Should All Athletes Be Required to Pass Regular Drug Tests?

All athletes should be required to pass regular drug tests to participate in athletics. Athletes need to give their best performance on the ground, and there is no excuse for it to stop meeting the expectations of everyone around them. Most of them turn to drugs to increase their strength and stamina.

This is why tests are performed to stop athletes from taking drugs that can tamper with their health both mentally and physically. Injuries may end up ruining their career. To retain their position on the team some of them hide their physical problems and delay treatments as much as they can. They may also consume drugs that were banned by sports authorities to help in the recovery and to come back and perform to give their best.

One of the best drug rehabs for athletes is the Arizona addiction recovery center. When athletes become weak they are criticized due to their failures which may bring them to anxiety stress and even depression. Therefore many athletes consume steroids to increase the performance. Some of them may not be able to cope up with the consequences that these drugs bring on them.  

We have come across various situations where athletes have won and had later on tested to be positive on drug use. Drugs such as androstenedione are used to enhance strength and to build muscles. The drug used by athletes has increased more than ever today. Drug tests must be done on athletes for various reasons it helps them to stop illegal drug use. Athletes depend on their physical strength and it is necessary to take good care of their health.

Instead of using drugs they kin adopt a healthy diet and regular physical training which will give them strength and help them to perform well in the field. Sun eclipse also now addicts 2 recreational drugs such as marijuana and cocaine which will reduce the performance and will negatively affect their physical and mental health.

After doing the test the school authorities can take necessary actions with banning and firing them which will help them to keep a check on the illegal drug intake of their athletes. Both recreational drugs as well as steroids should be banned for consumption by athletes as they often backfire and risk their lives. Do steroids may help them to build muscles and enhance their strength temporarily. It is extremely harmful to their health in the long run. This is my drug test that has to be done and authorities should identify if any athlete has consumed drugs and if so should be banned from the league.

Some of the athletes who were banned for drug intake were Dwain Chambers, Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps, and Marion Jones. Sports in athletics is all about fair play. It is unfair to the players who genuinely have the strength and muscle to participate in events if people start taking drugs illegally. Taking drugs and obtaining artificial strength questions the integrity and reputation of the sport.

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