631+ Leadership Quotes To Ignite Your Passion For Leading Others! (Images)

A good leader👨🏻‍💼 is one who can inspire his team members as well as the world through their words and their actions. Leadership quotes will help motivate you and modify how you think and feel regarding yourself and others.

In case you can modify the way you think🤔, it will be possible for you to modify your life’s quality instantaneously.

Your thoughts are the only things on which you have complete control in this universe. Hopefully, these leadership quotes that we have mentioned below will help you to do so effectively.

Best Leadership Quotes

It will not be possible for any man to become a great leader in case he wants to get the entire credit for doing the work.

A leader is going to be the most effective when individuals are not aware of his existence and still his work is done effectively.

Speak gently while carrying a big stick; this will help you to go far.

Leadership Quotes

It will be a sensible idea to place others at the front and lead from behind particularly while you are celebrating victory.

To me leadership implies honor, duty, and country.

Once it appeared to me the leadership means having muscles; however, now I believe that leadership means to get along with people.

When some good work is done by the best of the leaders, individuals assert that the job has been done by themselves.

Leadership Quotes

_The difference between a boss and a leader is a fact that a boss is going to drive while a leader is going to lead.

_Learning and leadership happen to be indispensable to one another.

_Example happens to be leadership.

_Leadership happens to be nothing but influence.

_Effectual leadership is not concerned about being liked or making speeches; it is defined by outcomes and not attributes.

_Making a proper decision happens to be a crucial expertise at every level.

Leadership Quotes

_In case you care for any result sufficiently, it will be possible for you to achieve it.

_Proper leadership involves depicting individuals how to perform the work of superior individuals.

_While the first person is going to receive the oyster the second one is going to receive the shell.

_You are going to be obeyed meticulously in case you are able to command sensibly.

Leadership Quotes

_In case you are able to command sensibly, individuals will obey you cheerfully.

_Even though many individuals watched the apple falling, it was only Newton who asked the reason why.

_Do not pull the shade down in case a window of opportunity shows up.

_Management is concerned about arranging and speaking; on the other hand, leadership is concerned about nurturing as well as improving.

_Be cautious while selecting the environment because it is going to shape you; be cautious while selecting your friends since you are going to become just like them.

_Give a break to your men in case you like to get the most out of them. Do not force them to work completely in the darkness.

Leadership Quotes

_A proper leader does not take much credit for the work done by him.

_Being neutral, time does not help to modify things. Leaders will be able to modify things with initiative and courage.

_The employer usually gets the workers deserved by him.

_Instead of being a natural leader, I happen to be too abstract and too intellectual.

_Principles and measures have always been supported by me instead of men.

_The actual leader does not have any requirement of leading his men; he is simply satisfied to point the way.

_Translating all your ideas into reality is leadership.

_A leader who will not hesitate to send this country into battle is not a genuine leader.

_An individual always has a couple of reasons for performing anything; a genuine reason and a good reason.

_It is important for leaders to act faster at present since the pressure comes quicker.

_I know only one way of leading, and that is by example.

_A man who is a reader today happens to be a leader tomorrow.

_Being a general, my soldiers happen to be the keys that I need to command.

_Proper leadership involves selecting proper men and assisting them to perform their best.

_It is not possible to teach leadership and it can only be acquired.

_Adversities are something that any individual watches while he gets distracted from his target.

_It is very difficult to come across a selfless business partner. It can happen once in your lifetime in case you are fortunate.

_The secrets regarding managing happen to be having patience, being patient and also patience.

_It is important to convince somebody to convincing others which will give the best results.

_It is imperative to be persistent as well as creative in order to succeed.

_Great actions are preceded by strong convictions.

_A proper leadership will not depend on being correct.

_Individuals who happen to be sharp will only employ people who are sharp.

Leadership Sayings

_It will not be possible for you to have any power in case constant power is not exercised by you.

_Procure the best individuals and train them properly.

_Indignity is unquestionably the ultimate quality of leadership. Success and accomplishments will hardly be possible. 

_Leadership happens to be an individual who is able to bring other individuals together.

_Leadership will be to get somebody to perform what they do not like to do in the long run.

_Leadership is concerned about influence, inspiration, and impact.

_A boss who likes you to succeed is the greatest presentation of leadership.

_The ultimate outcomes of leadership happen to be actions and not words.

