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Bloody Mary day is celebrated in the U.S. every year on January 1st. The bloody mary is a cocktail consists of vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire, cayenne, and salt.

It is said that this cocktail is had for lessen the previous day hangover. But many warn that this cocktail can dehydrate and so should drink this cocktail responsibly.

This cocktail is No.1 alcoholic brunch in the U.S. Since this cocktail is blood colored, it is named as a bloody mary. The name Mary is inspired from Hollywood star Mary Pickford. This cocktail is the world’s most complex cocktail.

These days, they include many more ingredients such as pickles, olives, celery, bacon, horseradish, tobacco, and peppers.

Indulge in the juicy red cocktail with the following wishes, share them with your friends and family to an impressive Bloodymary day.

-Ring in the new year by celebrating with the popular U.S. cocktail.

-Bloody Mary is a necessity after last night’s hangover. Lucky we all today because it just happens to be National Bloody Mary day.

-A red cocktail, the perfect way to ease into the New Year celebration with National Bloody Mary Day.

-Happy new year! It looks like you could use a Bloody Mary and its good because it’s National Bloody Mary Day.

-Start your new year off right with a hearty brunch, Cheers!

-Happy new year from your friends here! We are celebrating the home visit with Bloody Mary, a special new year day brunch. Season’s greetings.

-Spice up your New Year right with an Absolute Spicy Bloody Mary. Cheers!

-Try Bloody Mary and enjoy the rest of the year with cheer.

-Start new year off right with a brunch classic!

-Delicious Bloody Mary, the beautiful, amazing, and underrated.

-Just found out from my magazine that its Bloody Mary Day. I will be celebrating this day on the 1st of hangover cure and a great way to start the new year!

-Spicy kimchi Mary from the busy new year eve, what a cocktail!

-Fantastic Bloody Mary seems to take over everywhere. Gimme another one!

-Dreaming of this Beautiful Bloody Mary last week. Yummo.

-Back home, excited to taste the yummy Margarita…Happy Bloody Mary Day everyone!

-Cheers to the best personal Bloody Mary. Nobody will ever replace you. Miss you. Wishing my friends back in the U.S. a happy Bloody Mary.

-I need an excuse to drink Bloody Mary- Happy National Bloody Mary Day

-National Bloody Mary day !! Taste the Best Bloody Mary’s in town.

-Spot the “Bloody” difference this Dry January on National Bloody Mary day.

-Baby, its cold and nothing looks better than this to warm us up on this chilly winter day. National Bloody Mary day.

-There’s no better way to raise a glass and toast the joyous New Year than with a customized Beautiful Bloody Mary!

-Welcome this year with a fresh Bloody Mary.

-Grab your bottle of cocktail from the awesome boutique, and don’t forget that Fancy pickles!

-If you missed National Bloody Mary Day, it’s all good. But don’t miss the bloody Mary which is delicious, spicy, pickle-paired beverage.

-Although only January 1 was bloody mary day, we wish every day should be!

-Today is National Bloody Mary Day. Let me open up my favorite shot, a mixology The Bloody Mary.

-The Tomato cocktail Bloody Mary from my mixology was a great way to celebrate the new year day.

-You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary!

-Seriously impressed by those who can celebrate national bloody mary day, because I just want to have Bloody Mary!

-My Christmas gift to myself while enjoying a vegan bloody mary in honor of National bloody mary day, topped with homemade pickles and spiked with a hot pepper vodka.

-I hear that January 1st is National Bloody Mary Day. What fun!

-Not to be repetitive but it is national Bloody Mary day!! I can!

-You don’t have to use both hands at brunch, but it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

-Celebrate New Year’s Day and National bloody mary day the best way possible, with us!

-There’s no better way to raise a glass and toast on  New Year than with a Red Lady Bloody Mary!

-Yesterday was National Bloody Mary Day but we think today is also January 1.

-I’m a little late to the party, but I did not forget to wear my bloody mary shirt on National bloody mary day.

-Cheers for National bloody Mary day. Let me see how you ‘Bloody Mary’.

-It is not only New Year’s Day, but it’s also National Bloody Mary Day. So why not mix up your Mary little with beetroot or carrot ?? Know your favorite twist on the iconic brunch classic.

-Doing a bloody mary strikeout after using it to light the apple pipe that gifted me for bloody mary day!

-Best bloody!

-Here is just 1 out of 100 versions of the Bloody Mary. What is your Hangover Cure?

-Started the new year right with brunch and my naughty talks. Happy national bloody mary day.

-I love my bloody! I want to see if I can win tickets to the bloodfest for National bloody mary day.

-Cheers to a bloody new and a bloody great year!!! A new countdown begins.

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