A Speech on How to Boost Your Self Esteem

Self-esteem is actually our opinion about us. It is nothing but a term to describe how we feel about our abilities, works and personality. Everyone goes through a phase when they feel low or they become doubtful about their works or personality. However, if this continues, it can invite problems, like depression or anxiety.

Sometimes lower self-esteem, feeling less confident can also be the symptom or sign of these problems. Self-esteem is often resulting of our childhood incidents and our life’s experiences. However, it is not so impossible to improve your self-esteem and age doesn’t matter at all.

People often descries self esteem as their inner voice, they think it’s a way for them to know if they can achieve something or not, they can be successful or not. Self-esteem is our perception about ourselves and what we think of ourselves. Self esteem is not ability nor a way to test check our abilities. It’s just a coincidence level and positivity which we have. There are many ways in which you can improve your self-esteem and can feel good about yourself. But before all those steps you need to prepare yourself mentally.

The very first step is to think properly and identify your problems, think of the reasons and incidents and your negative beliefs about yourself, think from which, where or how it started and then challenge them. Identify positive things about yourself. Take a pen and paper and start Writing down your positive things which you feel about yourself, for example you are a good dancer and people praises you for that or you are good at sports.

Think of those of your qualities when you start to feel low and not enough confident to do something. Generally, positive inner voice plays a big part in improving our self-esteem. If you find yourself saying things like ‘I’m a loser’ or ‘I’m a failure’, stop there and start fighting back and with regular effort you will definitely feel more positive and build your self-esteem as well.

I think each one of us noticed that there are certain people and certain relationships that gives us negative vibe and we also have some people that makes us feel good. Simply avoid those people who makes you feel bad and Build relationships with those people who makes you feel good, gives a positive vibe and think positively about your qualities and avoid the relationships that drag you down.

“No one is perfect”- yes it’s a fact none of us is perfect and have ability to do every single thing in this world. So you also don’t have to be perfect at everything in every second, every minute, every hour, and every day. Just Be yourself, believe in yourself, stay with positive people, listen songs that gives you motivation, do exercise and take small steps towards your confident self and last but not a least is don’t push yourself very too hard it will only make you tired and frustrated nothing else. Just go with flow and stay positive that’s it.

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