128+ Best World Environment Day quotes to share

World environment day is celebrated on 5th June all over the world. This day encourages awareness of the protection of our beautiful environment. Time is limited, and nature is in danger because of many climatic changes. We must take action now to protect and safeguard our environment.

Here we have provided some amazing world environment day quotes which will encourage everyone around the globe to participate in saving environment campaigns.

World Environment Day quotes

Let us perform our roles in protecting our environment to make the world a better and cleaner place –Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Environment Day. It is our responsibility to take care of nature and live happily –Mark Twain.

Nature teaches us to grow. Similarly, we must take care of our mother nature so that it can grow throughout its life –Robert Frost.

Sending my warm wishes to everyone on the occasion of world environment day. Let’s take a pledge to plant hundreds of trees all around the world to make the world look more beautiful – William Shakespeare.

It’s time for us to take care of our nature and celebrate world environment day with great zeal and enthusiasm –Charles Dickens.

 Let’s promise our environment to keep the surroundings clean and green on this lovely occasion of world environment day –Emily Dickinson.

Let’s not put the world in order. Try to plant trees according to their specifications. Happy world environment day to everyone –Helen Keller.

We all know the worth of our nature. It’s priceless, and we should give it the care that it deserves. Happiest World Environment Day –Gerard De Nerval.

Every flower has its own blooming story. Let’s take out some time from our busy lives and listen to our nature – Mark twain.

We have inherited beautiful nature from our ancestors. So we have to pass a healthy environment to the next generation. Happy World Environment Day wishes – Voltaire.

Nature acts if they are not happy with human actions. Let’s be kinder towards our mother earth and love it the way it deserves – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

A lush carpet of greenery is so soothing for the eyes and the soul. Let’s experience the joy of looking at it on the occasion of environment day – Albert Einstein.

Let’s make a promise to our environment that we will give our best to take care of it. Happy World Environment Day – Robert Frost.

Let us work together to save our exotic environment from everything that harms them. The environment connects us to our mother nature, and we must protect them –Charles Dickens.

The environment is where our soul meets, and we share a mutual connection and interest. Happy World Environment Day –Lady Bird Johnson.

The chemical formula of water has two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. There’s the third part also that makes the water, and that’s the environment – D.H. Lawrence.

Nature is a state of peace between men and soil. Let’s celebrate world environment day hole-heartedly – Aldo Leopold.

What a pleasure our nature gives to our soul. Let’s celebrate world environment day by practicing afforestation – Mother Teresa.

Happy World Environment Day to all. It’s high time that we obey the demands and promises that we make with nature – Henry David Thoreau.

Our Earth provides enough resources for us to sustain our life. Let’s not be greedy and destroy nature for our own needs and greed – Albert Einstein.

Let’s do our part in saving our beautiful nature and not be dependent on others hoping that they will do for us. Happy world environment day, everyone – E. Knight.

There is something marvelous in nature. It calms our souls and relieves our stress. Happy world environment day –Oscar Wilde.

Saving our planet, lifting others’ spirits, and educating others to do the same is one of the best feelings. We must take the best measures to save our planet – Naveen Jain.

The only way to improve the quality of our nature is to get every people involved. Wishes on a happy environment day –Richard Rogers.

Sometimes taking care of the environment alone will do little to save our Earth. Greetings on world environment day – Ban Ki-Moon.

The most powerful indicators of the environment are the birds. If they get into some problem, the next turn can be ours to land in some danger – Roger Tory Peterson.

Forests are the lungs of the planet. Let’s keep the forests clean and fresh so that we can breathe purified oxygen. Happy World Environment Day – Franklin D Roosevelt.

Climate change is a huge concern now. It poses a great threat to our nature, and this problem needs to be solved – Bill Gates.

Don’t let our future be polluted and dried up. Let’s retain the greenery forever. Happy World Environment Day – Elon Musk.

We are running a dangerous experiment right now with the nature of how much carbon dioxide our nature can hold. Let’s stop this now; otherwise, an environmental catastrophe will come and shatter us – Ellen DeGeneres.

