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A Speech on “Uniforms Are Essential in School”

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The childhood days of every human being are the best days of their lives and will definitely have some colorful memories of the formal school uniforms that are worn by the students while going to school. For some people, the uniforms remain almost up to the standard of high school. On the other hand, for some people, uniforms sometimes are abandoned at a very lower level.

In this modern-day, several schools are trying to remove the concept of using school uniforms though there are various things related to the importance and proper significance of school uniforms that still hold many importance and values even today. There are many reasons why a school must have uniforms. Like,

From the name itself, it can be realized that there is a sense of uniformity in the matter and quite obviously, the school uniforms give a sense of uniqueness and identity to a particular school. It is like proof of identity of that particular school, and in that way, the school can immediately be identified and recognized by that specific color or design of the shirt, skirts, tie, blazers, etc., which are used and worn by the students each and every day while attending the school.

Uniforms of the schools can also create and establish a sense of pride and dignity in all the students from the lower standard classes to the students of the higher classes. The students can achieve special recognition and attention with the help of school uniforms that help them make to feel very confident and make them able to hold their mentality strong.

They can learn to respect the school by respecting the uniform of their school and also make them able to earn the trust and responsibility of carrying out the dignity and reputation of the school with dignified and good activities and discipline as well. This grows from the time childhood itself and increases and evolves with age so that this character trait continues and remains throughout the entire life to go on in the future as well.

Wearing or using the school uniforms enables and ensures that the students will be able to develop a proper sense of belonging and dignity to the school where they are attending and studying.

The students can feel that they are also an important and valuable part of the institution or the school and their every action will define and show the name and reputation of the school too.

Another aspect is that every student will be carrying and wearing the same school uniform, which is being tailored from the same material without regarding the incoming ability or status of the family of the students. In this way, a sense of harmony, similarity, and friendship among the students of the school will be restored and facilitated as well.

When all the children of the school wear and respect their school uniform, then there cannot be. Moreover, if a student, in any case, gets lost somewhere at the time of going to or coming from school, then other people can immediately recognize and bring the student back to school with the help of the uniform that he or she is wearing. So, in many ways, it is an essential requirement for the children of an institution especially.

A Speech on “School Days Should Start Later”

When the kids struggle to wake up in the morning, it may not be because of the cause that they are lazy; there can be the possibility of tiredness. For teens, less than 8 hours of sleep per night could become harmful  to their health

Poor sleep or minimum sleep can trigger increased reliance on caffeine products. There is also a good connection between sleep deprivation and poor performance in academics. 

Just delaying school time by half an hour may have a great impact on a child’s proper education.

Students are many times left alone because of the busy office and working schedules of most of their parents. That time can bear the possibility of making some rare decisions that cannot be all-time healthy. Starting school sometime later in the morning can offer a later release time in the afternoon and evening, which could reduce the amount of alone time for those teens.

Little sleep can cause a large number of different problematic symptoms in children. An amount of less sleep hampers the proper functioning of a child’s attention and mental properties. They can struggle on their own to focus on their surrounding environment, some sensory inputs, and also the classroom. A lack of sleep can increase the tendency of a delayed reaction time, irritability, stressed and depressed mood, forgetfulness, clumsiness, and also create trouble while learning.

In the morning the students take a cup of coffee to make themselves refreshed. But that cup contains more caffeine than some regular energy drinks offer. The side effects provided by the use of caffeine can give kids severe dehydration, chronic panic attacks, and high levels of adrenaline and cortisol, which can lead to various medical issues in the future. 

When there is no adequate amount of sleeping time given to the children, then there is always a problem that associates with the rise in their grades. Good sleep not only does improve the attentiveness of the child, but it also gives them time to think about the information before them in the classroom. 

According to some studies, the children, who have a later time to start their school day can get overall good test scores, grades, and consistency in many subject areas compared to those students who have to school on a traditional morning schedule. Students also have been able to improve their attendance rates, reduced truancy, and also the decreasing dropout rates.

Another very important thing that goes away when students are in a hurry to reach school within time is a healthy breakfast. By starting the time later in the day, they will have a better chance to eat something healthier than a packed breakfast item, which also helps in increasing the chances of a good and helpful learning experience.

A Speech on “School Uniforms Are Good.”

Childhood days of us human beings are the best and most important days of our lives and will always carry some vibrant and special memories, which are also related to the formal school uniforms worn by us while going to our school.

In this modern day, some schools are trying their best to remove the concept of wearing school uniforms. But we must remember that various important things related to the significance of school uniforms still hold many special values even today. There are many reasons why school uniforms are always good. Like,

From the name, we can realize that there is a lingering sense of uniqueness and oneness in the matter, and quite obviously, the school uniforms give a sense of individuality and special recognition and identity to a particular school. It is like a sample or proof of identity of that school, and in that way, the school can immediately be automatically recognized by that specific color or pattern of the shirt, skirts, tie, blazers, and all the other accessories, which are used and worn by the students while attending that particular school.

Uniforms of any of the schools can also motivate and induce a sense of pride and achievement in all the students of all the classes of that particular school. The students can always be able to achieve a special identity and a good sense of belonging with the help of the school uniforms that also help them to feel very dignified and also confident, thus making them able to carry their strong mentality.

They can learn to respect the rules and policies of the school by loving and respecting the uniform and also help them in realizing their dignity and also to earn the trust of carrying out the long-lived reputation of the school with various dignified and good activities and disciplined attitudes as well. This starts from the time of their childhood days and gradually increases and enhances with their age so that these characteristics continue and go along with their entire life to go on till their future as well.

Wearing or using respectable school uniforms also ensures that the students will be ready in many ways to develop a proper and good sense of belonging and love for the school where they are attending and studying throughout their childhood days. The students can always feel that they are also an important and precious part of their institution or the school, and their each and every behavior and conduct will reflect and show the morals and conduct of the school too.

Another very essential and notable aspect is that every student will be wearing the one and the same school uniform, which is customized from the same dress material disregarding the incoming amount or financial status of any of the families of those students. In this way, a proper sense of belonging, oneness, and friendship among all the students of the school will be restored throughout their school days.

When all the children of the school carry and try to love and respect their school uniform, then there cannot be any disregard for their school or teachers. On the other hand, if a student for any incident gets lost somewhere at the time of going or coming from their school, then the other of that particular area people can immediately recognize and identify their school and thus can be able to bring the student back to that particular school by the help of their special and unique uniform.

So, in various different ways, it is a very important and also essential thing for the children of an institution especially.

A Speech on Homeschooling Is Better than Traditional Schooling

Homeschooling is a reformist development around the nation and the world, wherein guardians instruct their kids at home as opposed to sending them to a customary public or tuition-based school. Families decide to self-teach for an assortment of reasons, incorporating disappointment with the instructive alternatives accessible, strict or instructive ways of thinking, and the conviction that kids are not advancing inside the customary school structure.

The numerous advantages of homeschooling mean more children and adolescents than at any other time in recent memory are learning at home. Families need the upsides of homeschooling, with the adaptability, scholarly advantages, proficiency, and openings homeschooling can offer.

They look for training and even a way of life that does not depend on least norms and a one-size-fits-all methodology. There are clear scholastic advantages of homeschooling, yet potential self-taught students might not have thought of the numerous different territories in which families can receive homeschooling rewards, including many mental, physiological, and social benefits.

Homeschooling can be better for certain families as a result of the adaptability that it gives. A family with more than one kid may have an exceptionally rigid timetable, and homeschooling gives guardians more opportunities for planning their kids’ instruction and schedules. The parent–who regularly isn’t a specialist in teaching chooses what is and isn’t in the education plan.

A few guardians may decide to coordinate points not ordinarily educated in state-funded schools, similar to religion, ethnic examinations, or even field excursions of spots the guardians feel can be advantageous. Homeschooling takes into consideration individualized instruction instead of packed state-funded schools. As per National Center for Education insights, the normal class size in California is 20 students to only one instructor.

