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The National Breastfeeding Month is observed for the whole month of August every year. This month recognizes the value of breast milk and how important it is for newborn babies and infants. 

National Breastfeeding Month Messages

– It is essential to recognize the importance of Breast milk for infants and babies, and it is advised to all the mother’s around the world to know its significance.

– Being a mother is a god’s greatest gift to a woman, but it’s essential to take care of the newborn baby after it’s birth and the National Breastfeeding Month recognizes the first step towards the growth of a newborn child.

– The mother’s milk is a primary requirement for every newborn child and the National Breastfeeding Month reminds every mother of their primary responsibility of feeding the best for their child.

-The importance of breastfeeding and the awareness for the necessity of breast milk is imparted during the observance of National Breastfeeding Month. 

– Doing the duties of a mother is a huge task and provide adequate facilities and support to breastfeeding mothers is the primary objective of observing National Breastfeeding Month.

– Sometimes, it becomes messy and complicated for a newly evolving mother to undergo the breastfeeding period. 

-However, National Breastfeeding Month makes them believe in themselves and helps them to know the significance of a mother’s milk for its child.

The mother’s milk is the purest form of food for all newborn babies, and it has tremendous cultural significance. 

-Nothing can replace an infant’s all-important and essential requirement; its mother’s breastfed milk, the National Breastfeeding Month, empowers this message.

-There will be many alternatives developed for a mother’s milk, but it will surely not match the content of energy and antibodies required for the newborn.

– The National Breastfeeding Month ensures that all the newly becoming mothers should have proper knowledge about the process and significance of breastfed milk for their newborn babies.

– A newborn child is a god’s gift and taking care of that gift is our responsibility. Breastfeeding is one of the most vital processes of a newborn child.

– Celebrating the National Breastfeeding Month is a way to show love and support for all the mothers going through the breastfeeding period. 

– Nothing can be comparable to the canned milk and powdered food products for infants as the breastfed milk, it is the safest and the purest form of food for the newborn baby.

– The National Breastfeeding Month helps to check the number of infants receiving breastfed milk and promotes its importance.

– Some individuals do not know the importance of breast milk. On this auspicious day, let us remind them of the importance of the same and how we should celebrate this whole month.

Indeed, all the world’s mothers are providing the essential form of life to the world. This day is dedicated to all those mothers.

– This festival is a way to honor and respect the mothers, the hardships they have to go through while feeding their newborns.

– The National Breastfeeding Month is a mark of respect for all the mothers. We should learn about the importance of breast milk and how it is essential for a newborn child.

##National Breastfeeding Month quotes

“Breasts are a scandal because they shatter the border between motherhood and sexuality.”
― Iris Marion Young

“Mother’s milk is soul food for babies. The babies of the world need a lot more soul food.”
― Ina May Gaskin

“Breast milk is like the well that never stops giving.” 

― Titilayo Medunoye

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