A Speech on Boarding School V/s Day School

Today I am here to talk about boarding schools and day schools. You may all know what a boarding school is. It is a school where you reside and study. You can only go home during vacations or other specific reasons and there will be hostel wardens to take care of you. You may either be staying in common dormitories or individual hostel rooms. Whereas in a day school, you stay with your family and come to school during school hours. 

As with every other matter, these two types also have their benefits and disadvantages. The main advantage of being a day schooler is that they get to spend time with their parents and family. Children need the care and protection of their parents until a certain age. They need to imbibe family values from the comfort of their homes.

Also, when under the protection of their parents, they get the best out of everything. They get the food they want, they are taken care of in a better manner, and can have all the luxuries a teenager needs. But too much pampering also spoils the child as the rules at home will be lenient, unlike the boarding schools. Unlike boarding schools, the involvement of the teachers with the students will be less as they only meet during school hours.

When studying in boarding schools, children can have quick and easy access to libraries, laboratories, sports, and all other necessary fields for their growth. They are well taken care of by the hostel warden and can always access teachers for any matter that concerns them. Children will also develop social skills as they mingle with a lot of children and to survive in a hostel, they realize the importance of keeping relations intact.

They will also be able to form good bonds with a lot of people and often these relations last for a lifetime. They will also learn to adjust with people and will seldom be self-centered or selfish. They will also be confident, disciplined, and responsible as they are required to do everything on their own. Since they will not have much access to technology, they will be able to enjoy real moments in life with their peers.

They will also not develop bad habits as they are under strict surveillance. It is quite obvious that when considering the financial part of it, boarding schools are costlier as they have to provide facilities like food, accommodation, healthcare, security, etc. Another problem is that the parent-child relationship will not be strong as they will not be able to spend much time together to bond.

Children who move to board schools after living with their parents may feel homesickness and also may lead to mental problems like separation anxiety, stress, depression, etc., but most of them overcome this problem with the help of their friends. In my opinion, boarding schools are better as students get better exposure to all major aspects of life there.

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