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Bear Day marks the celebration which is solely dedicated towards the cause of rescuing the bears from the atrocities caused by numerous activities against the wildlife nature.

Many organizations from around the world come together on this day to fight for the cause as well as important information and statistics regarding the deteriorating population of bears.

On 23rd March, Bear Day is being celebrated by everyone and anyone who are interested in wildlife care in order to make the world much more aware regarding the unfavorable situations faced by bears in the wild.

Below is a list of quotes that one can share on the occasion of Bear day with the world in order to raise awareness

Bear Day Messages, Quotes & Wishes

  • Who doesn’t to be a bear? They are cute when small, they look dangerous when they are big and to top it all bear hugs are the best.

_If bears were to be humans then they would walk around boasting their gigantic looking physique and laugh like crazy.

_Once in a while we all need a different perspective in our life so on the eve of Bear Day I hope you try to look at bears differently.

_If loving nature and preserving the habitats of bear is too much of a task for us then we have definitely failed as human beings. 

_We have freely used the term of “bear hugs” but haven’t been keeping an eye on the preservation of bears. May you do that on this Bear Day.

_A teddy bear has always been a wrapped up doll for you in your childhood. It is time we think differently and try to save them from human atrocities.

_Climb down from the ladder of being egoistic and selfish and take the first step to save bears on this inspiring occasion of Bear Day.

_There is a new perspective waiting for us to see the cold and hard lives faced by the bears every day. But we chose to ignore it.

_To achieve the greatest internal joy, a human is required to save a life. May you at leats give an effort to protect bears on the eve of Bear Day.

_We are just a touch away to see the bears in their natural habitats and realize what a wonderful life we are leading.

_A photograph says a lot more than we have ever expressed because it conveys the fleeting reality of bears from all around the world.

_The continuous existence of bears in the wilderness is extremely important for a hum to lead a quality life. Help save the bear on this Bear Day.

_On the eve of Bear Day, May you look deep into the nature and find some fascinating reasons to save and protect the furry bears.

_The way the sun greets the mountains and preserve the wildlife shall be an inspiration for us to rescue the bears from human atrocities.

_The bears of this world exist due to their own reasons. So who are we to kill them and use their skin for our selfish reasons.

_I hope the day when we will realize about the dangers that all the bears are facing is due to humans, becomes not too late.

_All the animals in this world including bears have the power to speak a language through their eyes. All we need to do is understand and help them.

_Bears do not sweat and whine about their miserable condition but that doesn’t mean they aren’t suffering. 

_As humans we have got to respect Mother Nature especially when she weighs over 400 pounds. Wish you a great Bear Day ahead.

_Bears were not meant to be the companions of humans but they are children of God just like the humans. So let’s help and save them together.

_Somebody once said that the animals living a great life in the nature are what are right in this world. I am afraid that can’t be said for bears.

_If we don’t do anything soon, then there will be no trees left in the wilderness and all the bears will be dead for the purpose of human gain.

_Humans are full of compassion but when it comes to saving wildlife and bears residing in it, we lack it desperately.

_When we were little, we have always loved to play with the dolls of teddy bear and now that we are adults we are playing with the lives of big bears. 

_Why is the population of bear slowing deteriorating in the wild? May you ask that simple question to yourself on this year’s occasion of Bear Day.

_Whenever we have tried to hinder the natural process in the wildlife, it is the animals that have suffered or in this case bears.

_If there is little bit of humanity left in ourselves then on this bear day I urge everyone of you to make an effort towards the protection of bears.

_Bears may look like giant and dangerous ball of fur but there is a heart and soul in them as well. Let’s try to preserve them on this Bear Day.

_When Alive, a bear is a symbol of freedom and understanding but when dead they are just a protecting shield against winter for the humans.

_Just because the bears are occasionally dangerous and are the providers of winter clothing, we cannot sacrifice our last ounce of humanity by killing them.

_We have failed to preserve lots of animals and now they are slowly going extinct. So let’s not put bears on the list of endangered species.

_On the eve of Bear Day, I hope you take the extra step and make some donation towards saving these big balls of furry bears.

_It is sadly funny and ironic that more than we need bears for our personal gain, the bears are need of human help to stay alive.

_A bear will always remain a bear even when most of him has fallen off due to the atrocities of human against them.

_In this earth, each and every life matter. So when it comes to protecting bears and preserving them, we shamelessly turn our faces away.

_On the eve of Bear Day, may you go out and visit the zoo to see the bears living prosperously because soon enough there won’t be many left of them.

_It is somewhat of a horrifying thought that when the government is not likely to do much about rescuing and protecting the bears.

_On this occasion of Bear Day, May you look deep into the nature to find out why some of us trying so hard to protect the bears from humans.

_We humans don’t own the wildlife so it gives us no such right to snatch the bears away from their harmonious life just for our gain.

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