_I believe that it is important to have a leader in any type of activity irrespective of whether it is sports, family, or business.

_Creative leadership is essential for any mission to succeed.

_In case you happen to be a leader, it will not be possible for you to satisfy all the individuals at the same time.

_Leadership is concerned about inspiring actions in the long run.

_Leadership happens to be a method of thinking, acting, as well as communicating.

_A leader must be open-minded, and he must stick to his vision at all times.

_Self-interest happens to be the cost of leadership.

_Leadership happens to be a perfect combination of character and strategy.

_You will be able to learn much more from negative leadership than positive leadership.

_I did not remember to be friendly and to shake hands. This is an essential lesson regarding leadership.

_I never visualized me as a person having any specific leadership qualities.

_The most important condition of successful leadership is to have an absolute identity with the cause of any person.

_I assisted in restoring the leadership of America.

_My preferred method for leadership happens to be gentle and constant pressure as well as coaching and guidance.

_Leadership is concerned with having individuals becoming confident by looking at you.

_According to me transparency happens to be the currency of any leadership.

_One essential test of genuine leadership happens to be the capability of recognizing an issue before it becomes an urgent situation.

_Sharp edges should not be avoided since they are essential for leadership.

_The world requires innovative leadership; however, it is all about working cohesively.

_Leadership happens to be a tougher thing to perform than simply selecting sides.

_It is important for leadership to satisfy the moral challenge of the everyday.

_According to me leadership is something that you discover and not something which you learn.

_the essential balance for leadership happens to be the character. There is no safety for leaders without character.

_Optimism happens to be an extremely important component of genuine leadership.

_It is not possible to touch leadership, and therefore, it is not possible for any weapon to replace it.

_It is important for leadership to be authentic and genuine and therefore, I always look for any opportunity out there.

_Any leader will be able to perform his best under stressful situations.

_Leadership is not easy, and instead, it is actually an essential skill.

_A genuine leader will be stepping up and serving his country to the fullest.

_A leadership culture happens to be one where everybody thinks and speaks like an owner or managing director.

_A leader will be able to show his skills in easy situations. However, he will be able to prove his abilities only in tough circumstances.

_The secret to achieving success will be to have a great leader which will help to make the lives of people much better.

_Character is very important because leadership is derived from character.

_Leadership is involved with the ability to inflict pain and also getting away with it.

_It is not possible to teach leadership and one becomes a leader by instinct.

_Leadership is not a skill but actually a trait.

_A true leader will be able to make others believe in him.

_I am of the notion that females are simply waiting for their partners to become a leader.

_The responsibility of a genuine leader will be to provide sufficient opportunities to individuals.

_Because of the leadership of the president it will be possible for every American to have access to quality and inexpensive healthcare.

_It is important for us to make certain that we are creating spaces for making new leaders out there.

_One key to leadership is the fact that a leader’s mind will never turn off.

_The word is lacking from decisive and original leadership.

_For females to become efficient leaders, it is important for them to have the backing of men.

_It is essential to be obsessed in any particular way so as to become a successful leader.

_somebody told me that leadership happens to be a lonely role that can be performed by some individuals only.

_It will be possible for you to have a competitive game in case you can provide the funding.

best leadership Quotes

Inspiring Leadership Quotes

-If there is no hope, there will be no vision. – George Washington Carver

-To need vision, you need hope. –  George Washington Carver

-There is no vision without hope. – George Washington Carver

– If you want to have a vision, you need to have hope. – George Washington Carver

– All you need to have is a vision to have hope. – George Washington Carver

-You cannot have vision without hope. – George Washington Carver

– There will be no vision, then there will be no hope. – George Washington Carver

– If you want all the credit to yourself,  you cannot become a great leader. – Andrew Carnegie

Leadership Quotes

– If you want to do it all by yourself or take all the credit do will never become a good leader. –  Andrew Carnegie

– To become a good leader, you need to stop doing it all by yourself or taking all the credit. –  Andrew Carnegie

– Good leaders do not take all the credit or do it all by themselves. –  Andrew Carnegie

– There is a thing about good leaders, they do not do all by themselves or take all the credit. –  Andrew Carnegie

– What I am not afraid of is an army of lions led by a sheep. What scares me is an army of sheep led by a lion. – Alexander the Great