Teenagers can successfully prepare for school with great self-teach records for affirmation and with less burnout on occupied work. Self-taught syllabus is having an advantage by standing apart for school confirmations just by having had an alternate encounter, yet in addition since they may have had occasions to follow their interests in a much appropriate way.

Moreover, the students who need to go straightforwardly to work can zero in on professional preparing, now and then in any event, beginning with casual apprenticeships or entrepreneurship during the secondary school years.

Numerous teenagers additionally increase pioneering experience while they’re students, and they can move that business experience to post-secondary school new companies.

If a kid is battling with uneasiness, social nervousness, sadness, or difficulties to mental well-being, an advantage of homeschooling is the occasion to zero in on mental and passionate prosperity. Guardians can make treatment, adapting abilities, and clinical consideration of the need, which will at that point empower the academic development they plan to find in their kid.

Experiencing childhood in a nearby family helps construct sound social associations. Guardians, grandparents, and different family members are good examples, and can give self- esteems those who can work through clashes positively.

While homeschooling isn’t for each family, individuals from varying backgrounds coming from various financial conditions have discovered approaches to join the advantages of homeschooling into their lives.

A Speech on Homeschooling Produces Better Results than Public Schools

Globally, homeschooling has been restricted or banned in many countries. In the US today, about 2 million children are homeschooled; with an annual increase of 5 – 20 percent. Like every matter, homeschooling also has its benefits and disadvantages; still, it has proven to be the best way to learn and score well. Studies show over 20 thousand children scored well with higher marks for school and SAT tests by just homeschooling right from a very young age.

Learning is not meant just to score good marks in yearly examinations; it is the foundation to build better intelligence and demand to gain more knowledge, and homeschooling has overpowered the general education system with few advantages.

Learning at their own pace for faster progress with more emotional freedom. With a one-on-one tutoring technique, a homeschooler learns individualism in learning and will not be emotionally or intellectually dependent like the public schools. Thus removing a lot of stress that they might face in a normal classroom like – drugs, bullying, being excluded, or all the other social pressures. It leads them to be more independent, boosted self-esteem, happier, and more emotionally mature grown-ups.

No homework, but more practicals. A childhood without homework pressure is the best of all dreams in a child’s life; it also helps reduce the struggle a parent goes through to complete impossible and lengthy homework. Here the children are more directly involved in the learning process; more practically performing in each of the new topics leads them to more experiments and discoveries. 

Social Isolation is a myth; also more time with family. There are a lot of opportunities for children to do extra activities with other kids. They make many friends during other fun classes like music, swimming or gymnastics, for example. It completely depends upon the parents whether to isolate or socialize them. Parents can decide the learning hours and when to take holidays. A perfectly planned educational break can also be a means of learning through parks or museum visits or even field trips. This could bring a perfect balance between leisure and learning. 

Children with special needs are served with special care. A sensitive way of teaching works well with kids who need more attention. Various kinds of behavioral and psychological disorders can be treated to a certain extent when homeschooled properly with care. For example, an ADHD child has to suffer all sorts of harm and obstacles, if he is not given proper attention and support. It requires more time and patience for the parent to try on various interesting techniques to get these children to love learning; it might even get messy most of the time. 

Although there are more benefits and disadvantages related to homeschooling, the above points would provide us with enough information on how it helps a child and produce better results. Homeschooling can sometimes be stressful, but it’s also enriching; it’s not meant for every parent, but the ones who take a step and devote themself to their children would always gain better output.

A Speech on Boarding School V/s Day School

Today I am here to talk about boarding schools and day schools. You may all know what a boarding school is. It is a school where you reside and study. You can only go home during vacations or other specific reasons, and there will be hostel wardens to take care of you. You may either be staying in common dormitories or individual hostel rooms. Whereas in a day school, you stay with your family and come to school during school hours. 

As with every other matter, these two types also have their benefits and disadvantages. The main advantage of being a day schooler is that they get to spend time with their parents and family. Children need the care and protection of their parents until a certain age. They need to imbibe family values from the comfort of their homes.

Also, when under the protection of their parents, they get the best out of everything. They get the food they want, they are taken care of in a better manner and can have all the luxuries a teenager needs. But too much pampering also spoils the child as the rules at home will be lenient, unlike the boarding schools. Unlike boarding schools, the involvement of the teachers with the students will be less as they only meet during school hours.

When studying in boarding schools, children can have quick and easy access to libraries, laboratories, sports, and all other necessary fields for their growth. They are well taken care of by the hostel warden and can always access teachers for any matter that concerns them. Children will also develop social skills as they mingle with a lot of children and to survive in a hostel, they realize the importance of keeping relations intact.

They will also be able to form good bonds with a lot of people, and often these relations last for a lifetime. They will also learn to adjust to people and will seldom be self-centered or selfish. They will also be confident, disciplined, and responsible as they are required to do everything on their own. Since they will not have much access to technology, they will be able to enjoy real moments in life with their peers.

They will also not develop bad habits as they are under strict surveillance. It is quite obvious that when considering the financial part of it, boarding schools are costlier as they have to provide facilities like food, accommodation, healthcare, security, etc. Another problem is that the parent-child relationship will not be strong as they will not be able to spend much time together to bond.

Children who move to boarding schools after living with their parents may feel homesickness and also may lead to mental problems like separation anxiety, stress, depression, etc., but most of them overcome this problem with the help of their friends. In my opinion, boarding schools are better as students get better exposure to all major aspects of life there.

Speech On All Students Should Wear School Uniforms:

Many debates carry on with making school students wear school uniforms mandatory; however, when we take a majority of schools around the globe, a high percentage of surveys end up supporting school uniforms. Most of the schools agree that these uniforms do help in a lot of matters like reducing instances of bullying, removing economic barriers, and building feelings in the community. It also helps with other matters like decreasing distractions, increasing respect for each student, and preparing students to learn professional dressing.

There are many reasons behind promoting school uniforms in schools. Few are:

School uniforms develop good learning. Every school has a tough and diligent curriculum to follow and learn. If the child spends more time thinking on what to wear or how to dress up can affect a lot with their classes and their focus. So only the uniforms are designed in such a way, with no heavy accessories and styles; they are plain and subtle. 

School uniforms nurture a sense of equality and social connection. Unhealthy competitive thoughts and feelings are reduced among students when they have similar dress choices or expectations. No community and color barriers. One’s character is never dependent on what they wear. The school opens up a wide opportunity to learn new cultures, with a professional touch; and school uniforms could help them in college and beyond to create a team spirit within their classroom and life together. No one is left out excluded, but to keep socializing.

School uniforms are more affordable and improve safety. Easier to identify intruders, as they stand out in the crowd; and also to keep track of the students on what they carry along with them to school premises. These uniforms come at affordable rates that parents do not have to buy them every year. They only have to get in case the uniform gets older, or the child grows. All the uniforms are made with an option to wash and reuse quite a few times. Overall, families do save a lot of money on school uniforms as they won’t be changing like the fashion trends.

School uniforms teach students about self-discipline. It is hard for children to keep themself clean and neat for a complete day, and at school, it is a strict rule to keep our uniforms tidy. Assuring a habit of neatness is part of letting students follow certain rules. And maintaining a neat and tidy dress code is one of the best rules to keep up the school standards.

Wearing a school uniform is like a symbol of pride; it generates an identity for the school and is always a proud feeling to flaunt the name of our school. School uniforms show that we are part of something, and say out loud, “We are all in this together.” No matter what the community is, what kind of family background we are from, or what the color of our skin is, every student is under this one big roof.

A Speech on “Should It Be Mandatory for All Schools to Have a Canteen?”

Good (—) to one and all. Aren’t some of your best memories from the small talks and laughter you have had in the canteens of your school with your friends? Haven’t you made lots of new friends from the canteen? I am here to address whether it should be mandatory for all schools to have a canteen. According to me, and most certainly almost all of you, school canteens are undoubtedly the best places in a school. It is the place where students gather, have food, and enjoy the most. It provides the students with a place to meet up with their friends and do stuff that cannot be done in a classroom environment. 

