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Africa industrialization day is observed on November 20th every year. The day was started in 1990. During the 25th Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Organization of African Unity, the day was declared.

Each year the theme of industrialization will be different.  A geographical representation of the continent will be the symbol of Africa Industrialization Day.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) organizes the event on Africa Industrialization Day.

The day is not a public holiday but a global observance. On this event, the major organizations of Africa get new ways to stimulate Africa’s industrialization process.  

The day is celebrated to draw the attention of worldwide media to focus on the problems and challenges of Africa’s Industrialization.

If you are one among those who would life Africa to be in good industrialization process and would like to wish all on this special occasion, here are some progressive quotes and greeting for you to share among people

Let the glory and dignity of Africa be spread all over. Have a great Africa industrialization day!

Industries boost health and create jobs which can develop Africa.

Accelerate the growth of Africa, contribute your knowledge! Happy Africa Industrialization Day.

Since the industrial revolution, many countries have benefited but not everyone.

The industrial revolution has replaced humans with Machines. No jobs guaranteed. Raise your voice for Africa.

Let a sustainable path bright African industrialization to bring prosperity to the people and the country.

A significant contribution is required for the African industrial revolution.

We hope that this Africa industrialization day brings some good hopes for the people.

Conserve the habitat and that would be the next industrial revolution.

The fourth industrialization may involve risks but it might also bring some solution to humanitarian problems.

Introduction of various industrial techniques can make the revolution better.

It is an amazing challenge to transform society and the economy.

Learning on a revolution is the fruit of the Industrial revolution in Africa.

The story of civilization in Africa had a forward jump after the Industrial Revolution.

Our ignorance about African society is what not allowing us to bring a change in the country.

The Africans should get a stage where they can prove themselves. That’s the revolution.

Africans should face forward, neither east nor west.

We Africans fail to transform the continent because we do not common recognition.

Africa does not need strong people but strong industrial revolutions.

The revolution should start from African villages and the industries flourish.

There are high risks of youth unemployment in Africa. Let the revolution focus on it.

The economic transformation should start by addressing some priorities across the continent.

The basic infrastructure is needed to make a revolution in the industry as well as the economy.

Reform the education system and allow people to get out of their houses. This would be a great revolution before the industrial revolution.

Joblessness and poverty are the things we need to focus on. Wishing every success on Africa Industrial revolution.

The industrial revolution is not for luxury but for the necessity of the development of the continent.

Africa needs an open window for the positive growth of industries and the economy.

The supportive policies and investment guidelines should be developed in order to make the industrial revolution strong.

Inspire the African youth to do more and get ready for the industrial revolution.

Empowering women would be the first step in the industrial revolution.

If you want to lift up the country, lift up the common man!

Dreaming of a better tomorrow is necessary for Africans as they wait for the big revolution to happen.

Prepare Africans for the next era and the changes will automatically in position.

The digital fluency should be improved to get African youth into jobs.

The social problems of Africa should be addressed in the revolution.

It is our duty to leave our earth healthy and habitable for our future generations. Need sustainable growth for Africa.

The problems should be solved to give our family a chance of a good life.

The perfect and unchanging future would be the ideas of sustainability.

The essential condition for a progressive revolution is a nutritious diet which is a basic individual right.

Sustainability means balanced, potential, and happier life and most of them choose it.

We should live in reality, not on the air or bottom of the ocean. The revolution should start from a common man. 40

Human society depends on the survival of the fittest. Let this revolution be good for mankind.

The machine world is blind which destroys the ecosystem on which all souls depend.

African people just strive to make a living and thus it is difficult to make people live in sustainability.

Sustainability is the core of humanity. Change the view, not human nature.

Let’s join hands to make a sustainable global society and respect our nature, human rights, and justice.

If it is sustainable, just do it, otherwise, do not do.

We need all new environment and rush for industrialization. What about sustainability?

We cannot solve a problem if we think the same way as we created it.

The human race is a challenge and hence the demonstration is necessary. Let the revolution be kind towards nature.

The industrial growth without sustainability makes the core aim worse again.

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