8+ Speech on Animal You’ll Ever Hear!

In a world where humans and animals share an intricate bond, the topics surrounding our interaction with the animal kingdom have sparked fervent discussions.

From ethical dilemmas such as animal selfies in tourist hotspots to the contentious practice of religious slaughter, the rights of animals have become a focal point of our evolving societal conscience.

Join me as we delve into a series of speeches that explore the multifaceted relationship between humans and animals, examining issues ranging from their treatment as pets to the ethics of product testing and hunting.

Should animal Selfies in Tourist Locations Be Allowed?

Good (—). l am here today to talk about an important issue regarding whether or not “animal selfies” in tourist locations with well-known animal species (like koalas and tigers) should be allowed. Coupled with a way of self-entitlement and an entire lack of awareness, this has led to increasingly irresponsible travel behavior within the style of animal selfies, which contribute to wildlife exploitation and animal abuse on a world scale.

They see their photo of them straddling a grown tiger or hugging a cute little possum as evidence of their love for animals and proof of their amazing adventures. And in fact, making friends jealous via Facebook or Instagram is an enormous boost to the ego. But at what cost? The selfie culture has become a global sensation over the last decade, driven by a selfish need for people to share every minute of their life on social media platforms. 

People are filled with self-entitlement and a blinding lack of awareness; this has led to arising thoughtless travel behavior within various sets of animal selfies, which pave the way to exploiting wildlife and animal abuse on an international scale. People will often venture to a selected destination just to urge a selfie with a tiger or elephant, filling their social media feed with pictures of how awesome they’re to impress their friends and family back home. The idea of using animals as photo props isn’t a brand-new thing. 

Ever since tourists began wanting unique souvenirs for their trips abroad, the profit-driven travel industry has gladly supplied opportunities to require animal selfies. “Touts”– those bold, overly aggressive those who pester you to shop for their goods and services– are often found in tourist markets, nightclub strips, and resorts all around the world. Most tourists simply don’t comprehend the abhorrent conditions many of those animals are kept in, and therefore the terrible treatment they endure to supply that special souvenir photo.

Thailand’s Tiger Temple is ready up to permit visitors to own their photo-smitten Tigers. But the favored tourist attraction has been the source of controversy for a decade now. Respected NGOs like Take Care of The Wild International and National Geographic have documented proof of illegal wildlife trafficking, illegally forced breeding (to the supply of cute cubs), physical abuse, malnutrition, and insufficient facilities. Yet, in spite of innumerable movements to close down the places, tourists still flock to show off their animal selfies taken there.

Other large, potentially dangerous animals, like Eastern Europe’s dancing Bears, are put through horrific surgical procedures to defang or declaw them to create these encounters safer for the tourists. 

Dolphins held in inappropriate dolphinariums are often forced to perform gruesome daily shows and then are subject to being pawed and even ridden by countless tourists who crave that all-important picture of them cuddling a cute dolphin. Various scientific pieces of evidence show that this ill-treatment, especially their confinement, is seriously detrimental to the Dolphins’ health and well-being.

Should the Religious Slaughter of Animals Be Banned?

Good (–) to one and all present here. My name is (—), and I am here today to give my opinion on whether the religious slaughter of animals should be banned or not. The religious slaughter of animals is one of the major animal welfare issues today.

A significant number of people belonging to certain religious groups like the Muslims and the Jewish engage in practices where they demand meat products from animals that are killed using practices according to religious requirements. Although conventional slaughter remains on the table, religious slaughter is a more controversial practice that is currently receiving much attention. 

Recent concerns about religious slaughter majorly stress on preslaughter handling using few devices, pain, and distress which may be felt during and after cutting the neck, and also, as prolonged times to loss of brain function and death if stunning isn’t applied. The correct religious slaughter rules and practices that are universally applied are still under argument, and the certification and labeling of meat products are still an issue to be addressed. Thanks to the above, moves to reduce welfare problems are under thanks to improving slaughter practices by providing more training and new regulations.

