How to Be More Sensitive for An Emotionally Insensitive Person

In order to be sensitive or more sensitive towards an emotionally insensitive person, first one needs to understand himself or herself, how to improve one’s communication towards the other person, how to approach. Instead of losing patience or getting angry, such people need to be understood.

When you are preparing on such a topic, make sure to do enough research, or you can just have a look at this sample written by me, as using it as a reference, you will be able to frame yours without any issue.

Speech Template: 1

Communication is not only about words but it Always Goes Beyond Words. We do not notice it but Unconscious signals which we give make up most of our communication. And the reason behind not noticing those signals because Our brains pick those signals up easily without making any conscious effort on our part.

If the situation is not right, we can usually sense it easily that there something is wrong, or the mood in a room is different. We all have probably been in a situation where everything seems perfect and good, but then it changes dramatically, and we hit the cold wall.

As per UCLA research that only seven percent of our communication with our is based on the words we say or based on the actual word comes from our mouth and thirty-eight percent of communication is based on the tone that comes from our voice and as per the rest fifty-five percent, it is our body language.

Sensitivity is closely related to our intelligence and can be learned like any other skill. It’s mostly technical where we learn to read other people’s physical cues or body language. Empathy is also an important part that we should pay attention to while learning.

Emotional intelligence is a flexible set of skills that can be acquired and improved with practice. – said, Dr. Travis Bradberry.

This takes a lot of our conscious effort to do because it’s easier for us not to do it so we tend to ignore it. In other words, we have to stop being lazy and have to try. Rather than of playing the same old mental record, it’s important for us to be conscious of the situations and what’s going on by observing a person or a group of people.

Boosting our emotional intelligence is a way to become more sensitive because emotions have a direct effect on how sensitive we are to our close ones or to others as emotional intelligence helps us to read situations around us, individuals by their gestures of the body, and even ourselves.

But to understand other people first, we need to understand ourselves properly. It is the very first step to becoming someone sensitive. People are mostly unaware of the fact of what they’re communicating through their signals or nonverbal cues, and it is quite shocking because the maximum number of people fall into this category.

People who suffer from mental disorders like depression or social anxiety or shyness could improve their own moods. All they need to do is to become conscious of their own body language because if they are feeling negative, they would have negative body language and their unconscious signals or vibe which they are showing to others also affect their own moods negatively.

The way we present or project our body language not only affects others but negative body language can affect our own mood too.

To first start becoming self-aware, pay attention to the link between your body language and your emotions.

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