Apart from the fun part of it, canteens also provide students with the necessary food and nutrients. As we all may have experienced, we become more hungry when our brain works for long hours. It is an absolute necessity that we nourish ourselves with food and drinks regularly so as not to tire ourselves out. Also, most parents are working people and may not have enough time to cook for their children before they go to school. Having canteens at schools is also a lifesaver for such people. 

Canteens must provide healthy and nutritious food. They should be neat and clean. Though there may be more demand for junk foods, it should be sold in fewer quantities only. Canteens should not take advantage of the students and should not charge exorbitant rates. They are students and so should be charged equal or preferably less than outside rates.

The canteen owners should know what all are necessary for the students considering the amount of time they spend on learning and doing other activities. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and food rich with essential nutrients should be on the menu. Soft drinks should be limited. The canteens should be closely monitored by the school authorities. They should check the premises for malpractices or trouble and should also monitor the kitchen for cleanliness and food quality. 

Especially if the school is in a remote area where there aren’t any shops nearby, the canteen is of utmost necessity. If a student faints or doesn’t feel quite well or gets dehydrated quickly, they will need food urgently. In such cases, having canteens will be very helpful. Canteens should also be prepared to face such situations. Even children who do not eat much food at home will eat from canteens when they are with friends. This is a widely seen practice among teenagers and children. 

Under certain restrictions and monitoring, it is mandatory that all schools must have a canteen. As students will be spending the majority of their day in schools, they should be provided with a good canteen. This will be helpful for students, parents, and teachers alike. I hope I have made my point clear to you all. Do put this into practice. Thank you all and have a good day.

A Speech on “Should Schools Make Swimming Lessons Mandatory?”

Good morning everyone and welcome to this event. It is with extreme honor and pleasure that I am standing here today to share my thoughts on the current curriculum of education. The current curriculum comprises various forms of activities that make the children engage in physical exertion, and swimming is already a part of many schools’ curricula.

The basic need for inducing swimming into the curriculum is because swimming is a basic skill set that can prove to be beneficial for the children in their life ahead. Drowning is one of the most common causes of death all across the world and teaching children to swim at a very young age can act as a solution to this problem. 

Another thing about bringing heavy exercises into the curriculum of a school is the risk that comes along with it, and those risks make the school authorities hesitant to involve these sorts of activities in the curriculum. so , the low risk involved in swimming makes it an ideal choice for many schools. Swimming is comparatively the best choice as it is quite safe when there is adult supervision and it is a heavy form of exercise for the children. Even though many of them would not want to take up swimming as a competitive sport it is quite important for them to learn swimming as a form of exercise.

Many parents are not able to afford separate swimming lessons for their children and it is important for schools to include this into their curriculum so that more children can have access to learning this. Swimming is also a part of the water safety training that is being mandatory in various parts of the country which should act as a model for the other countries which are yet to take up this measure.

Even though swimming might come off as a leisure activity it is one of the most commonly used cardiovascular exercise forms. The benefits of swimming on the health of an individual is many and introducing children to this is quite beneficial for their lifestyle. But while saying that it is important to introduce swimming into the curriculum, it should also not be mandatory for the children to get into these lessons.

Swimming should be introduced into the curriculum only as an option that is available to the students that are interested in taking it up and should not be thrust upon the children by introducing a grading system or making it a part of the curriculum. Swimming should be considered as a leisure activity or life skill that the children can develop over time along with their academics.

While many might think that including swimming into the curriculum may not be a great idea since one instructor cannot look out for the whole group of students and hiring new instructors may not seem feasible for the institution and making it a choice for the student helps tackle this problem and can also divide the sessions into different schedules.

A Speech on “Students Should Be Able to Choose Their Schools.”

Students can always learn more actively and much better when they can learn while being surrounded by a comfortable atmosphere, somewhere they are given proper attention and can easily fit in. Students should always be allowed to attend those schools, which they want to because they know what teaching process or surroundings they prefer. 

The students should have the chance to attend a school they really want to go to. If in modern times overpopulation becomes a problem, then there can also have to be a limit on the number of students attending schools.

First off, some of the students may want to attend a school that has a better faculty strength and also academic program compared to the other school they are attending now.

Secondly, the other schools may have a good and advanced athletics program and sports trainers that dominates over the other schools. Transferring to that school of your choice could put you in a position, which is far better than the others, in any case, if you’re planning on playing or attending college sports.

Other schools could have the power of better academics, athletic programs, school clubs, etc. Bigger and far better things in your education system could definitely be able to put you in a better position for college

I think any student should have the power and authority to decide and choose where they can happily receive their desired high school education. When it comes to special education, your very personal thoughts and choices are always extremely important; you really need to choose a relaxing environment where you can really feel you can do your very best. You shouldn’t be held down to certain boundaries set by your city or surrounding area. 

With the deficit of freedom that the students have to bear when they are at school, they should at least have some power to say out loud about their desire where they really want to attend. Regardless of the address of the school and the distance of that particular school from the residence of the student, students should have the chance to pick the high school of their own personal choice.

A school’s curriculum enables the children to accomplish what they really want to become in the future. It sets and corrects their future path and directions.  Therefore attending schools according to their own choice will always prove to be very helpful in the process of their progress toward their future. 

The students should always be given the chance to choose their own classes and schools because it would mentally prepare them to do better in the real world. Students would have to get more inspiration and also more motivation to learn and act in a better way in school if they were offered the chance to choose their own classes according to their wishes instead of being forced to take certain classes in order to be a graduate.

A Speech on “Students Should Be Allowed to Have Cell Phones in School.”

Cell phones are one of the most important requirements of students of this modern age. Students are always eager to carry their cell phones in school. However, in a maximum number of schools, cell phones are strictly banned and are not allowed, no matter what. Students that carry their cell phones with them to such schools have to face the heavy fine and punishment also.

Such school administrative officials will claim that cell phones will cause various disciplinary issues and other problems in the educational institute. While in my opinion cell phones should always be allowed in colleges and schools. Cell phones help students in many ways like improving their communication, learning, and citizenship behavior.

Mobile phones should be allowed in many schools in case of urgent need or serious emergency. Students in the school in many cases go to school and back home on their own with the help of public transportation. On their way, they could face many problems regarding transport that can put them face some security issues. In those situations, they need cell phones to contact their parents and relatives for help. But without a cell phone, they will not be able to contact their parents or others who can help them in case of emergency.

Mobile phones should always be allowed in all schools as it can be also useful while used in the educational process. By using mobile phones, the students can take pictures of many essential notes and points while reading in the library. 

 By allowing the use of cell phones teachers can take control over the promotion of various negative responses and attitudes. Mobile phone use at the school premises and also while learning can teach children about many digital responsibilities and citizenship. Students are able to learn their moral and social responsibilities while using the new technologies. The proper use of cell phones also improves the communication skills of the students which can help them in developing positive behavior.

Cell phones are capable of helping students to be more organized. Through the proper use of cell phones students can always develop their plans in calendars. They can also set alarms to follow the proper timetable for leisure and study time.

Cell phones can help students to save money. Students can download many free books and study-related content and material free of cost from the internet with the help of their mobile phone that all-time saves money in purchasing those costly reference books from the market.

To conclude I want to say that, the cell phone is basically an important requirement of today’s world. The above-mentioned arguments show the manifold importance of cell phones for college and school-going students. According to those, we can say that the farfetched benefits of using cell phones are more visible than the disadvantages. Therefore cell phones should always be allowed in schools and colleges. 

A Speech on High School Students Should Be Required to Participate in At Least One Team Sport

Today we want to discuss the fact that why all students should participate in at least one team sport in their lifetime.

In these modern times group sports have become a very popular activity and pastime for both the students and their mentors as well; there are still many things to say about playing in a high school team. According to many studies, the students who take part in high school sports are able to learn the positive sides of representing their group or school on the field or court. This special feeling of group and the pride of representing the school team may make them mentally strong and compassionate.


The fitness level of many players in the high school sports programs cannot be underrated. According to a report from when students play a team game in high school, their weight and body mass visibly improve. 