Let’s not destroy trees anymore for our own needs. We need to be more kind towards our nature so that we can live peacefully – Jacob Bronowski.

World Environment Day is here, and let’s join hands to bring a positive change to make the planet Earth much healthier and happier. World environment day wishes – Mark Twain.

Earth is our home, and we must work hard to keep it healthy and fine. On this world environment day, let’s make a promise to make this day greener by planting more trees – William Shakespeare.

There will be no life without the environment. World environment day is a reminder for us to take good care of our surroundings in order to live an enjoyable life – Robert Frost.

Let’s not pollute the air, water, and soil. Pollution degrades the quality of our environment more rapidly. Best wishes on world environment day – Roger Tory Peterson.

Sending warm wishes to you and your family on this lovely occasion of world environment day. Let’s meet together and plant as many trees as we want to make the day more special – Thomas Browne.

Let’s give our coming generations a healthy environment to have a splendid life. Happy world environment day wishes from us to you all – Munia Khan.

World environment day reminds us of the damage we have done to our environment. Let’s spread awareness and act immediately to save nature. Happy World Environment Day –Robert Orben.

Celebrate world environment day by practicing afforestation. Let’s make world environment day more successful and memorable. Happy world environment day wishes – Aristotle.

A population that destroys the environment gets eventually damaged by nature someday. It’s everyone’s responsibility to come forward and practice planting trees – Mohith Agadi.

Our planet’s clock is not strong anymore. We should wake up now and take action. Happy World Environment Day – Leonardo DiCaprio.

If you don’t act now, you cannot adopt extinction. Happy world environment day – Margaret Mead.

Let us all promise that we will take good and healthy care of our beautiful environment and make it greener by the next year. Greetings on world environment day – Jane Goodall.

Add greenery to the environment to make it look fresher and more alive. Good wishes on a happy environment day – Mother Teresa.

The mountains, the rivers, the seas, and the beautiful deserts give an amazing delight to our eyes. Let’s take an oath of protecting our environment on this special world environment day – Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Let’s nurture our environment so that we can have a better future. Happy World Environment Day wishes to everyone – Leonardo DiCaprio.

Every day of the calendar is environment day. So, despite focusing on only one particular world environment day, let’s save the environment every day – Wendell Berry.

The most beautiful and exotic scenery of the world is our environment. So let’s protect and conserve it to let it grow more and more. Happiest World Environment Day wishes –George Bernard Shaw.

Let’s keep our souls close to our Earth. The environment is where we all share a common interest. Happy World Environment Day – John Muir.

Breathe the fresh air, eat healthy foods, and taste delicious fruit. Happiest world environment day – Albert Einstein.

If we cannot protect our environment, we cannot sustain ourselves. Happiest world environment day wishes and greetings – Wangari Maathai.

If we don’t stop harming the environment now, it will be very late. Let’s celebrate world environment day with lots of fun and happiness –Terry Prattchet.

World environment day is not only for celebration but a reminder to take care of our surroundings more carefully. Happiest World Environment Day greetings – Garth Stein.

It’s our time to gift a clean and green environment to the next generations. Happy world environment day wishes to everyone –Angle Weiland Crosby.

Let all of us come together and celebrate the beautiful occasion of world environment day and spread more happiness and love. Good wishes on world environment day –Gemma Troy.

Let us spread greenery all around us so that we don’t lack oxygen ever in our life. Happy wishes on world environment day –Nicole Lyons.

If we don’t safeguard nature today, we might not have a plant society in the future. Happy wishes and greetings to everyone on the occasion of world environment day – William C. Hannan.

It’s high time to understand our Earth and its beauty. Let’s join hands and plant every tree with happiness and love. Happy World Environment greetings –Rupi Kaur.

Let’s preserve the greatest treasure of our life, i.e., our environment. Sending my heartfelt wishes to everyone –Chrissie Pinney.

It’s world environment day. Stop harming nature and plant as many trees as you want to make the day more memorable –Alexandra Vasiliu.

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