A Speech on How to Be a Good Leader

You can become successful with the quality of a good leader. 

But before that you have to figure out who is a good leader in order to be one. A good leader knows his weakness, strength and understands his skills. He must understand his own motivation and inspiration in life. To be an effective leader, you need to connect with your team by facilitating open communication, give your employees encouragement for growth and development, and receiving feedback from them is as important as giving them feedback.

Doing your tasks in a corner of your office and detecting others is a common thing but there is more to effective leadership than that. Effective leaders should have major influence on not only his team members or colleagues they manage, but also his company as a whole. a good leader make their employees more happier, more positive that way they become more productive and more connected to their organization and this is very important to run one’s business smoothly and achieve success.

Engaging people in honest and open communication is one of most important part to of your leadership qualities. Create an open and friendly environment where your employees can talk freely and give their honest opinion about work is the second most important elements of effective leadership. That way you can understands them and take ideas from them too which will probably help you in future and also if they becomes more comfortable with you and have faith in you that will help them to be more productive.

A good leader who is leading a group or a team requires good understanding between the leader and his team members and also a mutual sense of trust to achieve goal, a good leader must do connect with their employees and if you want to become a good leader you should learn to connect and build trust.

Encouraging your team members or employees on their professional and personal growth can boost their confidence up. Do not hesitate to be a cheer leader for your collaborative, committed work environment – without coaxing them.

“[If you are] controlling people to do certain things in certain ways, you’re not going to get the level of engagement that you’re looking for,” he said. “Coaching is about helping the people you lead recognize the choices they have in front of them. People will [then] take a great deal of ownership over the direction of the project.” 

As opposed to simply barking orders at team members, Rampton said that good leaders should encourage growth by teaching. “People wouldn’t grow if leaders never taught them anything. Leaders need to be teaching so they can grow new leaders to take their place, cheering or celebrating their small success will make them want to do more of good work in order to stand out.

Do not be a dictator. Teach employees how to do something instead of giving them orders only. A good and effective leader needs to learn how to show others what is required, rather than simply telling them what to do and a positive and good attitude is a plus.

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