70+ Bugs Bunny Quotes And Sayings To Live Life Like A Looney Tune (Images)

Bugs Bunny? is an enlivened animation character, made in the late 1930s by Leon Schlesinger Productions and voiced initially by Mel Blanc.

Bugs is best known for his featuring jobs in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies arrangement of vivified short films, delivered by Warner Bros.

The complete character of Bugs is broadly credited to having made his introduction in executive Tex Avery’s Oscar-designated film A Wild Hare. 

Bugs Bunny, the iconic animated character, brings a basketful of wit and wisdom through his memorable quotes.

With a dash of humor and a touch of cleverness, Bugs Bunny’s sayings remind us to stay cool under pressure and use our wits to outsmart any situation.

His timeless words resonate with positivity, teaching us that a quick mind and a playful spirit can conquer any challenge that comes our way.

Bugs Bunny Quotes On Life

-Carrots are divine… You get twelve for a dime; It’s maaaa-gic! 

-I wager you express that to all the wabbits. 

-Try not to figure it hasn’t been a little window into paradise… ’cause it hasn’t! 

-Try not to pay attention to life as well. You’ll never get out alive! 

-I realize this opposes the law of gravity. However, I never examined the law! 

-I wonder what poor people’s rabbits are doing this season? 

-In the event that a fascinating beast can’t have an intriguing haircut, I don’t have the foggiest idea what this world is coming to. 

-On the off chance that it’s the Captain’s Mess, let him tidy it up. 

-I’ll be terrified later. At this moment, I’m excessively distraught. 

-I’m only a little wabbit! 

-Jumpin’ without a parachute? Kinda hazardous, ain’t it? 

-My, I’ll wager you beasts lead interesting lives. 

-Obviously, you understand this implies war! 

-Goodness, well, perhaps I can sparkle it up and use it for an ashtray. ‘ 

-Goodness, well, we nearly had a sentimental closure! 

-OOH! Take a gander at the four-legged plane! 

-Shhhhhhhh! I’m going to oppose you. 

-How I run this thing, you’d ponder it. 

-All things considered, it’s 5 o’clock someplace. 

-All things considered, what did you expect in a drama? An upbeat consummation? 

-What a steal! What an ultra maroon! 

-Gin rummy’s my game, Sam 

-All things considered, is anybody for Russian roulette? 

-So long, Sammy! See you in Miami! 

-I don’t pose inquiries; I simply have some good times 

-‘Ata kid Sambo, give the two barrels! 

-Ahhh, your sibling blows bubblegum! 

-Ehhh, what is up, m’sieur le doctor? 

-Poor minimal maroon, so trusting, so innocent 

-Ehhh, so long suspicious, see ya in St. Louie 

-I can do anything you can do, just better 

-Hello, one moment you! They’re fightin’ words! 

-Hello doc, what’s that melody you’re playin’? I like it 

-I guess I’ll need to discard the little beast 

-Well, I couldn’t do that to the little person … hello Sam! 

-What! Sore once more? Oh, what a frightful air 

-Well … I’m willing to do anything my open requests 

-God helps us you don’t, the chief goes down with his ship! 

-Indeed, similar to the Romans consistently state … E Pluribus uranium 

-Ain’t ya comin’ in Mac? The young ladies have been askin’ for ya 

-Ehhh, what’s up Doc? Are you with the sideshow around here? 

-I’ve known about Hell’s Angels, yet I never thought I’d see one 

-A couple of my poor relations … they’re constantly prepared for a touch 

-Stop steamin’ up my tail! What are ya tryin’ to do … wrinkle it? 

-Eh, you wouldn’t be so intense on the off chance that you weren’t wearin’ that uniform 

-All things considered, what do you know … there’s the little Wiener Schnitzel now 

-Please, please, step on it; we’ve still gotta make Rio De Janeiro 

-You know, now and again, my heart disturbs me … yet not this time 

-It just demonstrates that a one-looked-at hare can beat a lord 

-Rush, hustle, get your free stogies; each stogie’s a decision in favor of Bugs Bunny 

-Indeed, heh, a bunny, and exactly who do you think you are? 

-Goodness, you’re mixed up, Mac, you see I’m not 777174; I’m just three and a half 

-One-moment partna’, you can’t converse with me like that, them’s fightin’ words 

-Heh, heh, heh, heh, that Yosemite Sam, what a character, what a maroon 

-I accept it would not be too ill-advised to even think about borrowing a cup of diced carrots, huh? 

-Ha! You have affronted the incredible sweetheart, the Marquess of Queensbury Rules, take this! 

-Presently, one moment, Red, ain’t you misunderstood that? That is to say; dead men tell no stories 

-It is safe to say that he is to be destined for absolute decimation? … Will he be rendered non-compos mentis? 

-Presently, one moment Von Schmamm the Hessian, this happens to be my local soil, and I like it 

-Try not to beat me, Masser! Kindly don’t beat me, Masser! Try not to beat that drained old body; no, don’t! 

-Later, I ended up in the Sahara desert, where I met the most idiotic character of all, Yosemite Sam 

 Bugs Bunny Sayings and Quotes

-Alright, Okay, I’m shuttin’ up. For what reason should I keep on keeping yappin’ when I’m advised to quiet down? I’m not the caring that doesn’t have the foggiest idea when to stop 

-Hi? Do I need to address my Mom if it’s not too much trouble Hi, Mom? I can barely hear ya at all… Gold! Gold! I’m rich; I’m spectacularly well off, independent beyond the domain of negligible covetousness 

-There’s the old blending it, kid, that is the old warrior. How about we see you give it all that you got? We should see you unpleasant it up 

-All things considered, that gives him a diversion. My, he’s a major one! Also, whomsoever workmanship thou, in thy cast iron tuxedo? 