Many studies also proved that student-athletes are less likely to take part actively in unhealthy behavior when they are playing some sports at the high school level. 

Many studies also mentioned the fact that students who are in the sports like soccer, football and even skateboarding can perform far better in the subjects like math, science, social studies, and language as well. Because sports offer the same chances to all students at the high school level, these benefits in academics extend to all places of the student population, including those students who are traditionally underserved.

We can say that student-athletes can earn some special character traits that progress beyond the classroom: like, persistence, patience, and practice. The team members can learn the fact that practice is needed, even when they would want to spend some time with friends. They learn that only through hard work they can accomplish their goal. They also discover the truth that by never giving up, they are closer to achieving their goals. These life lessons can benefit students for a long time even after their high school years, helping them succeed in the future.

High school athletics are mainly getting the help of some positive mentors, from the coaches from behind to the leaders on the team. Students are able to learn to work with a wide range of authoritative persons, who teach them many lessons about hard work, good sides of respect, and good sportsmanship.

Students who are in sports often hold close relationships with others on the team. These relationships are very important for mental, emotional, and physical health. Students can bond together over a common interest, and the time they spend together builds strong bonds that often last long.

Farewell Speech for Outgoing Students in School on Farewell Party

A farewell is a very significant part of one’s life. This is a day when we say goodbye to one part of our life and welcome a new chapter. We spent a lot of years in this place and so just a minor thank you cannot compensate for all the emotions related to this place and the people. 

So I wouldn’t just say a simple thank you, as it is the last day in my school and I would like to make it more memorable and more precious for my dear teachers and friends.

First of all, I would like to thank our respected teachers, as they took our hands and led us to where we are today. We have learned a lot from them. All the knowledge we have gathered to date is because of the hard work of our teachers behind us.  They have supported us through all these years and have always guided us to follow the right path.

After our families, it is the teachers who help us to know the world more clearly and teach us about the environment and society. They have taught us important lessons about life. I personally think these lessons have helped us to live a more independent and confident life. 

Teachers as our guide master, have always been strict for our betterment but obviously not always strict. They did enjoy along with us all the field trips we went on. They did make the classes interesting so that we can quickly and easily grab the subject. They even gave us free classes just so we can have a fresh mind and start working the next day. I’m very grateful to have such teachers in my life.

Now to my dear friends, who have supported me through thick and thin, it felt great to study and work alongside. You all even made the punishment look funny. You all have shown how to overcome difficulties in life by coming together. All these years we have fought for silly reasons which are funny when we think of it now. We have grown side by side.  I hope you guys will stay in contact even after we choose different paths in our life.  Thank you for making my school day so wonderful and precious. 

I would also like to thank the janitors, the security guards, and the gardeners. They have never let us face any technical or any kind of issues during our school hours. They have done a lot for our school and classes. I thank and respect them with all my heart. 

I’m grateful to my family and my destiny for bringing me to such an amazing school. I cannot believe today is the last day. It makes my eyes watery to think that from tomorrow onwards I won’t attend classes anymore or wait for my bus, or see my teachers and friends. 

I’m thankful to all of you for bringing the best out of me. These years have been the best days of my life. Thank you, everyone.

Compulsory High School Community Service: A Must-Have Graduation Rule

Many schools across the country have added in their rules already that in order to graduate the students of those schools, they need to complete a certain amount of community service which their school has decided. It is a very debatable and popular topic of recent times whether they should add it as a mandatory service or not. But this action has been met with disagreement from numerous groups who have criticized community service’s mandatory enforcement.

Supporters of mandatory community service argue that it will help in building leadership abilities in pupils and it will prepare them better for future jobs in which leadership skills are viewed as a valuable quality. It will also satisfy us as a symbiotic connection between the person who is receiving and the person volunteering that thing.

Moreover, we can easily associate the fact that involvement in community service will greatly help us to modify a person’s college application while delivering free, helpful services to the person who received the service. As per Analysis has shown us that on average, pupils pertained to any type of community service graduate at a higher ratio than those who are not. 

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest men to ever live, said that “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” This is obtained by seeking to enrich those around you with volunteering. It could be anything from cleaning the garbage up to giving companionship to elder people and disabled ones is a way to change the world for the better, little by little.

But, it is nearly impossible for a single person to change the world to be a better place all on his or her own. There should be a continuous effort from all of those people who support and believe in this belief of Albert Einstein. Some people believe that the best ways to achieve these things are by the implementation of mandatory community service, through schools, charities, or churches, or through this kind of institution.

 Community service is also very important for the development of students both character and academics, but some people think that there would be negative effects of this force full implementation of mandatory community service. The negative effects of forcing students to take part in community service by deciding a fixed amount of it as a requirement for a student’s high school graduation could offset the actual benefit of this.

Only 17 percent of high schools out of all gave change of doing community service program, in the year 1984. By the year 1999, only in 15 years, this number has increased from 17 percent to sixty-six percent. Approximately eighty-nine percent of high schools out of all high schools had offered, and many directed to take part in, a community service program. Nowadays Two-thirds of high schools require their students in all levels to take part in community service activities. But aren’t they taking it too far? What do you think,?

A Speech on “What Subject Areas Should Schools Teach More Of?”

There are unquestionably a couple of subjects or topics that schools don’t cover, that would’ve been useful to learn as a youngster instead of out of nowhere being dived into the grown-up world and sorting it full scale alone. The main issue was that only one year of those subjects wasn’t sufficient, and a few understudies were selected to skip progress year out and out.

On the off chance that schools offered a more extensive scope of classes and subjects from the earliest starting point of your schooling, I solidly accept that the cutting edge would profit from this immensely. Understudies’ psyches would be more open to various societies and thoughts; they would learn significant abilities for free living, and be urged to have more regard and consciousness of both themselves and the individuals around them. 

These are a portion of the things that we might have all profited by finding out about in secondary school.

Financial accounts- Leaving school and out of nowhere being responsible for bills and your own cash is stressful. Teens ought to find out about Mastercards (and the bad sides of them), reserve funds tips and loan costs, savvy approaches to put away the cash, charges, and how to oversee obligation. Financial plans can be incredibly upsetting when we’ve never needed to utilize them in a genuine circumstance. 

Relationship esteems- Learning about how to spot manipulative and oppressive conduct, the significance of sexual assent, and understanding sexuality, as a rule, would truly assist individuals with improving their connections forever. Permitting folks and ladies to talk sincerely and transparently about their various encounters and sentiments would assist with establishing a more secure climate for us all of us. 

Mindfulness- The pressure of being a youngster ought not to be belittled. A better mind can create abilities for fixation and drive control. It would support youngsters to be more likely to deal with their stressful contemplations and find how the cerebrum and psyche truly function. Basic intervention, breathing abilities, and discovering how to ‘be at the time’ will remain with them forever. 

Mental health- Schools are putting a major accentuation recently on psychological wellness, and that is astounding, yet emotional well-being is similarly as significant. Stress the executive’s aptitudes, manifestations of sorrow and dependence, and simply figuring out how to have straightforward and open discussions about how our psychological state is must be something to be thankful for. Youngsters are at a more serious danger of self-destruction, so reassuring adolescents early on to discuss their sentiments and concerns would be a major advance. 

Proper nutrition- I realize that this is shrouded in-home financial aspects; however, a different class that centers absolutely on nourishment would be so valuable. Understudies would become familiar with the fundamentals of good dieting, how to cook on a tight spending plan, mindfulness and comprehension of dietary problems, and general food information and aptitudes. 

Networking and employment- Too numerous individuals enter the quest for new employment with an ambiguous internal compass. They gain proficiency with the responses to the above inquiries through experimentation or by a piecemeal self-concentrate so that camping positions turn out to be simple for them.

A Speech on “My Most Favorite Subject at School”

Good (—). All of us might have had the most favorite and least favorite subject in school. I am here today to speak about my favorite subject at school.

My favorite subject is English. It is the subject I spend most of my time exploring and learning. It is also the subject where I score the highest.