– A good leader does not make you realize their existence, gets all his work done, and aims fulfilled, and in the end, people think that they did it themselves. – Lao Tuz

– Think big when you have to think anywhere. –  Donald Trump

– If you have to think, think big. –  Donald Trump

– You will have to think anyway, so it is better to think big. –  Donald Trump

– When you have to think about something at the end of the day, it is better to think big. –  Donald Trump

– The one who has known about how he has gone through it and shows others as well is known as a good leader. – John C Maxwell

– The one who knows the knowledge of the path has traveled it and can show it to others is known as a good leader. – John C Maxwell

– A good leader is one who has the knowledge of the path and has traveled it himself and can show it to others as well. – John C Maxwell

– A good leader will always know about the way he is going. We will go on that way, and he will also show the way to others.

Leadership Quotes

– Leadership means responsibility, respect, and country. It also means noble character, and you should listen from time to time. – George W Bush

– People have told the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader directs, and the boss orders. – Theodore Roosevelt

– The leader will help you to conduct something, while the boss will command you to do something. This is the difference that people have told exists between a leader and a boss. – Theodore Roosevelt

– People have told me that there is a difference between a leader and a boss. The boss will command you what to do while the leader will assist you with how to do it. – Theodore Roosevelt

– People find bosses and leaders different. The boss is the one who will always command you to do something. When it is a leader, he will guide you through the process. – Theodore Roosevelt

– A true leader does not look for harmony; instead, he makes it himself. –  Martin Luther King Jr

– The one who makes harmony instead of searching for it is what a true leader is. –  Martin Luther King Jr

– The one who does not look for compromise but instead makes it himself is what a true leader is.  – Martin Luther King Jr

– A true leader will always make an agreement instead of searching for one. –  Martin Luther King Jr

– At one point in time meant strength, but now all it means is how well you get along with people.

– Unlike old times, today, leadership does not mean muscle strength but how well you get along with people.

– How well you get along with people is what leadership it is all about today, unlike the old days when it meant physical strength.

– Leadership no more means physical strength it means how well you make relationships with people.

– It is leaders who were bought first, then the vision. – John C Maxwell

– Before buying the vision, people prefer to buy the leader. – John C Maxwell

– Nowadays, people are buying leaders before they buy the vision. – John C Maxwell

– If you need to sell the vision, you need to cell the leader. – John C Maxwell

– If you cannot sell the leader, it will be difficult for you to sell the vision. – John C Maxwell

– Leadership is all about buying the leader first, then the vision. – John C Maxwell

– If you could sell the leader, it would be easy for you to sell the vision. – John C Maxwell

– Ships have always been in the port if the biggest aim of the captain is to save them. –  Thomas Aquinas

– Ships would have never gone out for sale if the main aim of the captain was to preserve them. –  Thomas Aquinas

– It would have never left the port if the main aim of the captain was to save them from the wreck. –  Thomas Aquinas

– The main aim of the captain is not to preserve the ship; hence they are not kept in the port forever. –  Thomas Aquinas

– Ships are not kept in the port forever because the main aim of the captain is not to preserve them. –  Thomas Aquinas

– You must have high expectations. They are the key to everything. – Sam Walton

– Key to everything is high expectations. – Sam Walton

– If you have high expectations, you find the key to everything. – Sam Walton

– If you want to have the key to everything, you need to have it. – Sam Walton

– If you do not have high expectations, you will not have the key to everything. – Sam Walton

Leadership Quotes

– Arranging and telling is management, whereas nurturing and enhancing is leadership. –  Tom peters.

– When your aim is to nurture and enhance somebody, you are a leader. When the aim is to arrange and tell people you are a manager. –  Tom peters.

– When you are not charging and enhancing people, it is all about leadership. When you are arranging and telling people, it is all about management. –  Tom peters.

– To be in good leadership, you need to nurture and enhance. To be good in management, you need to arrange and tell. –  Tom peters.

