3-Year Driving Test Renewals: Ensure Road Safety?

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Should Licensed Drivers Be Tested Periodically?

It is not good enough that several drivers on our highways today are operating vehicles while using their cell phones, texting, eating, or withstanding another type of distraction.

Presently a recent annual analysis from GMAC Insurance indicates that one in five licensed drivers could not pass a written test that encompasses fundamental driving laws in the states where they live at that time.

That is not something that we should feel decent about. Nearly, according to the study, one of every five drivers who are operating automobiles on the holder may not recall the most fundamental traffic laws.

Wonderful news as we all head out onto the roads for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, is it not that?

According to an article posted on a website, one in five licensed drivers – which contains about thirty-eight million drivers the test given by GMAC Insurance. The survey called the GMAC Insurance National Drivers examination, included five thousand two hundred two licensed drivers from the fifty states and the District of Columbia, as per the story. The drivers were inquired questions fulfilled a twenty question written in traffic law reviewed from a motor vehicle driving examination given in their states.

To approve the tests, drivers had to respond to at least seventy percent of the problems correctly. The tests also contained questions about driving distractions containing texting and the use of cell phones while driving, the story said.

So what was the average score of the five thousand two hundred two drivers who were researched?

Would you believe that the passing grade is seventy-six points zero two percent, which is down from seventy-six point six percent last year, according to the article?

Should this possibly be a call to the effort? Should we evaluate setting up necessary re-testing programs so that drivers have to withstand a written journal of traffic rules in every five years or at least every ten years to verify their mettle on the roads?

If it would be very useful if we would not reject programs like that if they really could help drivers comprehend and constantly think about the dangers that roam on the streets when they are conducting a motor vehicle.

Among some of the stuff drivers forgot were basic traffic rules, according to the website article, such as the number of feet that are needed to retain safe following extents and what to do when attaining a constant yellow traffic light.

The difficulty is, admittedly, that we take those examinations once when we are first getting our driver’s licenses and then we never appear to look at those traffic law manuals again in our lives. It is no surprise that many of us do not recall such things.

However that does not mean that it would not be a good thing to research periodically for all drivers, and it does not amount to something how long they have been driving.

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