A Speech on “The Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning”

Good morning. I am (—), and I am here to speak about the benefits of enterprise resource planning. Enterprise Resource Planning is the integrated management of business applications and major business processes. Various organizations throughout different industries use ERP software.

This software is a tool that integrates a company’s database of information and assists in the company’s business [processes and routine tasks. Some of its features are accounting, manufacturing, inventory management, human resource, customer relationship management, analytics, and reporting. Having ERP will give the organization a competitive advantage over others in the industry.

As this software helps in the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations and long-term goals of the organizations, it is considered an asset in many organizations. There are many benefits of having enterprise resource planning. It serves as a good business reporting tool where all information and business processes will have a single integrated database as the source of information.

ERP is cost-effective in the long run. Instead of investing huge amounts in infrastructure, employees, and other systems, a single ERP software will be able to cover all these areas. Training of employees can also be reduced as they only need to learn to handle one software. It also reduces the cost of continuous audits.

The software makes the users the center. It makes it possible for users to access data from any place or any device according to their availability and desire. ERP facilitates easy monitoring as it provides easy access to all important areas of the business and makes the data easily available.

The tasks can be integrated, and with easy visibility and access, the workflow remains consistent and maximum efficiency can be obtained. Because of this, customer satisfaction can be focused on, and creating good client relationships can be a major priority of the company. An important benefit of ERP is its modular makeup which provides users with a variety of choices to customize according to their needs or requirement. 

When it comes to the security of data and documents, ERP holds a high advantage. The user has intrinsic control over who can access the information. It has dedicated security resources that avoid the installation of malicious software. It also helps to maintain regulatory compliance with financial and other data records while maintaining perfect accuracy.

Through a well-managed ERP, the supply will become better and more responsive because of its various features like improved inventory management, better demand forecasting, procurement, etc. ERP helps in making accurate forecasts which help the company to see in advance the threats or opportunities that the future may bring them through their various projects. As ERP saves time and labor, the performance will be increased, thereby increasing productivity.

In short, the benefits of having ERP are improved productivity, increased efficiencies, decreased costs, and streamlined processes. It is an important and major decision process for an organization to adopt ERP. I hope this speech proves beneficial to your decision-making.

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