A Speech on All-Female Colleges and All-Male Colleges Are Bad

Many controversies persist over the matter of education of the single-gender. It is the process of teaching male and female students in separate institutions. In some cases many students can get benefit from these types of schools, but we have to remember that they are not for everyone. There are many positive aspects and negative ones as well. 

Some of those positive aspects can be mentioned as

The students can become more focused on their academics. In co-education institutions, many students can become distracted by classmates of the opposite sex. Some students can give more attention to that cute friend rather than the lectures. Because of this tendency, their marks may begin to hamper.

In all-female and all-male colleges, there is more chance to focus on the studies and the goals and less on dating. People who are in support of the single-sex education  proves that a single-gender environment allows for a more serious and attentive learning experience with fewer distractions or fewer chance of getting side tracked for both males and females. All the students can feel much more comfortable. 

Some students, mainly the female students, are more comfortable and feel at ease while expressing themselves among the group of the other members of the same gender, they are more eager to express and convey their feelings during the classroom discussions, group studies, projects etc. This allows all the students to attain more self-confidence and strong attentiveness and also helps them to overcome their problems and insecurities.

The students can take on non-stereotypical leadership role while studying. Males in the all-male schools have various chances to take on some leadership positions. For example, many males may feel more comfort and easiness while studying or taking leadership roles in the arts and the other projects, while the females may take some leadership roles in some male dominated areas, such as the student government or engineering.

The persons who opposes this trait of single-sex colleges can also argue that 

Those schools cannot prepare students for the experiences of the real life. It’s is an inevitable factor that the males and females will have to work by helping and consulting with each other at many cases during their entire careers. Many people can say that a same sex education deprives students of the chances to learn how to work and communicate well with the other members of the opposite sex.

Those types of school in many cases foster the problem of the gender ignorance. Non-supporters of the single-gender institution not only believe that those schools  will hinder males and females from learning various things about how to work and converse well with each other but also can  oppose or try to stop them socially.

As stated earlier the same sex or the single-gender institutions are not really for everyone. Only you have to decide by thinking properly if these types of colleges are really a good option for your learning procedure and growing personality.

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