One of the main causes a student loves a subject is because of the teacher. Even if it is an interesting subject, a bad teacher can make it the most boring subject. I am blessed to have the best teacher to teach me English.

Her vivid explanations and enthusiasm while teaching makes me love the subject more and more every day. The way she brings life to each character of a novel or short story is magical. I wait for my English periods to come.

It is the time when I can have colorful imaginations and fantasies come to reality.

I love reading stories, novels, plays, and essays. I imagine myself to be the characters and make those illustrations real by making up the situation.

I look up at the writers with so much awe as to how they imagine and write such amazing stuff. My favorite genre is fiction.

My favorite book is the Harry Potter series. I am amazed at how JK Rowling has created such an amazing piece.

I would recommend all of you to read the book more than watching its movies as while reading, you get a thorough experience of it.

Through the study of English at school, I have been introduced to various authors, their inspiring lives, and the fantastic and creative works they have contributed to the world of literature. 

By learning English at school, I am also introduced to new words, usages, idioms, and devices, which thrills me. I am also able to unleash my creativity by writing poems, essays, and stories when my teacher gives us topics for writing.

I also enjoy writing English exams the most as it does not involve the struggle of mugging up concepts and plainly writing them down on paper. English is not a test of your memory like every other subject.

It allows you to be creative and innovative and to give your own interpretations of poems, novels, and stories. 

I find it fascinating to understand what the author or writer may have had in his or her mind while writing a piece of art.

Their personal experiences must have contributed to the writing that they bring out. It is also amazing to see the portrayal of social systems that are demonstrated within the writings. Literature is the reflection of society.

Writers knowingly or unknowingly reflect their society through their writings. Isn’t it wonderful to know the practices and environments that people lived in the past, colored with the beauty of words and lines?

I would like to take up literature in the future as my career and would love to be a writer someday.  

Should Public Prayer Be Allowed in Schools?

Good (—). Students have the right to interact in voluntary self-prayer that’s not coercive and don’t substantially disrupt the school’s educational mission and activities. For instance, all students have the proper to mention a blessing before eating a meal.

It’s essential that non-public religious activity not materially disrupt the school’s educational mission and activities.

The personal religious activity might not interfere with the rights or well-being of other students, Any school promotion or endorsement of a student’s private religious activity is unconstitutional. It is legally immaterial if the prayer or Bible reading is done voluntarily, or if students could also be exempted from participation in the activity or classroom during the prayer. 

Student volunteers might not offer prayers for recitation. Similarly, student volunteers are forbidden from transmitting prayers over a college intercom network in classrooms. A faculty district’s policy of permitting student-led, student-initiated prayer before football games are unconstitutional. It’s also unconstitutional for a faculty official, including a lecturer, to initiate, lead, or participate in an exceeding team in prayer.

Nor may a faculty official ask a team member or the other student to initiate or lead a prayer before, during, or after a public or school-sponsored athletic activity or event. It’s also unconstitutional for a member of the clergy to supply prayers before or after public school athletic activities or events.

Without official permission or sanction, a voluntary prayer that is student-led and presented is also constitutional, unless it is coercive in any way. Prayers delivered by clergy at official public school graduation ceremonies are unconstitutional.

The fact that prayer is nondenominational or voluntary doesn’t render it constitutional. U. S. However, when the Supreme Court ruled in the state capital Independent School Dist. Does that a vicinity policy allowing student-initiated and student-led prayer before football games were unconstitutional, it effectively ruled out the chance that any district policy allowing student-initiated and student-led prayers would be permissible at graduation ceremonies.

Moreover, in both state capitals, the Supreme Court expressed particular concern that students may well be coerced, through pressure from their peers et al., into praying during school events like football games and graduation ceremonies. This danger exists irrespective of whether it’s a member of the clergy or a student who offers the prayer.

School officials, employees, or outsiders must not offer prayers in school assemblies. It’s unconstitutional for teachers to wish with or within the presence of scholars in class or their capacities as teachers or representatives of the varsity.

Indeed, teachers may have their free speech and free exercise rights to talk about religious matters and otherwise say prayers within the presence of scholars abridged in an endeavor to confirm that there’s no appearance that the college is violating the Establishment Clause.

Because teachers hold such a special status within the school and are viewed as a governing body chatting with a gaggle that’s both a captive audience and intensely impressionable, religious teachings or sayings by teachers and other school officials are going to be seen as state endorsement of faith.

A Speech on Should We Allow Mobile Phones in School?

Suppose you have been invited to an event and also requested to deliver a speech on the topic “Should We Allow Mobile Phones In School?”. Then you must have to prepare yourself in advance to deliver that speech properly. Here we have written this speech regarding this mentioned topic.

Now take its help to prepare yourself nicely for your upcoming speech. On the final day, you must have to discuss the following points one by one.

Good morning everyone, It is a pleasure for me to invite you all to be a part of today’s event. In this event, we will be discussing whether we should be allowing mobile phones in school or not. It is a huge debate between teachers and students if it should be allowed or not.

With an increasing number of youngsters and adolescents are getting their own mobile phones as they are an extremely helpful, modest, and valuable method of correspondence. Particularly in the event of some crisis, kids can quickly call their folks or helpline numbers like the police. 

On the other hand, if students need something from home, they can call and request that somebody bring it. This is exceptionally valuable if there should arise an occurrence of schoolwork. And also, in cases that the school transport or some other vehicle isn’t accessible, they can call home and request to be gotten.

A cell phone additionally upgrades training. It is a smaller than usual computer with immense potential for learning. A student can utilize it for research or as a mini-computer.

Students ought not exclusively be permitted to convey phones however urged to sensibly utilize this great new-age innovation. They can utilize their telephones to keep refreshed whether by perusing news sites or instructive websites.

A low-evaluated cell phone costs considerably less than a typical Personal Computer; henceforth, it would be effectively moderate for some guardians to give a cell phone to their youngsters. During a homeroom meeting, it is a lot conceivable to pass up certain urgent focuses. Here mobile phones can be utilized to record and playback the whole substance, and they won’t miss any point. Cell phones ought to be permitted yet simply after a specific age or class.

On the offside of allowing students to use mobiles during class hours, phones ought not to be permitted in schools as they will cause interruption for the two understudies and educators. Indeed, even the classes may get upset if an understudy is discovered tinkering with their telephone. Sometimes the student will be a misfortune as they won’t have the option to stay aware of the class.

They also may begin perusing unimportant sites and burn through their time which can be used for examinations.

Likewise, they will be adversely impacted by the substance of seriously picked locales, which will hamper their general development, outlook, and character. Mobile phones can be utilized for cheating during tests. The same number of cases have been accounted for. Mobile with cameras can be utilized for other purposes like clicking wrong pictures or making recordings that are good.

In conclusion for the topic, In times of emergency, a cellphone will come handy to contact the next person and inform them of their location. But one cannot be monitored all the time. As a solution to this, a student can be provided with a basic model phone to school just in case of emergencies which will cause less trouble and a sense of security.

A Speech on “Music with Foul Language Should Not Be Allowed at School Dances”

As a child, I didn’t remember hearing many foul words around me until a certain age. I certainly had no clue what they meant even if I heard. In this society now, such words are commonly used, and keeping it away from children is a hard thing to maintain. So, at least in schools we adults should take steps to avoid even the slightest of such offensive words near to a child’s ears or eyes. 

Music is the best way to learn new words. It can be good or bad depending entirely on the song being played. The source of music to a child is any kind of media at home or from schools. 

When we think of music in schools, the first thing that comes to our mind is the classroom nursery rhymes and school dances. Keeping the purity of the songs that are played in such spaces should be the key responsibility of the school faculty and authorities. Kids develop language from schools at an early stage, exposing them to such foul music and bad words could be an unhealthy move. Though our teachers and parents could not ban them from hearing these unhealthy words from an obvious age, we could avoid the chances that may appear for such terrible incidents.

Dance and music play a huge role in a child’s life from kindergarten days to high school days. Revealing children to music in an early developmental stage could help them in learning new sounds and new meanings of words. Similarly, dancing to good music can also work on their fine and gross motor skills allowing them to practice self-expression and body movements.

