48+ Best Sports Event Invitation Wording Ideas

Most people are aware of the fact that sports events are more or less tend to be fun-filled evenings, whether you are the one who’s playing or organizing the event.

The sole focus of any sports event is to provide entertainment to the spectators in the form of some competitive games. These events or tournaments play a special role outside the commercialization as well.

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What to Write on Sports Event Invitation?

  • Mention that the event is finally happening
  • Tell people that it wouldn’t be possible without them
  • Make sure the everyone attends the event
  • Ask the elder for their blessings
  • Don’t let anyone leave before the food is served

How to Respond to Sports Event Invitation?

  • Congratulate them hosting such a great event
  • Mention that you are super excited about it
  • Bring your own set of snacks
  • Before you leave, shower them with happiness

It not only encourages the participants to work and cooperate with others but also teaches each and every individual to deal with losses and wins. But the event will only be as successful as the audience attending it, so below is a list of invitation wording that you can use-

Sports Event Invitation Wording Ideas

– The only season we care about is the sporting season. So let’s kick off this exiting new season of competitive sports with an event held at (location) on (date). Please join us from (time).

– If you enjoy competitive sports then come along at the sports event on (date) organized by a group of volunteers to help and raise funds for the flood affected victims. Please support this event with your presence.

– Sports have been an important discipline for humans to prosper in life and our society shouldn’t shy away as well. Hence we are organizing a competitive sporting event on (dates). You are welcome to watch and participate.

– Life is all about enjoying, playing and living. So through this upcoming (sport event name) held on the (dates), we are hoping to enjoy, play and live to the fullest. You are invited to join us and participate.

– Who says sports aren’t for elder people because at our “All star sports championships” every age of humans is welcome to participate and enjoy. So hop along the sports station on (dates) at (location).

– As an owner of a leading sports brand, it is my duty to organize a yearly sporting event for all our employees. The good news is we are finally doing it on (dates) at (location). Your presence is expected.

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– It’s time to keep those formal attires aside because in honor of the New NBA season, we are organizing a somewhat smaller yet entertaining sporting event on (date & location). Please be there with your family.

– The kids have forgotten what playing sports feels like. So, my wife and I decided to organize all sports event for the kids and the parents on (dates) at the (location). You and your kids are most welcome.

– We are the proudest herd of this county and as we move towards our 50th derby celebrations, let us celebrate with a sport that is loved by all. You are invited to attend the annual football league on (dates).

– Sunday is supposed to be Fun Day and for us Fun lies in the physicality of each and every sport. You and your associates are invited to the club’s weekly organized sporting event on (dates) at (Location)

– Dear Sir/Madam, our interstate Archery competition for this year is being organized in your city. We, the sports committee, will be absolutely pleased to see you at the event held on (date & location).

– Touchdown! Slam Dunk! Goal! Whatever sport you’re interested in, we are making it happen at our (sport event name) on these (dates) at the (location). Please join us for the event with your family.

– Politicians say ‘youth is our future” but what keeps the youth motivated? Sports! So on (dates), our charity organization will be putting up a sporting event at (location). Please come and support the idea.

– Respected Sir/Madam, we would like to cordially invite you to our school’s first ever badminton competition held on (dates & location). Your presence at the event would be our honor.

– As an organization, our sole focus was to keep our country’s youth away from bad influences and sports was the way to do it. So let us invite you to our annually held 25th sports and games championship on (dates & location).

– From one sport enthusiast to another, I would like to have your generous support for our annually organized charitable sport event on (dates) held at the (location). Please come down with your family.

– The country is ours to change and the first step would be the introduction of numerous sports to this young generation. Hence, we are having a little sports event for our community on (dates & location). Your presence is expected.

– It’s that time again to put on our jerseys in support of the teams playing in the (sports event name). The committee would like to cordially invite you to inaugurate the event on (date) at (Location).

– To all the scouting talent managers, this is the event that you can’t miss. On the (date), we are coming up with Kids premier league containing the majority of the sports. So come and nurture the future talent

– As sports is and was always a way out, the (organization name) has decided to introduce a yearly held sports event. On behalf of the organization, let me invite you to attend the event on (date & location).

– We know who we are rooting for at the 20th women’s badminton championship. In the 20th year, we’ll be commemorating this grand event with entertaining extravaganza. Do join us on (dates & location).

– As the world around us seems to become crazier and stranger than before, sports is the ultimate escapism we can use. So come along and enjoy the grandest sporting event of this community on (dates & location).

– Sometimes we need a team rather than an individual to see the light of victory. You and every member of this community are invited to attend and participate at this year’s Championship league on (date & location).

– Dear sir, you are one of the inspiring athletes who has been vocal about introducing sports regime in each and every institution. So it would be our honor to have you as our Chief Guest for the (event name) held at the (location) on (date).

_We can’t always impose education on our kids. With this thought, we have come up with a sporting event especially for the developing generation of our country. So please bring along your kids to the event on (date & location).

_ Sports is a discipline like no other as it teaches us the meaning of camaraderie and whatnot. So on the (date), we have organized a (sports event name) to which you and your family are invited to attend and participate.

– The day is finally here when we will have to welcome the future athletes of our country with open arms. So please come and join us at the (sports event name) and enjoy a historical evening.

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– As both of the teams have worked extremely hard to reach the finals but only one will win the championships. So save your cheers for the evening of (date) and enjoy the finals with your family at (location).

– To reach anywhere in life, you have to build and show your character at numerous occasions and sports lets us achieve that. So join us as we welcome the future achievers at the (sport event name) on (date & location).

– In the end, sports will be the only thing that can help the kids to achieve better grades at school. So without further adieu, let me invite you to attend the kids’ swimming championship held at (date & location).

sport event invitation wording ideas

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