A Speech on World Environment Day

Good morning to all of you. Today I am very happy to be able to see you again. I am thrilled to know that you are all here to discuss and celebrate the World environment day, which comes every year on the 5th of the month June. We celebrate this day every year in order to raise and increase the global awareness about the condition of our environment. At first I will tell you about the beginning of this incident. In the year of 1972 the United Nations conference was held from 5th June to 16th June.

As we all know about the importance of the nature. It contains all the living beings of Earth. Those beings are always mutually dependent on each other. But due to the production of various pollutants which causes great harm to the environment, many species are becoming extinct and global climate is also facing great changes and threat. It is also causing great harm to our health condition and thus resulting in the long term problem for us.

We all living things rely greatly on the forest for their livelihood. We all depend on trees for our daily needs and other requirements. But we are cutting trees selfishly thus increasing the deforestation and thus causes various pollutions. But we all have to remember that trees are the main source of the fresh air, which we need for our healthy life.

Therefore it is our fault which is increasing the bad condition of our environment and resulting in our unhealthy lifestyle. We have to remember that environment is our mother who nourishes us and gives us the life-force. This world environment reminds us to refine and clean our world to ensure our better future.

Ways of preserving the health of our environment:

We have to stop the practice the cutting green trees and plants in order to stop the pollution and the soil erosion process.

All humans have to use the harmless vehicles like cycle as much as possible to decrease the emission of the harmful gases, thus trying to stop the rapid production of the air pollutants.

We have to stop the practice the cutting green trees and plants and increase the plantation process in large areas in order to stop the pollution as much as possible.

We have to reduce the production of various wastes thus causing the reduction of water pollution. Each and every person, business, industry, hospital-authority and agricultural landowners or farmers must make firm decisions and take some responsibility regarding its own wastes and garbage. They have to give emphasis on the right way of destroying the harmful wastage of the industries, farming lands and households to help in the reduction of contamination of our environment.

Thus we can ensure a better and healthy future for our new generation and helping them to achieve the main goal of this world environment day. We have to increase this awareness every year on 5th June to keep the good work of protecting our mother nature as per our capability.

Thank you everyone for you precious time.

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