599+ Tweety Bird Quotes That Will Melt Your Heart (Images)

Tweety is a cartoon character initially created by Bob Clampett. Tweety is a bird, most likely a baby yellow canary, with a highly combative nature.

A delightful collection of positivity and charm! These adorable and wise quotes from the beloved Tweety Bird are sure to brighten your day and uplift your spirits.

With a touch of innocence and a dash of wit, Tweety reminds us of the power of optimism and the joy of spreading happiness.

Embrace the wisdom of this lovable character and let his words bring a smile to your face and a warm glow to your heart.

Tweety Bird Quotes

-I would not be caught by you.

-Did I see a pussy cat? Yes! Yes! I saw a pussy cat.

-I am trying to think what that pussy cat is planning now.

-You are a nasty pussy cat.

-Ugghh! That pussy cat has got another pal!

Tweety Bird Quotes, Sayings

-It will be terrible to go to Pasadena from here.

-My little head has been crushed by you!

-Hello pussy cat. What is it you are doing there?

-The pussy cat will never be able to find me if I am here!

-I have got an enthusiast.

-ughh! I smashed that pussy cat.

-I am unafraid of any bad pussy cat.

-Bad old pussy cat! You scared me!

-Is that a letter for me?

-I wonder who my admirer is.

-The helpless pussy cat fell.

-If I do not hurt him then he will also not hurt me.

-That pussy cat never gives up!

Tweety Bird Quotes, Sayings

-Somebody help. I have been caught by the pussy cat!

-The pussy cat believes he is a cowboy!

-My name is Tweety and I have no idea about my age!

-Oh! That bad pussy cat is again after me!

-The pussy cat is mad at me!

-I am a sweet little yellow bird in a cage.

-What is going on? Am I walking in my sleep? But I am neither walking nor am I sleeping.

-I saw nothing in the newspaper.

-Ewww! You are such a double-faced!

-What are we going to do pussy cat?

-Oh sweety! How are we going to play this game?

-What is the next thing I have to do to play the game?

-Ugghhh! I have a dislike for this game.

Tweety Bird Quotes, Sayings

-It will be better for you to hide spaghetti or else the chickens will eat you!

-I have to go spaghetti. My mother is looking for me.

-If he is a bird then I am a pussy cat!

-Is it not there in my contract?

-Always be careful about the pussy cat!

Tweety Bird Sayings

-Helpless pussy cat should put on a parachute!

-I was getting tired without seeing more pussy cats!

-Playing games is something which I love to do.

-Perhaps that pussy cat learned a good lesson after this!

-Oh you pussy cat! You nearly killed me!

-What might be the next plan of the pussy cat?

-I am just thinking about who is idolizing me.

Tweety Bird Quotes, Sayings

-I have never seen a bigger hypocrite than you!

-There is no news about this.

-Does he think of himself as a birdie?

-The pussy cat never learns to leave me alone!

-I am completely safe from the pussy cat here.

-I am absolutely not frightened by you pussy cat!

-Oh! I have a letter.

-Save me! The pussy cat is going to eat me up!

-It is sad to see the pussy cat falling down.

-I am tired of this game.

-Perhaps you will not bother me again.

-I should stay away from him so that he does not get a chance to hurt me.

-Seems like someone is there to accompany this bad old pussy cat.

-This journey is going to be extremely lonesome.

-It seems as if that nasty cat is plotting against me again.

-I hope that old pussy cat is not furious with me.

-You think you will be able to catch me?

Tweety Bird Quotes, Sayings

-It’s sad that cats cannot fly.

-Granny look! The streets are flooded here!

-When will this pussy cat stop bothering me?

-Am I dreaming? What exactly is going on with me?

-It has been ages since I received a letter.

-I think he wants to be a bird and not a pussy cat!

-Bad old pussy cat! Want to try once more to catch me?

-Wait! Let me check the agreement once again.

-I do not understand what this pussy cat is doing over there.

-You naughty cat! You frighten me so much at times.

Tweety Bird Quotes, Sayings

-I think he wants to replace me from my lovely cage.

-It amazes me how the pussy cat never gets tired of trying to kill me!

-Watch out for the pussy cat every time!

-Practice more to catch me, you bad old pussy cat!

-A parachute would have saved you pussy cat!

-Does this pussy cat not get tired of frightening this sweet yellow bird in this lovely cage?

-Tell me more about the game fast, pussy cat.

-Was that a pussy cat that I saw?

-I wonder what could be the next plan the pussy cat is making against me.

-I do not fear you, you bad old pussy cat!

Funny Tweety Bird Quotes

“Awww, the poor puddy tat.”

“I did! I did taw a puddy tat!”