– The capability of translating your vision into reality is what leadership is all about. – Warren Bennis

– If you can translate your vision into reality, you are a good leader. – Warren Bennis

– You are a good leader when you can translate your vision into reality. – Warren Bennis

– Then, you can translate your ideas into the reality of today. You are a leader. – Warren Bennis

– It is leadership when you can translate your ideas into reality. – Warren Bennis

– you will be called a good leader when you again have the capacity to convert your ideas into today. – Warren Bennis

– You need to act as if you already have the quality that you want. – William James

– You need to act like you already had it; only then you will get the quality. – William James

– Without acting that you already have it, you will not get the quality. – William James

– People who believe in themselves can accomplish all the amazing things in the world. This is what outstanding leaders do they boost the self-esteem of their people. – Sam Walton

– People need high self-esteem to accomplish all the amazing things in the world, so this is what outstanding leaders do to boost people’s self-esteem. – Sam Walton

– Time does not change anything it is leaders who bring change in the world with their bravery and capabilities. – Jesse Jackson

Leadership Quotes

– It is leaders who change the world with courage and initiative. Time doesn’t change anything it is neutral. – Jesse Jackson

– Time is neutral; it will not bring about any change. It is leaders who change the world with their courage and initiative. – Jesse Jackson

– It is leaders who show bravery and take initiative to change the world. Time is just neutral and doesn’t bring any change. – Jesse Jackson

– You do not have to pull down the shade if you see a window of opportunity. – Tom Peters

– After seeing a window of opportunity, one should not pull down the shade. – Tom Peters

– If you pull down the shade, you will not see the window of opportunity. – Tom Peters

– Your characteristics will not make you a good leader. What makes you a good leader is the kind of results you make. – Peter Drucker

– It does not matter if you make great speeches or are being liked by the people or what are your personal characteristics are; what really matters in leadership is what results in you are giving.  – Peter Drucker

– The only thing that matters is the result you give and not what your characteristics are, the good speeches you make, or whether you are liked by people or not. – Peter Drucker

– A dealer of hope can be called a leader. – Napoleon Bonaparte

– If you are a dual dealer of hope, you can be called a leader. – Napoleon Bonaparte

– If you are not a dealer of hope, you cannot be called a leader. – Napoleon Bonaparte

– If you want to become a leader, you should stay close enough to your people so that they can relate with you, but you should stay ahead of them in order to motivate them. – John C Maxwell

– You should stay ahead of your people in order to motivate them but you should stay close to them enough so that they can relate with you this is what a good leader is like. – John C Maxwell

– You will surely attend the result if you care for it. – William James

– If you do not care for the result, you will not attend it. – William James

– In order to attain the result you must therefore it. – William James

– If you want to be obeyed cheerfully, you need to learn to command by sleep. – Thomas Fuller.

– Being obeyed cheerfully demands you to command wisely. – Thomas Fuller

– Who leads the orchestra turns the back to the crowd. – Max Lucado

– You cannot lead the orchestra without turning your back to the crowd. – Max Lucado

–  The leader who is occasionally willing to stand alone is the one who deserves the name. – Henry Kissinger 

Funny Leadership Quotes

  • A good leader does not seek consensus but rather creates it.

  • The mountain inspires leaders, and the valley nourishes them.

  • Take the initiative from behind and persuade others that you are ahead.

  • A positive mindset does not guarantee success, but denial guarantees failure.

  • I never imagined myself successful. Nevertheless, I’ve been working hard to reach this objective.
  • A true leader does not seek consensus but builds consensus. 

  • The mountain inspires leaders, and the valley nourishes them. 

  • Take the lead from behind and convince others that they are ahead. 

  • A positive attitude does not guarantee that you will succeed, but denial guarantees that you will not succeed. 

  • I have never dreamed of success. I have been working hard to achieve this goal. 

  • Leadership is a series of actions, not the role of a hero. 

  • Find and be with the smartest people.

  • As a leader, you have a great responsibility to practice behaviors that you are required to comply with. 
  • The best way to start a career is to consult with someone who has completed what you want to achieve. Help dispel any doubts. 

  • People respond well to those who are convinced of their wishes. 

  • Success is not about how much money you make; it is about how to change people’s lives. 

  • Leadership is not a title or award. It’s about influence, hard work, and inspiration. 

  • The leader is the bearer of hope. 

  • Leadership is the privilege to improve the lives of others. This is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed. 

  • Ninety percent of leadership is the ability to communicate what people want. 

  • People should trust you. As a leader, you must build trust in people. 

  • The manager is responsible for discovering the potential of people and processes. 

  • Leadership is an above-average challenge. 

  • Bad leadership is often overshadowed by those who have the strongest voices and opinions.

  • You should hold the ability to transform vision into reality to be a leader.

