A Speech on “Should Assault Weapons Be Illegal?”

Assault weapons are always dangerous. Carrying it legally or illegally is hazardous equally for both the regular citizens and the ones who don’t carry weapons. Three or more killing in a single incident is referred to as ‘mass killings’. Most of the gun control groups have failed in the process of getting rid of firearms in general; the kind of firearms that are semi-automatic where one has to fire each round after pulling the trigger are known as assault weapons. 

In the year of 2019, studies noticed a wide range of mass killings for more than two decades from all the places, both banned and unbanned states in the U.S; but still almost 70 percent killing rate was lesser during the ban period. So, here are few reasons why the assault weapons should be banned or made illegal to be carried;

  • Rare amount of mass killings and mass public shootings. No of mass killings are less; 1 percent of homicides were reduced each month. Percentage rates of other mass killings like familicides (homicides within the family or intimate members) and felony related killings (robbery or gang wars) were reduced to  around 12 percent. Though the mass killings had reduced, it still stayed similar to that in the early 80’s and 90’s. 
  • Mental health issues do play a vital role in mass killings. Most of the mass public shooters showed symptoms of psychological disorders prior to the attack or had been a patient all along. Emotions are out of control in such people and so carrying an assault weapon with them is a deadly move. This is due to no proper ban and not provided with good psychiatric treatments for people who show symptoms of mental illness long before. Such people never involve in such activities, they stay silent always and react as a sudden pop.
  • Gun control measures might not be helpful always. 90 percent of such killing takes place in gun-free zones. A complete ban will only save very few lives, rest is on each individual’s hands to take measures to keep themselves and the society safe. We all should be aware and always keep an eye on everyone’s behaviour and report accordingly.
  • Mass killers find various other ways to kill. Killers have only one instinct; to kill. They would find various ways, if the carrying of assault weapons are blocked. Still, it is always good to have a safety reason like a ban or being illegal, so then anyone could try to stop them or react accordingly if necessary and won’t be charged for stopping. Other forms include mass stabbing, bombing or even car attack killings. 

It is all about the emotions, reactions and the anger that occurs in a short span of time due to being misguided. Assault weapons or any kinds of weapons even for their own safety could be the source for a crime. More laws should come up to protect every citizen from any mass killing incidents.

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