372+ Sylvester Cat Quotes And Sayings That Will Make You Paws For Thought (Images)

Sylvester is a fictional character featuring in the Looney Tunes and the Merrie Melodies sequence of cartoons.

He has won the Academy Award as many as 3 times in the past. Sylvester has the distinction of appearing in 103 cartoons which were only behind Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, and Bugs Bunny🐰.

The majority of his appearances have seen him choosing Speedy Gonzales, Hippety Hopper, or Tweety.

Here, we will highlight several of the most intriguing Sylvester Cat quotes and sayings you cannot ignore.

Sylvester Looney Tunes Quotes

“Sufferin’ succotash!” – Sylvester the Cat’s catchphrase.

“I tawt I taw a puddy tat!” – Another famous catchphrase of Sylvester the Cat.

“Thufferin’ thuccotash, I’ll get that bird if it harelips ever’body on Bear Creek!” – A classic quote from the 1950s cartoon “Catty Cornered.”

“You’ll pay for this in one way or another!” – Sylvester threatening his nemesis Tweety Bird.

“Bad ol’ puddy tat!” – Tweety Bird’s response to Sylvester’s threats.

“I hate those meeces to pieces!” – Sylvester expressing his frustration with his other nemesis, the mice.

“I’m a m-m-m-mighty hunter!” – Sylvester boasting about his hunting skills, despite always failing to catch his prey.

“I’m just a kitty cat, and I’m lookin’ for a home.” – Sylvester singing a sad song in the 1954 cartoon “Dr. Jerkyl’s Hide.”

“I have a date with a dream, a dream divine.” – Sylvester singing a romantic song in the 1956 cartoon “There They Go-Go-Go!”

“That’s a joke, son!” – Sylvester imitating his idol, Yosemite Sam, in the 1950 cartoon “Pop ‘im Pop.”

  • Yes, you can trust me and tell me whatever you want. I will be listening to you.
  • Yes, please trust me and tell me anything you want. I will try and pay attention to your important talk.
  • Do not hesitate and tell me whatever you want. I’ve got enough time for listening to you.
  • So you’ll be calling me Mr. cat, right? Well, do it at your own risk.
  • I think this boy is responsible for stealing my newspaper. Confession by him is what is required.
  • Really! Are you really going there?
  • Yes, I will be going there tomorrow. Hopefully, you will not mind that.
  • So many stupid people are around me, and I don’t know what to do with them.
  • Before you go to the place, let me know about it so that I can help you.

Sylvester The Cat Sayings 

Avoid anyone who has a gloomy outlook on life.

I avoid negative people at all costs since their presence confounds me.

Please let me pursue my aspirations and do the same for you. Do not at any time interrupt me.

Negative people and their negative attitudes are something I detest.

Be optimistic at all times. Avoid trying to be negative in your life since doing so will lead to failure.

What would you like to claim that I did to you? I would never intentionally cause harm to anyone! Please comprehend this serious matter.

You are the pride of our country. We are all incredibly proud of your amazing abilities.

Keep quiet and avoid making any noise. I do not want any interruptions while I am meditating.

Try your best to keep quiet and not create any noise. I like not to be interrupted while I am meditating.

Every cat should practice meditation occasionally. You will get yourself into big trouble if you do not.

I have never encountered a cartoonist with your level of talent. I genuinely value what you’ve done.

Please pay attention, boy. Be careful not to overachieve in life.

You are aware that this is nothing but war, of course. But this is a very important fact.

Boy, you are going to go overboard! Be cautious!

You cannot always keep your temper under control. And in this instance, I experienced the same thing.

I was pursuing my aspirations when I collapsed and was badly injured.

Why do you continually accuse me of making bedwetting messes? The truth is, I have never wet the bed since I fell asleep.

Keep your mouth shut and treat me with respect. I am not a friend of yours.

I believe I am a talented individual, and I seek people’s respect. Therefore, I will not talk if I am not treated with respect.

You are really rude to slap my face! I detest your rudeness and despicable conduct.

Let me take care of my business while you mind your own.

I am serious; I am not as stupid as you are.

Try your best to treat everyone with respect whenever you speak to them. People will respect you if you respect them.

Sylvester Cat Sayings & Quotes
  • Of course, I will because I really want your help.
  • Do you feel sorry for what you have done? However, the doubts I have are so strong.
  • If you feel sorry, you will never repeat this stupid thing. At least it should prevent you from doing so.
  • You can’t say that thing to me! I do not expect it from an educated man like you.
  • I might be talented and educated, but I don’t care who you are.
  • Do you say you are sorry? Did you say you’re sad?
  • I am neither sad nor sorry. And I don’t care who you are.
  • That is awfully true!
  • Why is it not possible for you to drive normally?
  • Because I am not a normal person.
  • Normal people drive normal cars.
  • I will hand it over to you. Try to operate it perfectly
  • You need something much better than that of a parade float. 
  • I might be a cartoon cat, but my brain is real.
  • I might only eat carrots, but that doesn’t mean that I do not like other food.