  • Leaders do not care about office hours. They work until it is done!

  • Learning and leadership are inherent to each other. 

  • To lead people, you gotta manage things first!

  • A leader always knows the way, shows the way, and goes in the same way!

  • Leaders always provide people with a platform to express their ideas of work.

  • Today, you are a reader. Tomorrow, you will be a leader.

  • People follow a leader first before they even follow the vision.

  • Your leadership should inspire people to learn more, dream more, and act more.

  • Leadership must not produce more followers but more leaders.

  • I have set my quality of leadership that reflects through my set of work.

  • Great leaders lead people within them.

  • Strong leadership takes responsibility yet does not make excuses.

  • Management does everything right, but leadership only does the right things!

  • Novelty separates a leader and a supporter.

  • A leader becomes well-known for his leadership, vision, and successful mission. 
  • Great leaders do not cause pain; instead, they share the pain.

  • The Prime duty of leadership is to elicit greatness into humanity for existing greatness.

  • Leadership is the art of making someone think innovative, and artistic beyond his capacity.

  • With true leadership, people would want to go to a place they wouldn’t work by themselves.

  • Without leadership, power is a flimsy experience.

  • You cannot be a leader without risking your leadership!

Bad Leadership Quotes

  • A great leader is a builder of hope.

  • If you cannot learn to obey, you cannot be a good commander-in-chief.

  • Leaders always say NO instead of YES because “YES” is merely easy to say.

  • Great leaders listen to their hearts to handle followers.

  • The only difference between Boss and Leader is the Boss hits and Leader LEADS!

  • General WhatsApp statuses and Messages on leadership

  • Few qualities are innate, just like leadership. 
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  • In order to be a leader of exceptional stature, you need to be original. 

  • Believing in oneself is the secret to leading others.

  • Life has taught me things that instilled leadership qualities in me. 

  • In order to become a leader, have the courage to stand in the front. 

  • I believe in becoming the example that leads other people. 

  • I follow leaders that make me challenge my own shortcomings. 

  • Be the inspiration people want to see in leaders. 

  • Like a burning flame, be a leader that inspires others. 

  • I admire leaders with indomitable spirits. 

  • Spiritual leaders can change our core and bring out a better version of ourselves. 

  • Why on earth does everybody just want to lead? 

  • Reading books to cultivate the virtues of a leader. 

  • This is no longer the era for leaders as we don’t like to follow others. 

  • Have ideologies that will automatically earn you a million followers. 

  • With the heart of a lion, lead your team with courage and pride. 

  • I want to be a leader who is known for having a considerate heart. 

  • Like a polestar, I am standing as a leader with unshakeable spirits.

  • Be a leader with the charisma of a thousand blazing suns. 

  • Inclusiveness is the greatest quality of powerful leaders. 

  • Compassion, empathy, and kindness are the keys to becoming an exceptional leader.

  • Have the optimism that can make you the leader of leaders. 

  • Few leaders give us the zeal of a lifetime. 
leadership quotes
  • An inspiring leader seems like a zephyr of a new change. 

  • Leaders are the risk-takers of the front line. 

  • Passion is a great quality of leaders, and it inspires others. 

  • Our team is incomplete without a staunch leader like you. 

  • Channeling peace and inspiration is the job of a great leader. 

  • Be your own godfather and lead yourself. 

  • Be a leader who brings a new season of revolution. 

  • Accepting criticism gracefully is mastered by great leaders. 

  • March towards hope and lead others with you.

  • Great leaders have their own idiosyncrasies and inspire others.

  • Is does not matter how much you change the world but how much you change people.

  • Great leaders are like that flicker of light at the end of a dark tunnel.

  • Explore your own greatness and be your own leader.

  • It takes a lot of luck to bump into a leader who can change your life.

  • Leadership qualities aimed at the oppression of innocent people are the worst.

Successful Leadership Quotes

  • “A leader is best when no one knows he exists… Then, when his task is finished, and his goal is achieved, they will all declare, “We did it ourselves.” — Lao Te.

  • “Leadership is about improving people by your presence and ensuring that effect endures in your absence,” -Sheryl Sanberg’s

  • “Truly strong people boost others up.” People with true power pull others together.” – Mrs. Michelle Obama

  • “If you want to construct a ship, don’t collect personnel, divide the job, and give commands. Instead, encourage them to long for the huge and infinite sea.” — Saint-Exupéry, Antoine.

