14 Best A. J. Foyt Quotes and Sayings

A. J. Foyt’s full name is Anthony Joseph Foyt, a former American racecar driver. It is considered one of the best riders in North American history. He is the winner of the Indianapolis 500 on four occasions, the first to achieve that mark, and tied with Al Unser and Rick Mears.

A. J. Foyt named 67 triumphs and seven titles in the USAC National Championship. Apart from such big victories, he won the USAC Sprint Car East in the 1960s and got the USAC Silver Crown in 1972.

A. J. Foyt Quotes and Sayings

-It’s more secure on a racetrack than on Houston’s expressways. That’s what I feel.

-I’m not as tough as my dad. I truly feel that I’m more open to accepting change than him.

-My father was more fruitful in running midgets in Texas. At that point, his two drivers stuck into some misfortune. People thought dad was not able to contact. Can’t they understand? It was the cars, not drivers. I needed to race just to refute every one.

A. J. Foyt Quotes

-I surmise John Wayne would be one. 

-Determination to never give up on something. It’s what it takes.

-I wanted to step into the race just to prove people that my dad was not wrong, but the cars were.

A. J. Foyt Quotes

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