waste their hard work and use our responsibility in a wise manner. Happy world freedom day

_The day freedom is embraced by the entire world, it will be the beginning of a new life order; a happier one indeed!

_Throughout the history, it is seen that the fight for freedom has never been easy! Happy world freedom day

_If your thoughts are bounded then trust me even the notion of freedom is as useless to you as anything else. Think free, live free

_World freedom day is celebrated every year to let know people of the great advantage they have in life.

_The happiness of being able to choose things for ourselves is truly overwhelming. Happy world freedom day

_With freedom, our chains are cast of. However, the true sense of freedom remains in the way we help others to enjoy their freedom.

_It is our duty to make sure that the commitment towards freedom is forever and we make sure that it is never misused. Happy world freedom day

_If we even want to see a change then it is important that we be that change and affect the world positively. Happy world freedom day

_Our silence is not our weakness, rather it is the strength that we hold in our nerves. Happy world freedom day

_The biggest freedom battles were fought without guns. Happy world freedom day, let your actions do the talking

_With freedom, we have the chance to make the world a better place to live for all. Show some respect and live with joy

_Once we all come together and make proper use of freedom, there is no looking back and the world shall only prosper. Happy world freedom day

_As long as we do not have the power to speak up for ourselves, living is of no use. Raise your voice for the good; you are free to do so!

_ Living bold, living free. Happy world freedom day

_We do not live on the terms set b y anyone else. Thanks to those souls who made this line possible with their lives for freedom fight.

_The cost of freedom all over the world is truly a million of lives who have done no wrong but only for their cause. Happy world freedom day

_Happiness is a state of mind that is better felt when you are in a state of freedom.

_On this world freedom day, let us take an oath to showcase the power of unity and also the responsibility we can show in handling our own freedom.

_Each of us represent a flower and we can bloom in the best manner when showered with freedom. Happy world freedom day

_Life is a lot easy when we have the best of the practices, such as freedom, as a part of it. Live freedom, love freedom

_World freedom day is here to commemorate the loss of lives of those soldiers who fought for their nation and its people.

_The most satisfying thing on earth that cannot be touched but can be felt is “freedom”. Happy world freedom day

_Every bright future begins with the assurance of a free will and thought. Happy world freedom day

_Let the light of freedom remove the dark cover of oppression on earth and bring smiles on all faces alike. Happy world freedom day

_Freedom is priceless and nothing less than a magic which cannot be seen but surely be felt.

_Life gives you many chances to be better and freedom is one of those. Grab it and make the best use of it. Happy world freedom day

_A moment of silence for all those who fought with their lives so that we can enjoy the spirit of freedom now. Happy world freedom day.

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