Current slaughter methods may be defined as either conventional or per religious practices. Halal which is the Muslim method and Shechita which is the Jewish method are the major religious techniques subject to debate. It is very important to remove the most amount of blood possible to satisfy the requirements of Halal and Shechita slaughter. It had been often claimed that stunning would adversely affect exsanguination and neck cutting without stunning improves blood loss. 

In a lot of countries that need pre-slaughter stunning, there is a dispensation for religious slaughter methods. As an example, Shechita and Halal are also allowed, but stunning has got to be used for all other slaughter within abattoirs. The religious dispensation is allowed on the idea of human rights, which except for 1 or two countries in Europe, takes precedence over animal welfare. In other countries, cultural rights are embodied within the human rights legislation, and within the present context, this might complicate the interpretation of the scope of the dispensations.

I am completely against slaughtering animals whatever may be the reason. Slaughtering them in the name of religion is unacceptable. We do not have the right to hurt them in any manner. Animals are not used according to the pleasures of man. They are also living creatures and deserve to live peacefully on this earth without fear.

Animal slaughter, especially in the name of religion should be banned in all countries alike, and people who conduct it must be heavily punished for violating their rights. I ask you never to support such cruelties. We must respect all religions. But religious practices should never aim at hurting other creatures and cousin their death. Let us bring awareness against such crimes and make this world a better place for all creatures alike. Do have compassion and mercy towards animals. Thank you

A Speech on Animals Have Rights Too

Good (—) one and all. I am here to speak a few words about animal rights. Just like us human beings, animals also have their rights. After all, aren’t human beings animals too? Often people do not realize that they have the right to live here peacefully just like us because they are of a lower rank species than us. We are all familiar with how animals are being tortured for the gain of humans.

Many animals are being tortured in labs for experiments and in places like zoos and circuses to entertain people; they are being killed for food, put in horrible environments, and made to suffer. 

Experiments on animals should be banned. They should not be used for breeding and selling. They should not be killed for food, medicine, or clothes. Using animals like donkeys, elephants, etc., for heavy labor should be stopped. The hunting of animals should be put to an end. Using them as entertainment in zoos, circuses, and other places should be abolished.

We must know that humans and mammal animals have so much in common, including biological complexity, consciousness, and awareness.

They know what is happening to them. They also have likes and dislikes and make conscious choices. The quality and length of life matter to them, just like us. So next time you think of hurting them, know that you are hurting a human who deserves all the rights to live in peace.

Animals are not put on earth as slaves to humans or serve humans. All of us are put here with the same purpose, to survive. It is ethically and morally wrong to put them to harm. Just like us, animals do have their own families. They socialize with other animals. They have to provide for their family and feel pain and sadness when they lose their family or herd member, just like us.

Try to think from their perspective. Even if you adopt or buy animals, do not treat them as your slaves. Try to include them as a family and treat them with respect. Give them love, good food, and adequate shelter. Do not try to remove animals that live in the forests from their natural habitats.

They are designed to live in the forests and may not be able to survive elsewhere. Even if they do, they will be living a life of misery. So be compassionate and have moral ethics.

It is high time we address such issues as many animals are being endangered and extinct because of human activities. Just because they cannot speak and react as humans do, it doesn’t mean they cannot feel the pain of cruelty that is being done to them. Just like us, they too have feelings, emotions, pain, and a need for socialization.

We must try our best not to harm them. Let them get the peace and right to life they deserve. All animals have rights irrespective of their rank of species. 

A Speech on “Should exotic animals be kept as pets?”

Good (—) dear students. Most of you might have pets at home. Commonly, we can see pets like cats, dogs, fish, birds, and other domestic animals. It is good to have pets at home. It helps you be animal friendly and understand the language of animals. They also serve as a good way for you to get away from boredom. But there are a few dangerous animals that should be kept away from your home.

These animals include exotic animals like bears, big cats like tigers, lions, jaguars, snow leopards and pumas, scorpions, giraffes, hyenas, snakes, rodents, certain insects, non-domesticated canids, etc. these animals may cause severe damage to people living in the house if they are untrained. It may be fancy to have such animals in the house, and they may look cute when they are young. But as they grow old and start developing wild behaviors, they may be a threat to people in the surroundings.

