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The day is observed every year on September 7th.  Being the world’s most famous drink, beer has its own fans and many on the queue. The beer history is been read from Egyptian and Roman times. Breweries are becoming famous and stood as a large business. The taste of the beer makes the modern world crazy.

New inventions with beer are on practice. Whatever it may be, many people know that beer is good. Beer lovers do not need any reasons to celebrate. Many of the beer lovers celebrate the day in pubs with friends.  

If you do not drink beer there is a good option to celebrate the beer lovers day as a beer can be used in many of the food recipes. Go to the nearest brewery center and know the process of beer making.

If you have good reasons to celebrate this day, we too have good quotes and saying on beer to share with your friends on Beer lovers day.

Beer Lovers day Messages, Wishes & Greetings

-Cheers to all the bad times with good glasses on hands. It is beer lovers day.

-Sometimes we need to chill out in life just as we do it with beer.

-Beer can make everyone happy so you need not bother to console anyone.

-Save the earth, save water, and drink beer!

-A case of beer is sufficient for one day, that is, 24 hours!

-I have committed my life to beer because I can find happiness only in a beer.

-Rather than falling in love, I would prefer to fall in beer!

-The beer is not strong the men are weak!

-Beer is the best proof of God’s love. He never kept us alone!

-The only exercise I do at home is fetching beer bottles from the fridge!

-A beer a day keeps the enemies away!

-Drink a beer and you will come to know how colorful is the world!

-There are no vitamins in beer, so if you wish to get some vitamins you need to have more beer!

-I’m a magician! I make my beer disappear from bottles!

-Looking for some humor? Drink beer until you find it!

-For every problem there is a temporary solution and that’s a beer!

-An opened beer is the best beer! Cheers! Let’s celebrate the day with honor.

-Beer might be the answer but what was the question?

-The ends in ‘y’ are my favorite because on those days I drink beer!

-To respect the beer, I’m going to celebrate this day with my friends.

-My wife asked me what gift I wish to have. I told an extra fridge to keep beer bottles.

-Better to drink beer and talk stupid than drink water and talk bad words.

-Today I have many drink recipes to celebrate the day. Beer, beer, and beer!

-Trust ion beer and you can dance well!

-The inventor of the beer must be a wise man.

-I have a vision problem. After drinking beer, I can see two-two things everywhere.

-There are no vitamins in a beer, but in the water we always have bacteria!

-Friends bring joy into our lives and best friends get beer bottles!

-It is beer lovers day and the weather says there is a shower of beer today.

-Those who drink beer can think, but only about beer!

-Anyone can drink beer, but the enjoyment is felt only by a genius!

-Good friends give good company for good beer. Have a beerful day.

-Drinking beer can take you to heaven because the beer make you fall asleep early and you do not end up doing any sin.

-My life became miserable without you. I miss you beer!

-My mom told not to waste food, not to leave anything in the plate or glass. That is why I finish my glass of beer in the bar before I leave!

-I would save the money by not spending on beer all year and would use it for beer lovers day.

-Rescue a beer from the bottle today because it is beer lovers day.

-Babies drink milk and grown-ups drink beer.

-I believe in chemistry, they say beer is a solution.

-May your dreams of beer come true today as it is beer lovers day.

-The board on beer lovers day should read, no working during beer hours.

-Today is national beer lovers day and you should calm your thirst with beer but not water.

-Do not bother about the expiration date of a beer bottle, it is never near to that even!

-It is sad that many people live to eat. I never do that I live to drink, a beer!

-I thought cursive letters are to write, but when we drink beer, we start speaking cursive.

-Love is like beer, once you get deep into it, you start acting stupid.

-I believe that the earth is a better place to live because it has a beer!

-Bible says love your enemy and my mom says beer is my enemy!

-If you don’t drink beer, your friends will not come to know that you love them at midnight too!

-I love to drink beer in two seasons, when it rains and when it is not.

-Beer cannot solve your problem and the same with milk and water.

-A man can think two times faster when he drinks beer. Makes sense?

-My dietician told me to do the juice cleanse this weekend. I have kept the beer ready!

-When a man buys two cases of beer instead of one, the man thinks seriously for his future.

-Love makes you fly on the sky and beer makes you fly in the space!

-There are some great stories behind every empty beer bottle.

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