A Speech on “You Should Own a Bird.”

When we have a limited space, or limited funds, and if you find yourself alone sometimes in your busy schedule, one or two of those pet birds just might be a good friend for you. Birds can prove to be a great companions for some special cases of the senior citizens, only children, or many pet less households, and they can provide friendship and enjoyment for many years.

Many birds are very intelligent and also they are a terrific problem solvers. According to the National Audubon Society, birds have special problem-solving capabilities and good intelligence skills that indicate a high tendency of intelligence. They can use various tools and even can be able to count from left to right.

Besides being in the list of the most popular pets, chickadees, parrots, and cockatoos have good problem solving and mimicking skills. 

Birds like to flock , which means that they love to having companions at all times. A single bird wants to have a friend as much as we humans do. Many will sing for you, sometimes they will also talk to you, and  in many cases play with you, notably if you try to spend your time together with a bird out of the cage.

Compared to the other various four-legged pets birds are much easy to care for. They can stay and live inside their cages for safety when owners are at work or absent. 

The birds are basically a hygienic animal and try to preen their feathers at a regular interval to keep them shiny and clean. Rather than to using shampoos, flea baths, and various expensive haircuts, bird owners can easily able to maintain their pet’s health and good appearance with an easy trim or a feather clipping .

For the cleaning process, a bird only need a light shower, and use of some non-chlorinated water once or twice a week. 

With proper training and care, birds can be very loving and affectionate equally as a cat or dog. Some pet birds are cannot be separated from their owners, even going with them on daily works like trips to the bank or also the grocery store. 

The biggest birds also eat only a very small amount of food per day relative to the other common pets, and even the best quality bird foods are mainly plant-based foods that can cause you very minimum expenses than the other variety of  protein-packed products that are required for dogs and cats.

It’s  really important to provide pet birds with a good quality diet of pelleted food, seed foods, and  some kinds of pre-washed fresh produce. Yet they can also get their nutrition from the mealtime foods which their owners share with them.

Those who have already lost a loving pet are sometimes hesitant to go through that pain again, especially if children are involved, but fear not, some categories of birds really live for a long time.

Therefore I think you can always own a bird as your pet.

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