“I wonder if I should give him the bird.”

“I tawt I taw a puddy tat, but I did. I did see a puddy tat!”

“The best way to deal with a puddy tat is to be vewy, vewy quiet.”

“I’m not a puddy tat’s lunch!”

“I’m a ‘twipod,’ I’m a ‘twipod’!”

“The only thing worse than a puddy tat is a puddy tat’s hand puppet.”

“Oh dear, I’m not puddy tat-proof.”

“I’m too wittle for all those mean old puddy tats.”

“I’m just a cute wittle birdie… with a big yellow head.”

Aw, I don’t have to take that puddy tat’s guff.”

“You might call me a wittle wabbit… but I’m a happy wittle wabbit.”

“I’m too cute to be a puddy tat’s prey.”

“Tawkin’ to myself? I tawt I taw a puddy tat!”

“I may be small, but I’m full of big ideas!”

“Tweety’s the name, and outsmarting puddy tats is the game.”

“I don’t need anyone to wuv me. I’m an independent wittle birdie.”

“I’m not just another bird brain, you know.”

Cute Tweety Quotes

“I tawt I taw a puddy tat!”

“I’m a sweet wittle birdie.”

“I’m just a cute wittle tweetle.”

“I’m a happy wittle wabbit.”

“I’m too cute to be a puddy tat’s lunch.”

“I’m a tiny birdie with a big heart.”

“I’m just a wittle birdie, but I’m vewy, vewy smart.”

“I’m not just a birdie; I’m a ‘tweety’ birdie.”

“I’m not scawed of puddy tats; they’re scawed of me.”

“I’m a wittle birdie, but I’m full of big ideas.”

“I’m too adowable to be caught by a puddy tat.”

“I may be small, but I’m fuww of love.”

“I’m a tweetle with a brain!”

“I’m not just a pretty face. I’m a clever one too.”

“I may be teeny-tiny, but I’ve got a big heart.”

“I’m not scared of puddy tats. They should be scared of me!”

Positivity Tweety Bird Quotes

“Every day is a new opportunity to spread joy.”

“I may be small, but my spirit is mighty!”

“Happiness is contagious. Let’s spread it around!”

“Always look on the bright side of things.”

“Don’t let the negatives bring you down. Stay positive!”

“When life gets tough, just keep smiling.”

“Surround yourself with positive energy and good vibes.”

“Believe in yourself, and you can achieve anything!”

“Be kind, be positive, and be yourself.”

“Positive thoughts lead to positive actions.”

“Life is too short to dwell on the negatives. Focus on the positives!”

“You’re never too small to make a big difference.”

Famous Tweety Bird Quotes

“I’m a wittow bird, gonna weave you awone.”

“I wonder what dat poor old puddy tat is up to.”

“I did! I did tee a puddy tat!”

“The name’s Tweety. Nice to meet ya.”

“I’m too cute to resist!”

“Hee-hee-hee! I’m so cute I make myself laugh!”

“I’m a happy wittow bird.”

“It’s so nice to be tweetin’ with you.”

“I’m a tough tweetle birdie!”

“I’m not just an ordinary bird, I’m a tweetle bird!”

“I tawt I taw a putty tat! I did, I did tee a putty tat!”

“I’m not scawed of putty tats. They’re scawed of me!”

Inspirational Tweety Bird Quotes

“Even the smallest among us can have the biggest impact.”

“Stay true to yourself, and let your inner light shine.”

“Believe in your dreams, and you can achieve anything.”

“Keep looking up; there’s so much beauty to see.”

“Chase your dreams with determination and joy.”

“Positivity is the key to happiness.”

“Find strength in your small size; it’s not a limitation, it’s an advantage.”

“No matter how tough things get, keep on tweeting forward.”

“Be brave, even when faced with challenges.”

“Spread love and kindness wherever you go.”

“Embrace your uniqueness and celebrate who you are.”

“Never underestimate the power of a hopeful heart.”

Tweety Bird Love Quotes

“I wuv you so much, I could just eat you up!”

“Wuv makes my heart go tweetle-tweetle.”

“I’m so happy when I’m with you, I feel like I’m tweetin’ on air.”

“I tawt I taw a wuv story, and it’s all about us.”

“I wuv being your tweetle heart.”

“Wuv is like a warm hug for your heart.”

“You make my heart sing a sweet tweetle melody.”

“Wuv is the best feeling in the whole wide world.”

“I wuv you more than I can tweet.”

“You’re my favorite person to tweet with.”

“With you, every day is a wuv-filled adventure.”

“My heart flutters like a little bird when I’m with you.”

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Tweety Bird Quotes, Sayings

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