A Speech on Athletes Should Stay Loyal to Teams

There is no loyalty left in professional sports today. Today athletes don’t care much about things other than themselves. 

Nowadays sports are all about money. Athletes or players are not bothered to stay with the same organization unless they get big bucks and their team is winning. If either of the two doesn’t happen, the player will probably ask to be traded. For instance, Roger Clemens; when he was in Boston the management took good care of him. The last contract signed with him made him the highest-paid player in baseball.

He left the team this year and went to Toronto after being with the Sox throughout his career. Is there any loyalty in his action?

Day by day players are getting greedier and greedier. 

The biggest reason that athletes should stay loyal to teams is that he or they can’t do it alone no matter how strong he or she is. 

If an athlete stays loyal to his team, he may get many benefits such as it builds a sense of trust with each other. There can be times when you cannot do some stuff alone; you will need your team then. Rather teamwork is essential for every team because without teamwork there is always a lower chance of winning. If a player or an athlete doesn’t stay loyal to his team, then he might even get kicked out of the team, and another problem will arise.

Everyone should be given a chance. Teamwork makes the team stronger. But if each player plays by themselves, then the team is never going to win the game. 

Being loyal is important not just in sports but in any other field. Being in a team brings unity and a bond among the teammates. If one teammate makes mistakes, then the other team members can try to solve those mistakes and even guide that team member properly. May it be any sport you talk about, you can’t always play individually; you need to play united in a team and also stay loyal to your team.

Players and teammates can learn from each other’s mistakes. No player or athlete is best to play if they are not loyal to their team no matter how good they score. 

Moreover, there are three factors that determine loyalty in sports. They are the fans, the players, and the organization. 

Fans are more likely to like players that they can relate to, and work hard to represent their city and team. Now when these players become superstars, the love grows and reaches a point where any mistake or wrongdoing or maybe past rape or any criminal record will be forgiven as long as the player stays with the team and gives his best to the team to win.

The bond between players and organizations and how they are judged is mistaken as well. Organizations trade players all the time, sometimes just to get rid of salary despite excellent behavior and good track record by the players. It acts as a two-way street. 

Lastly, staying loyal to your team retains a sense of identity.

Your team is an extension of yourself. There are many dedicated fans to which the win of a specific team feels much like a personal success. Because of this long-term loyalty becomes part of the package.

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