A Speech on “The Benefits of Affirmation”

First, I want to welcome all of you for your valuable presence. Today I am going to deliver my speech about the power of affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help anyone to face courage and overcome powerful negative thoughts. When one repeats them, and has faith in them, one can start to make incredibly positive changes in their life.

One might define it to be unrealistic or “wishful thinking.” But if we try to look at the affirmations in a positive way:  we can really make our minds strong and courageous. These positive mental affirmations can improve our thinking patterns in a way that, as time passes, we can begin to think and also can act differently.

Many proofs and evidence suggest that affirmations can help you to perform much better at many places. According to some people; spending just a few minutes thinking about your best abilities and talents before a high-profile and tense meeting can calm your nerves, increase your confidence, and improve your chances of conducting the meeting in a successful way.

Affirmation may also help to reduce and subdue the effects of stress and anxiety. 

Besides, affirmations have been used to handle people positively with low self-confidence, depression, and other mental weakness. And it has been proved that they have the power to stimulate some areas in our brains that make us more likely to initiate positive changes in regard to our health.

Affirmations can be more fruitful when you pair them with other positive thinking and goal-oriented methods.

For example, affirmations work very well and with effectiveness with the help of visualization. So, instead of just thinking about the change you should try to see it personally.

Affirmations can also be useful while setting your personal goals or targets. Once you’ve identified and set the goals you’d like to achieve in the near future, affirmative statements can help you to keep yourself motivated and charged in order to achieve them with success.

The affirmations give power while saying them again and again, thus helping you as regularly as possible. It’s useful to repeat and say your affirmations as many times as you can recite a day to remain confident in your every work.  You also have to repeat your affirmations as soon as you engage in the negative thought or ideas that you truly want to overcome.

Some methods of being able to make affirmations your greatest weapons are,

  • Think of those qualities that you’d want to change.

Note down some areas or behaviors that you’d like to improve or change of yourself. Be sure that they are compatible with your ideas so that you’ll feel motivated to achieve them.

  • Give attention that your affirmation is reachable and credible. You have to try to believe positively in the affirmations which you are saying to energize yourself, or those won’t have any effect.
  • Turn negatives into positives. If you are struggling with negative thoughts, then out the persistent thoughts that are hurting you. Then choose an affirmation that is the opposite of that thought and overcome the negativity.

Thank you every one.

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