For both children and adults, music can also help to strengthen their memory skills. Types of music can express various kinds of behavior and emotions in an average human, but in children, it will be at its peak. Even with these good developments and many other positive aspects of playing good music, it can be ruined extremely by just playing foul language or profanity music, especially around children.

Profanity music might be effective to hear; anyone who hears it will most definitely enjoy and get addicted to the upbeat sounds; they are also much easier to leave a mark in our minds; the words of the music are too catchy. The mind of a child from the age of three works twice as fast as an adult’s mind.

Yes, it may be hard to keep these kinds of music from around children in general, but at least by keeping an eye on this serious issue, we could work things better at schools. Among grown-ups it’s common that they always hear music with such profanity in it; thus making it a habit to use these kinds of bad language in their normal conversations. To reduce that situation in an early stage, let us build up a behavior of minimizing or even stopping children from hearing foul language music. 

A Speech on High School Will Be the Best Time of Your Life

High school time would probably be the best time of our lives. For some, it might be the college days; but high school has its own different flavor. That is when almost everything gets to its first-time experience. The time of our lives when wants to try out new things, experience more fun, and surprises, and also hit rock bottom quite a few times. We are no more our parent’s babies; we transform into teenagers. Boys turn into young men, and girls change into these beautiful young ladies. Around this time, we know that we are no more a child but have to be more focused on our passion and interests.

A period of time when our parents decide to treat us like adults, loosen uphold, and let us experience certain things on our own. Lots of memories are made up during these days; making new friends who might turn out to be our best friends forever, lots of in-school and off-school parties, sports events, Halloween, and prom. It’s a beautiful package of unforgettable events.

Pranks; are a major part of our high school days. Students turn out to be so cunning and furious to do pranks over each other and maybe even end up doing pranks on the faculty members, thus getting detention. High school was always alive with various club activities like the reading clubs with the nerds, music club with the good and bad singers, sports club with all the tall and handsome men and gorgeous cheerleading ladies, and finally theatre club with the funniest characters. 

Another fun thing we had was Halloween, where our friends decided to wear matching costumes or connect characters. Blowing up everyone’s mind with an excellent entry to the Halloween party with the best eye-catching costume was a special thing, after all. Just like that, one can never forget how passing gossip chits during boring classes was mandatory. All those giggles and fights in the high school corridor would end up straight inside the principal’s office. 

The highlight event of every high school was the sports events. This chillness that a last-minute score could give was incredible. These events were not just special event for the students but also for all other people, including teachers, parents, relatives, and friends. The stadium or ground would be filled with all sorts of noises like cheers, jeers, sighs, and screams.  

At last, the most special day of a high school student; PROM NIGHT. It is a whole lot of preparation. Boys find creative ways to ask a girl out; girls get excited to say ‘yes’, boys get their first suit stitched, and girls struggle to find the perfect dress that could make their date stunned. Finally, the slow, intimate dance could lead to the first magical kiss. 

Altogether, these mixtures of emotions finally come to an end with some scholarship or acceptance letter from your dream college, leading to a new start.

Schools Should Not Make Money by Selling Unhealthy Candy and Soft Drinks to Students

“Health is Wealth” is a world-famous proverb related to health. The Key to happiness and good brain growth among children is good health. A healthy body is defined as the complete ability of one’s body to function well, which includes the mental, physical, emotional, and social health of an individual. It is the responsibility of the school authority to maintain the health of the children, so serving students with healthy food should always be a priority. 

Unhealthy candies and soft drinks generally come under the common name junk foods or low nutritious foods. These foods are mostly wrapped in plastic bags and are harmful to everyone but tasty to eat. Such foods play a vital role in a child’s behavior. Serving such unhealthy foods can increase the risk of heart disease and lack a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrate intake.

Higher sugar levels and extra fat content in these foods can increase the risk of diabetes, teenage depression, and obesity. To avoid these diseases, school canteens should include more fresh fruits and vegetables or more fibrous cereals snacks. Keeping a healthy child could also help teachers to conduct easier classes with more active students.

Schools are the perfect place to gain good eating habits from a very young age. It is important for children to lead a healthy lifestyle from the beginning; that is where every child spends most of their time; therefore, they should learn to eat healthy food instead of low nutritious food.

As mentioned before, these junk foods also affect the child’s mental and physical nature. Obesity being the prime after-effect of eating these foods, can lead to being bullied, and it causes depression and loneliness among those children. This may even lead to unnecessary thoughts of suicide or even end up committing it. These foods can even affect a child’s studies.

Children undergoing depression and bullying often tend to skip classes or never wish to go back to school and eventually might drop out. The food we eat is always connected with the way people react and respond; schools can lay down a strong foundation for good behavior and respect for one another.

School should be a place where children should feel comfortable and safe. It is our responsibility to make that happen. Just avoiding unhealthy foods from the canteen might not stop children from having these, but we could have slight control over these severe matters and teach children the importance of nutritious foods and healthy life. For outstanding results, we can start teaching them from the earliest.

This doesn’t mean we are not supposed to have junk food at all; we can have them occasionally, but stopping it from these school canteens can decrease a large amount of its intake. A healthy body stays active; a healthy mind stays happy and stress-free, leading to a healthy atmosphere for ourselves and for others around us.

Cyberbullies Should Be Suspended from School

We can all agree that cyberbullying is a huge problem that many students are facing these days. The solution to it might not be so easy to put to an end, but at least through hard and strict punishments, it can be controlled. With the fast-growing digital world, students are getting so much addicted to their phone and laptop screens, causing even more horrific complications by poking and bullying each other using nameless profiles and posts.

This gives students an open audience to bully and get bullied in and outside the school premises. 

A long time back it was hard to step into these off-school bullying matters directly and take action against it. Nowadays, the laws have been more strict, letting the school authorities take action against these cyber bullies as it has become a necessity.

Some schools used to slip away by saying it is outside their jurisdiction and it is the parents who need to take steps to punish, but the source of one child getting bullied while being a student or even after leaving is always from the school.

So, the school authorities are more authorized to take severe actions like suspending or expelling if needed. Further punishments can also be given by the parents as it is one’s personal decision as a parent. 

The cost of ignoring or failing to prevent such cyberbullying could be massive. Students who go through such bullying could display increased levels of anger, depression, anxiety, and even emotional distress. The victims might reveal drastic health changes and poor academic performances. This might even lead to horrific incidents like hurting others or themselves, or even suicide. 

Children who become internet bullies are the ones who generally have difficulties communicating with others or letting out aggression. They have high self-esteem and usually show dominant nature over others, and believe bullying the ones who can’t defend themself would make them the star attraction of the school. These kinds of children are more likely to fall into other anti-social behaviors like dropping out, fighting, and drugs.

Both ways, any kind of bullying should be unacceptable and a punishable offense. Schools should make it a must that they add cyberbullying into their code of conduct. Parents also must keep an eye on their children. They must learn to identify the warning signs that their child shows, whether they are the victimizer or the victim.

Cyberbullies tend to be so secretive; common traits of a victimizer include frequent use of computers and phones, especially at night, and loud bursts of laughter. Similarly, the victims show strong signs of stress and anger and spend most of their time alone, probably crying. 

Cyberbullying is a huge crime; if the parents and the school authorities take enough action right from the developing stage could do wonders, it might even help many children from falling into the darkness of life or the end of it.

Should Vaccines Be Required for Students to Attend Public Schools?

Good (—) to one and all present here. My name is (—), and I am here today to address whether or not vaccines should be required for students to attend public schools.

Children should be vaccinated at the appropriate ages to keep them and the people around them from diseases, not only those attending public schools.

Parents should see that their children are given every vaccine at the appropriate age for diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tetanus, etc.

It should be made compulsory that students will only be allowed to admit schools if they have taken all the appropriate vaccines, or else they may be a potential risk to others.

Vaccines and immunizations like these have saved millions of lives from diseases and deaths. Parents must have the awareness and knowledge to understand the importance of these vaccines in their children’s lives. 