Such animals require special care, food, and maintenance. They are only to be handled by professionals who have received adequate training. When people who cannot afford them own these pets, they pose physical and health risks to anyone who comes in contact with it. Another problem is the confined space that they have to live in, as opposed to their vast natural habitat. This may frustrate the animals and may engage in risky behaviors. Households, especially those with children should compulsorily keep them away from these animals. Avoid buying exotic animals when you are looking for pets. No matter how hard you try, you cannot alter their biological needs. 

These untrained people try to change the natural characteristics of these animals by trying to make them friendly and mutilating them. This should never be done. Some owners may have no idea as to what these animals carry or what their requirements are. Some animals may be carriers of dangerous diseases and infections.

When people come in contact with these animals, they get infected and may not be able to survive as animals survive. In some cases when the owners can no longer handle these animals, they are abandoned, leaving them in a place where they are unfamiliar and may bear severe consequences of not knowing how to live in an environment other than the house they lived in. 

There are many federal, state, and local laws that deem it illegal to possess exotics animals. If you ever come across people with exotic animals in possession, please do let the authorities know about it for the sake of the animals and the people living around them. Let exotic pets live in forests or wild areas where they are supposed to live. Do not try to inhabit them in a place they do not belong. If you want pets, you can always go for domestic pets that are more friendly to humans. Take such decisions wisely so as not to hurt them or the people around you. 

A Speech on “Should there be a ban on Testing Of Products On Animals?”

Good (—) students. I am sure you know how animals are used in various places for testing. I am here to tell you why there should be a ban on animal testing. Animal testing or animal experimentation is the use of animals for researches and studies, by subjecting them to drugs, tests, and experiments, that may alter their biological, physical, or even their mental state.

Such researches with animals are usually conducted in laboratories, medical school, universities, etc. Researches include medicine testing, disease treatment, testing the safety of products, breeding, experimenting with components of biology or psychology, etc. The animals mostly used for such experimentations are rabbits, monkeys, rats, mice, reptiles, cats, amphibians, etc. After almost all experiments, these animals are euthanized. 

During the process, diseases, viruses, and infections are injected into the healthy body of the animal, making them sick. After that, the experimenter uses various medicines and drugs on them, inflicting in them pain and suffering. Some of these drugs have very harmful side effects that may even lead to the death of the animal. How can this be justified?

Understandably, it may be difficult to replace these animals with artificial intelligence or computer models. But one thing to be remembered is that these animals are also living creatures. They also feel pain and emotions. They too have thoughts, needs, and desires Many facilities are exploiting these animals for experiments. Just like humans, animals also have the right to live on Earth.

Animal rights are being exploited by subjecting them to such cruelty. Some animals are left with permanent damage, and most of them even die during the experiment. Most people neglect the pain and suffering that these animals face as they cannot respond as humans do. According to The American Veterinary Association, animal pain is an “unpleasant sensory and emotional experience perceived as arising from a specific region of the body and associated with actual or potential tissue damage.”

Many a time, the pain that they go through is not even worth it. Animal functioning is not completely similar to human functioning, and the experiment may prove to be ineffective. 

We have no right to waste their rights and experimenting with such animals is not justifiable, no matter what. Animals should not be the ones to be tortured to death to ensure the safety of humans. There are various other methods to conduct experiments. They may use synthetic cellar tissues that are similar to the human skin or they may conduct in vitro testing where skin cells are tested in a test tube.

In this century, where science and technology have had so much development, they can use computers to know the chemical or harmful effects products can cause people. With so many other alternatives in hand, researchers should stop experimenting with living creatures. Just because they can’t respond, it doesn’t mean that people can take advantage of their naivety. Be responsible dwellers on earth and respect animals.

A Speech on “Hunting animals should be banned”

Hunting animals should definitely be banned as people kill them for no reason at all. It is really very cruel and also unethical. Hunting them is really a cruel act as the animals also feel the pain of a gunshot or other murderous instruments. We have to know that humans can live on other plant-based foods, which also can provide good nutrients like protein, fat, etc.

