A Speech on “Should there be a ban on animal testing?”

Good (—) students. I am sure you know how animals are used in various places for testing. I am here to tell you why there should be a ban on animal testing. Animal testing or animal experimentation is the use of animals for researches and studies, by subjecting them to drugs, tests, and experiments, that may alter their biological, physical, or even their mental state.

Such researches with animals are usually conducted in laboratories, medical school, universities, etc. Researches include medicine testing, disease treatment, testing the safety of products, breeding, experimenting with components of biology or psychology, etc. The animals mostly used for such experimentations are rabbits, monkeys, rats, mice, reptiles, cats, amphibians, etc. After almost all experiments, these animals are euthanized. 

During the process, diseases, viruses, and infections are injected into the healthy body of the animal, making them sick. After that, the experimenter uses various medicines and drugs on them, inflicting in them pain and suffering. Some of these drugs have very harmful side effects that may even lead to the death of the animal. How can this be justified?

Understandably, it may be difficult to replace these animals with artificial intelligence or computer models. But one thing to be remembered is that these animals are also living creatures. They also feel pain and emotions. They too have thoughts, needs, and desires These animals are being exploited by many facilities for experimenting. Just like humans, animals also have the right to live on earth.

Animal rights are being exploited by subjecting them to such cruelty. Some animals are left with permanent damages and most of them even die during the experiment. Most people neglect the pain and sufferings that these animals face as they cannot respond as humans do. According to The American Veterinary Association, animal pain is an “unpleasant sensory and emotional experience perceived as arising from a specific region of the body and associated with actual or potential tissue damage”.

Many a time, the pain that they go through is not even worth it. Animal functioning is not completely similar to human functioning, and the experiment may prove to be ineffective. 

We have no right to waste their rights and experimenting with such animals is not justifiable, no matter what. Animals should not be the ones to be tortured to death to ensure the safety of humans. There are various other methods to conduct experiments. They may use synthetic cellar tissues that are similar to the human skin or they may conduct in vitro testing where skin cells are tested in a test tube.

In this century, where science and technology have had so much development, they can use computers to know the chemical or harmful effects products can cause people. With so many other alternatives in hand, researchers should stop experimenting with living creatures. Just because they can’t respond, it doesn’t mean that people can take advantage of their naivety. Be responsible dwellers on earth and respect animals.

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