It shouldn’t be chosen to get vaccines or not. It should be a part of life where when the children are born, their parents take them to the medical authorities to get them vaccinated on time.

It is a mandatory criterion that students need to get vaccinated before attending school in many countries. Every country must follow this and make vaccination a prerequisite for admission into public schools.

It fascinates me that some people in this century think vaccinations are against their religions because vaccines stand in the way of “nature’s genetic blueprint,” which is a sin in their religious teachings and beliefs.

Many schools have also taken the initiative to get their students vaccinated in the school itself, at their expense.

Such vaccines help to maintain and bring about herd immunity. Herd immunity is achieved by keeping people away from viral diseases and infections by not exposing them to the virus.

Through vaccinations, this can be achieved. Achieving herd immunity will not only not protect those who have been vaccinated but also those who have weak or compromised immune systems, such as old people or babies. Schools should raise awareness about vaccines among both students and parents.

Vaccines are produced due to an outbreak of diseases, and these are brought to the public to keep them safe.

We should not neglect them as the disease has already been proven to have affected millions of people worldwide and caused their deaths.

For example, the measle breakout in the United States in 1989-1991 and the coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic have wiped away millions from the face of the earth and have put many people in distress and mental illnesses.

The covid vaccine is on its way, and we hope it will be available to the public as soon as possible. When this vaccine comes, it should also be made mandatory that each person gets it, even newborn babies.

It is high time we realize the importance of vaccines and help our future generation be safe from such preventable health hazards. Thank you and have a good day.

A Speech on “It Is Possible to Ace Your Way Through High School”

Acquiring good grades in high school can help us get into colleges of our choice or even get scholarships into the best colleges. To ace our way through high school can also set us up with great success in our future life. To score A’s in all the subjects is not a small goal to achieve; it could be done with some hard work, clearing out doubts, and getting some help through learning in our studies.

Yes, it is possible to ace our way through High school. All we need is some dedication and strict rules to follow without harming our physical, mental, and social behaviors. Let me guide you through some tips;

Prepare yourself to succeed in the classroom. We should keep a healthy bond with our teachers and other students to maintain a positive atmosphere. Take down simple notes and discuss your queries with your teacher from time to time. Write down these notes in the form of points, phrases, or definitions. Make sure we participate in all the classes and feel free to discuss your points with everyone else too. Discuss further if you are more confused with your teacher.

Work well on your homework. Always have a note about your homework that you can carry around in your bag. It helps you keep track of how far you have completed and what is left to complete. Procrastination is a thief of time; make sure we complete our homework every day as soon as we come from school. Every homework won’t be easier to complete on our own; do not hesitate to ask for help. It will only increase the chance of gaining more knowledge. Always be prepared for further new assignments; having more ideas could make it easier to finish our projects soon and take a break or study something new.

Study your lessons more productively. For effective learning find a comfortable and calm space. Regularly keep track of your studies; do not try to fill up at the last minute. Last-minute learning would never help to Ace all subjects. There are various kinds of studying styles- visual, auditory, linguistic, and sensory ways. Each way helps to learn more interesting and easier to understand. Find the best way of style and make your study sessions more effective. Take regular study breaks; it will help to recharge our brain and prevent it from burning out.

Take good care of yourself. For a healthy mind, our bodies should stay healthy. Good sleep for 8 to 10 hours, a healthy and balanced diet, and regular weekly exercises could keep our mind and body balanced. Set some time aside to make sure we follow some self-relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation. Learning throughout to achieve straight A’s can be too stressful; these relaxation methods can help to de-stress our minds. 

Focus and hard work could accomplish flying colors. It is all about bringing a balance between school and self-care.

Should All Elementary Schools Teach a Foreign Language?

Learning a foreign language will increase logical ideology growth, improve social skills, and also increase the chance of getting hired for a job. Providing an opportunity to learn a new language during elementary schooling could increase the chances of these benefits for the students and prepare them for future needs.

Helping students learn a foreign language has many reasonable benefits, and one of those is the ability to multitask. Studies have proven that students with bilingual backgrounds have better concentration skills and are well organized. 

A child’s brain has more capacity and learning power thus making it more active and capable of absorbing new pieces of information. So, it is more effective and learned faster which is very hard to forget, especially for some new skills which are taught. These skills they learn at this age will continue to expand as they grow throughout their lives. This is the reason why we find parents playing music or speaking in foreign languages with their children right from infancy. They absorb the sounds and actions with a perfect understanding of meanings relatively quicker than adults.  

A student always has to go through many tasks in various forms like sports, club activities, studies, and other work. As they grow older, these tasks keep on increasing, and it will be harder to concentrate on one or more works together. They often find it hard to organize and prioritize their work and get things done quickly.

This could be sorted largely by teaching the children a second language from an earlier age so that they learn to focus on one or more works together and will gain good mental flexibility. It will also help students to earn better grades due to higher IQ.

Learning a new language could be beneficial for our social and communicative skills. This could even improve the child’s native language understanding and will be able to express their ideas more accurately. A new language could also work well with a child’s emotions. They could understand others better and be empathetic towards the new culture and history they learned through this new language. This lay down an opportunity to learn and create new ideas and viewpoints. 

One of the major benefits of learning a foreign language from an earlier age is that it could help the child in attaining his future goals much faster and easier. As they grow into an adult, this could be beneficial while applying for jobs. They are often most likely to be hired. The world is changing day by day; they are connecting very quickly. This opens up many job opportunities for those who know multi-languages to reach a bigger audience. 

An overall benefit of higher intelligence and creativity, better profits at workplaces both financially and personally, and the wide opportunity to respect and understand various cultures and beliefs. Learning a foreign language right from the elementary school age is always profitable that stays for a lifetime. 

Should Schools Include Meditation or Relaxation Breaks During the Day?

Maintaining good behavior is taught to a human being right from an earlier age. Meditation or Relaxation has always helped us to keep our mind, body, and soul walking through a calm and peaceful mood. With the fast and stressful life that the world is facing nowadays, it is hard for an individual to focus on positivity, maintain balance, and stay still in a place for a very long time, quite harder.

A child, due to his less knowledge about the overstressing world and life, would find it easier to reach a state of meditation if he is given proper guidance or taught well from that age. He could then eventually continue to follow and keep his life balanced and see things positively. Including meditation or relaxation breaks at school will only benefit a student’s hygiene, making it just like the daily routines we follow as a mandatory habit. 

Meditation is one of the greatest gifts that schools can offer today to our children. They have been undergoing higher stress levels which can be dealt with by taking a few minutes to break and just relax and focus by just breathing continuously. This process could clear their minds and help their brain work more effectively. Here are a few reasons why meditation breaks could be useful;

Students’ academic performances can be boosted. Well, grades aren’t the only thing to give priority to, but also to the child’s mental and physical health. It’s our responsibility to make arrangements to keep the surroundings and circumstances peaceful and healthy for our children. A good meditation break could boost concentration, increase energy, and keep the kids more active and productive. 

Works well for Teachers and other staff too. For a class of students to be active and energetic, our teachers should be molded perfectly as well. It allows them to actively participate with the students, bring out more interesting teaching methods, and finally bring an increase in success rate among the students.

Beneficial for Personal Health-care as well as others. Children are very delicate, so the chances of catching a cold or falling ill are higher. They tend to spread quickly too. Meditation has been proven to increase the immunity level among adults and kids. This could not only prevent us from physical illness but also keep our minds and soul stay positive.

Detention could be made more useful. Most of schools use their detention period as a form of punishment given to the students. Whereas, school faculties should take it as an opportunity to change those students who need help in terms of controlling emotions, hyperactive, or even those never obeyed the school rules. A few minutes of self-controlling and focus could help them change their attitude towards all the negatives they faced. 

Low cost, more effective. The best part of meditation is that it does not require any high-cost resources. All that we need to meditate are available within nature; we just have to let it blend within us.

Should Children of Undocumented Immigrants Be Allowed to Attend Public Schools?