Therefore, it is not essential for us to kill those wordless animals. On the other hand poachers and animal hunters kill animals for their own benefit without any valid reason. They don’t think twice before killing those beautiful and innocent animals, thus forcing them to walk on the path of extinction.

We have to stop killing animals for our own fun. We have to remember that those animals also have the same feelings as us. They also fear death and pain like us.

Hunting has been a very common practice since ancient times. Our past cultures also showed that the animals they hunted were being used for food and clothing.  As time passes, many tribes eventually mastered the art of agriculture to produce their own food. While using the necessary natural resources for survival, hunting may be a vital part of life. Those ancient cultures, however, showed more respect to the animals of the animal kingdom than the humans today.

In these modern times, there are some who desire to continue those past traditions. Those individuals often try to get a hunting license and take off into the forest. When it is not done properly, their practice of hunting causes unnecessary pain to harmless animals. Hunting was a way of survival for humans at one point in time. But nowadays, it has become more of a sport or fun. The competition takes the form of problems that lead to many painful accidents, excessive kills, and many trophy hunting.

In the modern world, there is much more violence than is necessary. Humans have various special means to live life happily without the use of violence. However, we seem to seek it out. From the very beginning of time, we have been attentive to starting wars and creating various devastating weapons. This violence often involves the misuse of many harmful instruments and guns. 

It is definitely not a secret that hunting can be a big blow to the animal population and safety. Many animals were hunted mercilessly and making them an extinct species. Various animals from our ancient times do not actually exist today, although some animal fossils can prove that they were once a food source for us. This should be taken into serious consideration at the time the hunting licenses are handed out. Some hunters may hunt to excessive limits. When the hunting fields are open, it can be expected that many hunters try their best to take more than their share.

Even when a species is regarded as an endangered one, the hunting still continues. Illegal poachers are still very active in various areas of the planet.  Many special and exotic animals have some special and valuable body parts that are valuable in the underground market as well. 

Therefore to stop these problems and help our environment to maintain the required balance we should try our best to stop the crime of hunting.

A Speech on Man-Animal Conflict

A very good morning to all the people present here. I give you my heartfelt thanks for giving me this chance to be the person to talk about today’s topic of man-animal conflict.

First, we have to know the meaning of the term man-animal conflict.

It is a conflict between humans and animals, which takes place when animals pose a direct threat and impending or recurring threat to the lives, habitats, or safety of people, resulting in the persecution of that species. 

About the causes of man-animal conflict:

The rapid increase in the human population and expansion, the degradation and fragmentation of habitat, land use, and increasing densities of livestock grazing in protected areas can be the main causes of man-animal conflicts. There were more than 17000 instances of crop raids by animals also can be found from the data given by the state forest department.

Instances of human–wildlife conflict are a common problem in some areas in North America. A number of more than 23000 instances of man-animal conflict caused death or harm to the people of America between the years 2016 to 2020.

Man-animal conflict also has some “hidden dimensions” that are not being focused on regularly like the more visible dimensions. Conflict with humans is a well-known incident of the decline in the populations of lions in Africa. Habitat loss due to the conversion of land for agricultural progress has forced the lions to live in closer proximity to human beings and human civilization.  Many people lost their lives as a result of this man-wildlife conflict.

As the human population expands and natural habitats shrink, humans and wild animals are coming into conflict over living areas and the requirement for food.

More than 2000 people in India were killed by elephants, and more than 200 people have been killed by tigers in the last five years.

Therefore the main cause can be seen as the fright of losing their home due to some practices of humans.

Prevention of the problem:

Bio-fencing, hedges, and crash guard rope fences are done and used to prevent the interaction of wild animals and humans as much as possible. These will also help in reducing the scope of conflict between the animals and people living in close proximity to the vicinity of forests.

We have to be careful in our process of rapid urbanization and population growth to give enough space to the other living creatures on Earth. We have to be very careful of the habitats and eco-system of every living creature to maintain the proper balance of the environment. All humans have to be careful during those encounters for their own safety; we have to remember that killing them is not a solution but an invitation to a greater problem for ourselves.

Therefore we have to act like responsible citizens and help in increasing the awareness of wildlife and animal preservation for the healthy future of all the living beings on Earth.

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