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Bridge day is an annual event hosted every year on third Saturday of October. Contrary to its name, it is not the celebration of bridges instead, it is an event hosted for base jumping. Base jumping is a kind of extreme sport, where jumpers have to jump from different heights using parachutes and other equipment. 

Bridge Day Messages

-The real fun begins when you do something out of the world, and Bridge day is such an event to enjoy so.

-The thrill and excitement to take part in such a nerve-racking event is the thing to enjoy.

-Some of the best moments in life come from doing things that scare you the most; Bridge day is undoubtedly the event to witness so.

-Calling all the adventurous and extreme sports enthusiasts from all over the world, the perfect event to get the thrill and excitement you need has arrived. Join the Bridge day and get a chance to witness all the fun.

-Let’s jump, dive and fly through the sky to feel the breeze and fast air into the face, embrace the thrill and happiness of Base jumping on Bridge Day.

-Nothing is more satisfying than accomplishing some dreams which you feel you cannot do, and bridge day is the perfect place for all the base jumpers who run after achieving such goals.

-Embrace the exotic locations and incredible heights of places at bridge day events across the world.

-You all need to have a passion for participating in Bridge day events; the events are an inspiration for many to do something remarkable in life.

-It just needs a leap of faith in believing in yourself to do something that most people consider crazy and dangerous, firm your will power and enjoy the bridge day!

-Get ready to witness some of the craziest and nerve wrenching moments at the Bridge day events.

-This is a top-rated event and an opportunity for many individuals inclined towards adventure sports.

-Many people consider Base jumping as beyond reasonable risk, but the fun is life for many people is to make most out it. Consider Bridge day as the perfect paradise for people who believe that there is so much more to do beyond the ordinary.

-Action is required in life to make it worth living; join in the Bridge day event and add spice to your life.

-Being different is always tricky, but the achievements coming behind grab wonders all around; witness the most excellent memory at the Bridge day event.

-Base Jumping is a daredevil task, and Bridge day is the arena for such daredevilry.

-Base jumping is the sport where you face your fear and overcome it; Bridge day encourages enthusiasts all over to come and enjoy this astounding yet dangerous feat.

-Successor failure is the step towards achievement; more important is getting out of your comfort zone and putting your next step forward. Base Jumping is a great example and inspiration for many people.

-Catch the largest formalized jumping event on the eve of Bridge day, and be a part of the world’s most extreme sport as jumpers show some thrilling nerve skills in the sky.

Bridge Day Greetings

-Happy Bridge day to the people around the world.

-Wishing all the people a very happy bridge day celebrations, hoping you have a wonderful time at the events.

-Wishing good luck to all the Bridge Day event; it takes real courage and passion for going out in front of people and performing what you wish to do the most.

-Best wishes to all the people witnessing the Bridge day event; I hope you have a great time.

-Wishing all the best to the people and participants at the Bridge day event, May all you achieve all your dreams.

-Life doesn’t provide you second chances and putting energy in risk is no ordinary man’s task, wishing good luck to all the base jumpers who will take such courageous decisions and come out with flying colors.

-Bridge day event brings excitement, thrill and entertainment; wishing everyone to have a good time at the events.

-Happy Bridge Day to all my hard working engineer friends who spent their lifetime and dedicated it to building bridges.

-Wishing everyone a cheerful greeting on the eve of Bridge day for a successful organization of the function, good luck to all the base jumpers who take up this dangerous hobby as you go out there and unleash your best.

-Hoping that all the base jumpers are safely trained and have adequate equipment for participation at the events on Bridge day, wishing everyone for safe conduction events.

-Celebrate Bridge day with your friends, brothers, and loved ones and witness the daredevils jumping from hundreds of feet, cutting through the air, and providing everyone thrill and entertainment.

-Wishing all my dear architect friends a very happy Bridge Day. This day is yours. Enjoy to the fullest.

-Enjoy and celebrate the exotic locations of base jumping at bridge day, wishing everyone to have a fun and exciting day as you catch a glimpse of some of the world’s best base jumpers in their parachutes and wingsuits.

-Congratulations to all the organizers of the Bridge Day event to create a significant following of Base Jumping all around the world and making it a formal event to be organized every year.

Bridge Day Quotes

“Base jumping is skydiving from fixed objects, like buildings, antennae, bridges and earth – meaning mountains, cliffs. It’s for sure – for me – it’s the ultimate feeling of being in free fall, with all the visual references.” –Ueli Gegenschatz

“To those that jump, no explanation is necessary. To those that don’t jump, no explanation is possible.” –Anonymous    

“There is an art … or rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” –Douglas Adams

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