-Eeeeeeh, watch me glue that woeful palooka with a ground-breaking, pachydermous percussion pitch. 

Bugs Bunny Inspirational Quotes

-For disgrace, doc. Chasing hares with an elephant weapon. Why not give yourself an elephant? 

-Here I go with the tentative little forest animal piece once more. It’s disgraceful, yet… ehhh, it’s a living. 

-Do you happen to recognize what the punishment is for shooting a fricasseeing bunny without a fricasseeing hare permit? 

-Ok, your sibling blows air pocket gum!

Oh my God, your brother is in the habit of blowing bubble gum!

Moreover, a rabbit hater!

And bear in mind that when you spell the word “mud” backward, it sounds like “dum.”

Carrots are indeed divine since you’ll be getting 12 carrots for just one dime; it’s simply magic!

Do you have any idea regarding what your penalty is for killing a meaty rabbit without a proper rabbit certification?

It will never be possible for you to get out alive in case you do take life extremely seriously.

I do not think that it has not been a little piece of heaven since it has not!

See how I paste the wretched palooka with the help of a robust percussion pitch.

-I understood that it would be sensible for me to take the left turn at Albuquerque!

-Although I have never studied law, I am aware of the fact that it goes against the law of gravity.

-I sometimes think about what have the bunnies been doing this particular season.

-If it is not possible for an intriguing monster to have a fascinating hairdo, I have no idea what this planet is coming to.

-In case it is a mess made by the Captain, make him clean it up.

-I am going to be scared afterward. I’m extremely crazy right now.

-I am simply a little rabbit.

-Are you planning to jump without any parachute? I assume it is grave dangerous, right?

-I bet you monsters are in the habit of leading really boring lives.

-Obviously, you understand this implies war!

-Okay, maybe it will be possible for me to provide this with a shine and make use of it as an ashtray.

-Oh my God! Take a look at that airplane with four legs!

-I’m going to defy you.

-Well, the time is now 5 o’clock in someplace.

-Well, tell me, what are you thinking of getting from this opera? One that ends happily?

-What is the matter, doctor?

-What is the commotion all about, Schmasel?

-My game is gin rummy, Sam.

-Well, anybody likes to play Russian roulette?

-I do not ask any queries; I simply enjoy myself.

-Give me both the barrels, you Sambo.

-Eh, was the matter Mr. physician?

-Poor tiny maroon, so naïve, so faithful.

-Ehhh, screwy, see you in St. Louie.

-Hello, hold on for a minute you! They’re fighting words!

-Hello Dr., what song are you playing? I love it.

-I think I will require to get rid of the tiny monster.

-Gee, hello Sam, I could not do that to that small man!

-What! Sore once again? What a terrible, terrible disposition.

-Well, I have no problems doing just about anything which is demanded by my public.

-Well, just similar to the Romans always telling E Pluribus uranium.

-You are not coming, Mac? The girls were asking for you.

-Although I have heard about the Hell’s Angels, I never believed that I will see one.

-Do not steam up my tail anymore! Can you inform me what you plan to do? Are you trying to wrinkle it?

-You would not be so tough if you were not putting on that uniform.

-Come on, step on this; we still need to reach Rio De Janeiro.

-You know, at times, I am bothered by conscience, although not at this time.

-Make haste and get hold of your free cigarettes; every single cigarette happens to be a vote intended for Bugs Bunny.

-Yes, hello, a rabbit, and simply who you think you are?

Bugs Bunny Sayings

-Heh, Yosemite Sam, what a maroon, what a personality.

-I presume borrowing a container of diced carrots will not be much improper, right?

-Hello, you have insulted the Marquess of Queensbury Rules, the great lover, have this!

-Now would you wait, you Von Schmamm the Hessian? I like it, and this, I think, is our native soil.

-Masser, I request you not to beat me! I have a tired and old body, and please do not beat me!

-I found myself afterward in the middle of the Sahara desert, where I came across Yosemite Sam, the most foolish character among all of them.

-We’re going to have roasted rabbit …

-Hello, what is the matter, doctor? Is it a Roman Legion convention or anything like that?

-I am able to see that this cigarette machine is going to cause me no end of problems

-You know, one day, these scientists are going to invest in something which is going to outsmart a rabbit.

Bugs Bunny Sayings & Quotes

-I want to take you apart using a screwdriver

-I want that you remove this instantly.

-Capt.! Can you try to decipher this meaning?

-She happens to be a decent lady.

-Hello doctor, Wait for a second; I would like to question you something

-Hmm, as guiltless as a newly born infant.

-Did you ever think that somebody was watching you?

-All right, Toro, whenever it will be possible for you to spare the time.

-Hello, just a minute for a cotton-picking.

-In case you promise not to perform it once again, I want to let bygones be bygones.

-Hang on! Get hold of it! This is the incorrect side I got.

-I find you, my small pigeon. Fly to Parie along with me.

-Please do not worry; you’ll be protected by my daddy.

-Hello, I am desperate to converse with mother, please. Hello mommy, mom?

-Okay, doctor. I’m going to bake a cake so long as I know that you’re coming.

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