Education is an important aspect that has a huge role in a nation’s growth. In the U.S. it is believed that everyone should gain the benefits of education, but very few think otherwise. Today, we face a large number of illegal immigrants in the U.S, and whether the children of these immigrants should receive proper education is always a question.

Apart from the higher expense of education for these children, it might be negatively affecting the nation if they are not provided with education in the future. A proper educational facility arranged for these kids could only be healthier for them and the country. 

Most of the immigrants come to our country hoping for a better opportunity to earn money and live a better life with their families. And illegal immigrants always find it difficult to even find a job, stay in fear of getting caught, sent to jail, or even get deported.

So, they always stay out of sight and live their miserable lives. To get them to have a good life as they wished for, then at least the children should be provided with a better education. Through them, this family might be able to succeed or live a normal good life also making it beneficial for the growth of the country.

Today some rules allow such children to receive public educational facilities. Most of the children find it hard to survive through their schooling days. They might even struggle with the language as it is not prominently spoken at their home. So giving them the basic education to communicate could help them live in this new place and eventually make their way into building their future. 

The U.S has been facing less skilled workers in various fields, so giving these illegal kids proper education could increase the number of skilled and educated employees who together are working for the betterment of this nation’s economy. If they are not allowed to get an education, it might lead to severe issues like the chances of stepping into bad gangs, committing more crimes, or slipping into drugs and violence due to lack of a proper foundation.

Many people are not happy with allowing immigrants to come into their country. They think it reduces the chances for their children to have a proper job and education. The government has come up with a few schools that are specially made to occupy such illegal immigrant children, where the staff and faculty are also the best and are never discriminated against based on color or community.

This also allows children to spend time with various cultures and learn to respect them from a young age. None of the children should be punished for having their illegal status; they should be enrolled with no delays. Many schools tend to do, no matter what or how good or bad they score, who knows by educating them they could bring the next best inventions out to the world.

Should All Students Learn an Instrument in School?

Good morning everyone and welcome to the educational summit. Today, in this event all of us will be giving our insights into the changes and the improvements that need to be brought into the educational system to make it a holistic approach to a new lifestyle.

In most schools, the approach towards the development of a child is completely based on what one acquires through the prescribed textbooks, and gaining knowledge outside of the books is getting more and more difficult for the students. Restricting them inside the walls of the classroom and asking them to stick to what is taught in the schools is equal to putting a stop to the thinking ability of the students.

In a growing world, the child should gain the confidence and the capability to explore and choose from the abundance of opportunities that is available to them. When a child spends their prime years confined only to academic knowledge, it becomes harder for them to utilize their capabilities to the maximum.

Also, gaining only academic knowledge can prove to be tiring for the children and schools should be able to provide the children with co-curricular activities to provide them with better opportunities in their life. Teaching musical instruments to children in school is one of how the schools can ensure that the child has the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise in another area of interest apart from what the textbooks have to offer.

When most students are crumbling under the pressure that the academic portions exert on them, music and the knowledge of musical instruments acts as a medium or a method through which they can learn to handle and relieve some of the stress that they are facing. It is a proven method that music helps in relieving stress.

Another known fact is that music helps you connect. According to various studies conducted, children who are a part of musical ensembles and other choir groups display a better sense of social skills, and they tend to be easier to work with while working in groups. The benefits reflected in the confidence of the individual while learning a musical instrument is immense, and once they realize that they can increase the skill on their own, the confidence they have gets better and better.

Stuck in everyday routine lives, many of us lose touch with our creative side. Learning to play a musical instrument, especially when you reach advanced levels, can foster that lost creativity. Since music education plays on your mental, emotional, and cognitive abilities, the brain is stimulated to think out of the ordinary, which results in improved creativity.

Music and memory go hand in hand. Learning to play a musical instrument makes you use both parts of your brain and this, in turn, boosts memory power. Music education is also linked to higher IQ levels and the physical development of certain parts of the brain.

Should Schools Teach All Students How To Swim?

Schools should be required to teach all students how to swim. Swimming is not only an important skill that needs to be learned as a sporting event, it is also a lifesaver skill, and is necessary that all students acquire this skill from a very early age. Drowning is one of the most common and major reasons for accidental death nowadays which makes it even more important that children should be taught how to swim.

Not all houses may be able to afford swimming pools or take their children for swims or swimming lessons outside. This is where schools should step in, build pools, keep trainers, and keep some time aside along with other sports to train every student in swimming. By learning to swim, people can save not only their own lives but also others if they are found to be drowning in any circumstance.

All children need not be taught competitive swimming or master it. They should be taught the basics and swimming skills essential to surviving in an unfortunate event or circumstance. 

Swimming is also a very beneficial sport that keeps us active and helps us gain physical strength and willpower. It helps us to stay healthy and away from illnesses. Swimming requires the coordination and combination of the whole body unlike few other sports and is thus very beneficial.

Students can explore the technical aspects of swimming such as butterfly stroke, paddle, float, etc. It also helps children to gain muscle mass and to improve their strength. Unlike other sports which may pose threats, and injuries to joints swimming is an exception because of how light the body will be due to the buoyancy of the water.

It also helps to regulate blood flow to the brain and enhances their focus concentration and ability e to improve their memory which in turn also positively affects their academics.

Not only does swimming in hand physical strength it also helps in improving and maintaining mental health. It helps in the improvement of mood and helps to keep a healthy mind with positivity.

According to researchers students who started learning to swim at an early age have been observed to have an overall improvement in physical, mental, and academic spheres. Swimming is a high-intensity cardio workout, and it involves various muscle groups which can also be a good asset to manage weight as it helps to reduce excess fat. Swimming helps in the release of endorphins which help to reduce depression and other mental disorders.

In schools, students swim in groups and they understand the need for teamwork with their friends who support them during tough phases through interactive sessions. It teaches them important things like self-motivation, interpersonal relativity, setting goals, and hard work.

They can also learn the importance of time and time management which is valuable skill students have to excel to become a good academic session as well as to succeed in life, by learning to manage between academics and swimming. Thank you all.

Speech on Should High Schools Provide Free Condoms to Students?

A very hearty welcome to each and everyone present. I feel it is a delight to partake in this gathering. On this occasion, I would like to share my views on Should high schools provide free condoms to students. Sex education has become a controversial topic recently, though there is a massive improvement in technology and more people getting educated; sex is a topic where there has not been any open discussion with the children and their parents.

As a result, it sparks up curiosity in kids, and they would look for other means to know more about it. There should be an awareness not just of the menstruation cycle among high school girls, but also of sex for both girls and boys.

On implementation of providing free condoms for high schoolers as part of awareness programs has initiated a lot of trouble where parents think that the availability of free condoms to their kids will encourage them to have sex; however, studies across the United States over and again exhibit that teens are now having intercourse at more youthful and more youthful ages without assurance from pregnancy and sickness.

So based on this, many organizations have started programs and provide free condoms to students. One of the motives behind these programs is to provide awareness to students about STDs, as sex is the most common method of transmission. A few opposers of sex education and condom accessibility programs contend that these projects disregard the privilege of parents to instruct their kids about good conduct and strict qualities.

Yet, supposedly, no sex instruction program in the United States eliminates a parent or strict pioneer’s entitlement to show youngsters the qualities that they consider to be significant, including sexual forbearance. What guardians and strict pioneers presently don’t have is the option to utilize state-funded schools to force their own strict convictions on their teens and on others’ young kids. 

A few parents and instructors have addressed whether making condoms accessible ought to be the work of the school. They contend that school ought to be a spot for learning math and perusing and science, not how to put on a condom. Parents can not impose rules and strictly monitor them all around the clock; it is this which makes them more curious and starts to find answers on their own, which may or may not result in a positive approach to the subject.

My final thought would be that, it is the duty of a parent as well as the school to give them proper sex education, have an open talk when they reach an age of maturity, to help them deal with all the changes in their bodies. When it is a known fact that no matter how much we try to avoid or we try to stop them from practicing sex, they will equally learn different methods to do so.

In synch case, it is our responsibility to teach them and provide proper awareness.

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