  • Avoid all the people who are negative in their disposition.

  • I always stay away from negative individuals because their presence confuses me.

  • Let me chase my dreams, and you, please chase yours. Do not interrupt me whatsoever.

  • While chasing my dreams, I fell down and got seriously hurt.

  • One thing I can’t stand is negative people and their negative attitudes.

  • Always be optimistic and hope for the best. Do not try to be negative in your life for that will bring your downfall.

  • What do you want to say that I was mean to you? I never want to hurt anybody without any reason whatsoever! Please understand this grave thing.

  • You are our national pride. We’re all proud of your incredible talents.

  • Boy, you’re going to exceed your limits! Be careful!

  • You are not able to control your temper at all times. And the same happened to me in this case.

  • Do not try to act smart since it will put you in deep trouble.

  • Today I’m going to be extremely busy from the start to finish. Please do not disturb me and let me do my work.

  • Today will be an extremely busy day when I do not want any kind of distraction.

  • Do not count the eggs before they get hatched. If you do so, you might land in trouble.

  • What’s your matter doctor, are you somewhat busy or what? Your patient is seriously ill. Please attend him.

  • I thought that I saw a pussycat in my kitchen. But now I think about what I saw in my dreams.

  • Be very quiet and do not make any sound. I am doing meditation and do not want any distractions.

  • Be absolutely quiet and try not to make any sound. I’m meditating and don’t like to be distracted.

  • All cats should meditate at one time or the other. If they don’t do, they will fall into serious trouble.

  • You are the most talented cartoonist I’ve ever come across. I really appreciate your work.

  • I say you listen here, boy. Don’t be over-ambitious in your life.

  • Obviously, you do understand that this is nothing but only war. But this is such a huge fact.

  • Do not fight your enemy when he is off guard.

  • I like to propose a sandwich to the most important person on board. Hopefully, she is not going to reject my proposal.

  • I’m planning to propose a tasty snack to the most important guy on the ship. And I hope that he will not reject my proposal.

  • Did you sleep properly last night or were you dreaming all the while?

  • How was your sleep last night? Were you dreaming while sleeping?

  • Why do you want to say that I am always wetting the bed? In fact, I never do that.

  • For what reason do you always accuse me of the fact that I do wet the bed? The fact is that I never wet the bed even when I’m sleeping.

  • Mind your tongue and talk with respect to me. I’m not your friend.

  • I think I’m a talented person and I want respect from people. If I don’t get respect then I’m not going to talk.

  • How dare you slap my face? I hate your aggressiveness and disgusting behavior.

  • Mind your business, and allow me to mind mine.

  • I’m not joking; I’m not a fool as you.

  • Always try to be respectful while talking to other people. If you respect them, they will also respect you.

  • Well, can you please tell me whether it is a boy or a girl? I’ve got every doubt myself.

  • Don’t shout and whisper it right in my ears. I am listening to you.

  • Can I trust you and tell you the rest of the things?

Funny Sylvester The Cat Quotes

“Sufferin’ succotash! Why does life always have to be so… full of puddy tats?”

“Thufferin’ thuccotash! If brains were dynamite, some people couldn’t blow their noses.”

“Oh, the agony, the shame! I can’t show my face in that bird’s nest again!”

“If I can’t catch a mouse, I oughta be an alley cat.”

“I may be a cat, but I ain’t no scaredy-cat… well, maybe just a little.”

“I tawt I taw a puddy tat! I did, I did taw a puddy tat!”

“Some cats have nine lives, but I must have used up eight already.”

“I’ve got a PhD in bird chasing – Pussycat, Hangin’ Diplomas.”

“A quiet cat is a thinking cat, and I’m always thinking about chasing Tweety Bird.”

“They say curiosity killed the cat, but I think it was just a bad case of bird envy.”

“When it comes to bird catching, I’m not just good – I’m gr-r-reat, with a side of slobbery!”

“Why do birds always think they’re so high and mighty? I’ve got eight lives left, I can take ’em!”

“I’ve tried yoga, meditation, and even catnip, but nothing eases my stress like a good ol’ chase after Tweety.”

“Tweety might be small, but that bird’s got the survival skills of a ninja and the sass of a stand-up comedian.”

“They say laughter is the best medicine. Well, if that’s true, then chasing Tweety must be the fountain of youth!”

“A wise cat once said, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, chase, chase again.'”

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