A Speech on “It’s Unethical to Keep Birds in Cages.”

A cage can be  defined as an enclosed place used to confine or protect someone or something. 

All caged birds are in many cases either captured or captive-bred. In the open area, these beautiful beings never feel lonely or alone, and if they get separated even for a moment, they call to their flockmates.  They love to preen each other, fly together, play, and share other duties as well..

Life in a cage is often can be a death sentence for many birds, who may suffer from various illness like malnutrition, breathing in an improper environment,  feeling of loneliness, and the also the mental stress of confinement. Birds are being made to fly and be with the others birds of their own kind under the pure and open nature. Confinement  in the cages causes birds to have various mood swings and  temper tantrums. 

According to some researchers living in a cage for a long time, leads to various problems and abnormalities like repetitive behavior, in which the  head of the bird swings back and forth, basically  in which it shifts constantly from one side to the other;  cases of abnormal grooming in which the bird picks out all of its own feathers, and shows various types of aggressive behavior.”

Smugglers also smuggled birds   into the many places of United States more than any other animal. Before the shipping process, birds are often forced to eat, their wings are being clipped, their beaks are closed mercilessly by the use of tape , and they are forcefully  crammed into anything possible. It’s therefore very usual for most of the birds  to die in those cases.

Another problem can be the mental motivation. Cages are tending to be small and often lack elements. Even when they contain trees, toys, etc, it won’t take long time before the birds get to know all of it and lose their interest in it. Lack of the mental stimulation leads to  the problem of boredom  but also many special stereotypical behaviors. 

Ultimately, I think that most animals are better in the open wild. The forest is their own home and that s no place for us also —this is the reason as why we have towns and cities as our houses. If we are able to leave the birds and other animals in the open air of the forest, I’m positive that they will be on their best health as well as  behavior.

With the forced changes in their habitat, they can easily face the risk of being extinct.

Caging birds can also be very harmful for our natural environment, as it greatly increases the imbalance in the ecosystem and our environment. Birds , which live in cage  don’t fare much better. If you really  love birds, you should be very careful not to hurt them by maintaining their lives as per own wishes.

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