  • “As a leader, I am tough on myself and hold everyone to a higher level; but I am extremely loving because I want others to thrive at what they do so that they might strive to be like me in the future.”
  • “Beautiful things happen when people work together” –Stepanek, Mattie.

  • “I know the half of it, and I know two men who each know the half of it, so we’re all together. Allow this to serve as a networking lesson.” –Jarod Kintz’s

  • When asked why he had a staff of twenty-one helpers, Thomas Edison replied: I would solve all of the issues if I could.

  • “It’s not your fault if you try and we lose. If you don’t try and we lose, it’s entirely your fault.” -Orson Scott Card.

  • “Teamwork is the key to ordinary people achieving extraordinary outcomes.” Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

  • The distinction between a boss and a leader is frequently questioned. “The boss drives and the leader leads.” ― President Theodore Roosevelt.

  • “No man who wants to do everything alone or receive all the credit for achieving it won’t make a great leader, according to this quote.” –Carnegie, Andrew

  • “A title or a position does not define leadership. If everything comes down to impact, influence, and inspiration.” — R. S. Sharma.

  • “A leader is a hope dealer.” –Bonaparte, Napoleon

  • “Leadership is a luxury that allows you to improve the lives of others.” It is not a chance to gratify selfish greed.” – President Mwai Kibaki
  • “This wonderful energy is felt when you are enthused about what you do. It’s quite straightforward.” –Coelho, Paulo

  • “Everything you’ve ever seen, heard, tasted, smelled, been told, forgotten is there. Everything impacts us, so I want to ensure that my experiences are favorable.” –Angelou, Maya

  • “Winners have the propensity to create favorable expectations before the event.” –Tracy, Brian

  • “A happy attitude triggers a cascade of positive ideas, experiences, and consequences. It is a catalyst that produces amazing outcomes.” –Boggs, Wade

  • “Most of the time, when you welcome someone, they will return the favor with a good, upbeat greeting. It’s also true that, in most circumstances, you’ll receive a negative greeting in return if you offer a bad welcome.” -Mr. Zig Ziglar
  • Future creation is the sole method for foreseeing it.

  • I’d rather labor 24 hours a day than be enslaved from 9 to 5.

  • The one game in which you never lose is business. Either you win, or you learn.

  • The individual who decides not to labor just for money is the one who succeeds!

  • Make more money while making fewer announcements.

  • A leader is someone who knows, goes, and demonstrates the way. -Maxwell, John C.

  • Leadership is the skill of providing a platform for individuals to share ideas that work. Seth Godin’s

  • Today I am a reader, and tomorrow I will be a leader. -Fuller, Margaret

  • People believe in the leader before they believe in the vision. -Maxwell, John C.

  • If your activities inspire others to aim higher and pursue their studies, you are a leader, accomplish more, and become more.

Powerful Leadership Quotes

  • A leader must be able to communicate a clear and compelling vision, and then inspire and motivate others to work together to achieve it.

  • A leader must be able to make difficult decisions and accept responsibility for the outcome.

  • A leader must be able to build and maintain strong relationships with team members, stakeholders, and other important groups.

  • A leader must be able to continuously improve and adapt to changing circumstances.

  • A leader should lead by example, walking the talk.
  • A leader must be able to build trust and respect among their team members, through honesty, transparency, and integrity.

  • A leader must be able to delegate effectively, giving team members the autonomy and resources they need to succeed.

  • A leader must be able to provide clear direction and guidance, while also being open to feedback and ideas from team members.

  • A leader must be able to create a positive and productive work environment, where team members feel valued and supported.

  • A leader must be able to navigate conflict and challenges, and find creative solutions to problems.

  • A leader must be able to think strategically and make long-term plans for the success of the organization.

  • A leader should be able to create a culture of accountability and high performance standards.

  • A leader should be able to be a good listener and be approachable to team members.

  • A leader should be able to be a role model for the organization, embodying the values and principles that they want the team to follow.
  • The question “Who should be boss?” is comparable to asking “Who should be the tenor in the quartet.” The man with the tenor voice.” Ford, Henry

  • “Tell them what to do, not how to do it.” – General George S. Patton.

  • “You don’t lead by punching somebody in the face; that’s assault, not leadership.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • “First and foremost, everything is your fault.”
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