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Black History Month is observed from 1st October to 31st October every year in many parts of the world although it originated in the United States where it is also known as the African American History Month.

In the United States and Canada, this month is being well observed for many years now and quite recently, this tradition is being followed in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. This month celebrates American-African history.

Black History Month Greetings

-Nobody knows struggle and strength as much as the blacks, happy black history month!

-Do not restrain yourself from putting in your efforts, you have a long way to go!

-Let us pick ourselves up from the darkness of the minds of people who spread hatred by preaching racism!

-If at all the skin color should mean anything, then the black color should stand for the strength and power that we have!

-We are not afraid of toiling, our history will tell you that!

-It is time we spread and preach humanity across the world!

-It is the month that we celebrate our history and our strength!

-Hey everyone, be proud because it is that time of the year that we celebrate our history and our struggle! 

-Let us all celebrate the strength and the valor that our ancestors have shown for years!

-We can all feel proud of ourselves as the whole world acknowledges our strength during this month of our black history!

-It is unfair how black people are still subjected to discrimination every day of their lives and we pray that the celebration of this month can change that, happy black history month!

-It is disbelieving how people had to go through so much trouble because of the color of their skin!

-We cannot change the sins of the past but we can definitely learn from them and vow to be better humans in the future!

-Education is the only weapon that we have in our fight for justice!

-Celebrating and observing this month is our way of conveying our respect to the African-Americans!

-Happy Black history month to everyone as we pay our highest respect to the African-Americans and their history!

-Be proud, dear friends as the whole world learns of your history and is spellbound by it!

-We may have done a million wrongs against them but we cannot go back in time to make that right, we can only redeem ourselves in the present and future!

-The celebration of Black History Month indicates that the world regrets the injustice with the dark-skinned people in the past and looks for a bright future.

-Happy Black History Month to everyone…let’s take an oath not to discriminate against anybody for merely their skin colour.

-With the celebration of Black History Month, let’s learn how persistence and rigidity can bring prestige.

-The strongest weapon in Earth is Love and the devilish act of skin color discrimination can be conquered by Love only.

-We must take a lesson from the powerful leaders and activists of how equality and justice must be earned.- Happy Black History Month to everyone.

Black History Month Messages

-It is the time of the year when not only us but the whole world pays respect to our brave ancestors!

-Our ancestors have fought for us and it is our duty to show them respect and pay tribute to their struggle!

-For decades, we have been suppressed but now the whole world acknowledges us and commends our spirit and courage!

-May the struggle, fight, sweat, blood, and tears of our courageous ancestors never go in vain!

-We will never have enough words to thank the forefathers of our community!

-It is sad that we are a part of a world that has been discriminating against people for merely the color of the skin!

Observing this month as the black history month shows that the world regrets the past and looks forward to a better future!

It is not much but the little act of acknowledging the hardships of the African-Americans can give a lot of happiness to their descendants!

-We can all learn something or the other from the struggle and hardships of the black African- Americans!

-Let us all remember those brave men and women who have fought with all their might so that we could see this brighter world!

-Let us spread kindness as we toil to get a better future with more humanity within each one of us!

-May we never forget our brave ancestors and may we forever strive to make their dreams of a just world become true!

-Let us abide by what we have learned from our powerful leaders and activists in our fight to get equality and justice.

-We have seen our sisters fighting every day for the right to vote, we just want to praise them for their hard work and tell them how proud we are of them!

-As we celebrate this month of black history let us remind ourselves to never shut our eyes to injustice!

-This is a month where we celebrate the power of humility and sacrifice as a tribute to the native black African-Americans

-The ancestors have done their part, they have shown us the way and now it is our duty to strive to create a world where humanity is the only religion!

-Let us not lose hope because we still need to go a long way!

-May we never think of giving up because only we can make sure that our descendants get to see a better world and have a brighter future!

-Love is the strongest weapon and with love, we can conquer the evils of the world!

-May we never undermine the power of persistence and determination while we abide by this month of black history!

-It is with pride that we welcome the month of black history!

-It is very important that people all across the world observe this month because only then will they be able to relate to the lives of their ancestors!

-We take a lot of pride in knowing that the people from different parts of the world want to take part in observing the Black History month!

-When human beings all over the world stand together to observe Black History Month, they realize that their ancestors had fought many similar battles and thus this achieves a feeling of unity across nations!

-May we observe this proud month of Black History to extend our sympathy, pride, and joy to people across the world whose forefathers may too have fought similar battles!

-Let us learn from the past how perseverance and resilience can bring glory!

-It is important to celebrate this month so that the new generations understand their ancestors and be proud of their achievement!

-The native African-Americans may be long gone but their tolerance, bravery, resilience, and courage will never be forgotten!

-May the struggle, endeavor, sweat, and blood of those valiant warriors never go in vain…Happy Black History Month.

-We must celebrate this Black History Month by letting each and everyone know about the valiant battle fought by the African-Americans to earn equality.

-Let’s pledge to educate this world properly as Education is the weapon that we have to use in our fight for justice.

-It is very hard to believe that people were tortured and discriminated against just because of their skin color, thus, let’s get united to celebrate Black History Month.

-Dear friends, be proud, the world is celebrating one whole month paying their respect to your ancestors remembering their fight to earn equality and justice.

Black History Wishes

-There is no liberation without community; we are not scared of toiling, as our history will attest!

-It is past time for us to preach and propagate humanity throughout the world!

-It’s National History Month, and we’re celebrating both our past and our present!

-Hello, everyone! Be proud because it’s that time of year when we commemorate our history and fight!

-Let us all rejoice in the courage and valor that our forefathers and mothers have demonstrated over the years!

-We can all be proud of ourselves as the rest of the world recognizes our strength during Black History Month!

-It’s inexcusable that black people are still subject to discrimination on a daily basis, and we hope that this month’s commemoration will help to change that, happy Black History Month!

-It’s incredible that people have had to go through so much due to their skin tone!

-We can’t undo the mistakes of the past, but we can learn from them and resolve to be better people in the future!

-In our battle for justice, literacy is the only weapon we have!

-This month is a way for us to show our appreciation for African-Americans by celebrating and honoring it!

Black History Day Status

-May our brave forefathers’ battle, struggle, sweat, bloodshed, and tears never be in vain!

-There will never be enough words to express our gratitude to our community’s forefathers!

-It’s unfortunate that we live in a society where people are discriminated against based on their skin color!

-The fact that this month is designated as Black History Month demonstrates that the world laments the past and looks forward to every brighter future!

-It may not seem like much, but honoring the struggles of African-Americans can provide a lot of joy to their descendants!

-We can all learn something from the struggles and tribulations of African-Americans of color!

-As we pay our utmost respect to African-Americans and their history, we wish everyone a happy Black History Month!

-Be proud, my friends, for the rest of the world is learning about your history and is enthralled by it!

-We may have wronged them a million times, but we can’t go back in time to make amends; we can only redeem ourselves in the present and future!

-It’s that time of year when not only we, but the entire world, honors our valiant forefathers!

-Our forefathers and mothers fought for us, and it is our responsibility to honor them and pay tribute to their sacrifice!

-We have been oppressed for decades, but now the entire world recognises us and applauds our courage and spirit!

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