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National Burger Day is celebrated on August 22nd every year. For years, the burger has been satisfying the hunger of people with its unique taste and texture. A burger is a source of joy with those yummy cheesy toppings.

 One cannot deny it as a complete food since it contains all necessary vegetables and cheese loaded with calcium. Burger day was founded by Mr. Hyde in the United Kingdom. The day is created to honor the perfect food burger.

The celebration of the day is easy as one can have their favorite burger at their favorite restaurant. It is fun to have a delicious burger with friends.

The burger is said to be invented in 19 century. Usually, they add beef patty with mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.

To add a healthy touch, they can even add tomatoes, onions, lettuce, bacon, etc.  If you are a vegetarian, you too have an option!

If you are a fan of this amazing food, here is an opportunity for you to wish everyone on National burger day with the following tasty quotes and sayings.

Burger Day Messages

– You will get mood when you eat good food like a burger. Happy national burger day.

– We all have to take time to eat a burger to appreciate the taste.

– Today is national burger day. My whole body is on diet except my mouth!

– When life throws you in pain, have a burger and relax.

– Everyone wants a change, even burger needs one.

– Today forget your diet and have a burger. Happy national burger day to all.

– I prefer to have a diet coke with a burger so that I don’t get fat.

– Today satisfy your burger cravings because it is national burger day.

– French fries taste better with a burger. So have French fries with a burger!

– The journey of getting fat begins with a burger.

– Eat a burger today as you never had one. National burger day.

– A burger is my best friend. Whenever I need it, it will be by my side.

– There is no love than the love for a burger.

– You are what you eat. So do not eat anything cheap. Bragg a burger.

– Do you believe in miracles? I had to believe after having a burger.

– People who love to eat a burger are always the best people.

– When I’m hungry, I talk a lot. So my mom keeps a burger in my mouth as soon as I open it!

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– Do you know why I’m fat? I eat a burger when I’m bored and I get bored always.

– I can see the whole world on my burger plate! Happy burger day.

– Eating is a necessity, but making a burger is an art.

– Love is blind, but burger friendship closes its eyes.

– You just can’t eat a burger and sit. You need to talk about it because it is a burger day.

– Take a chance of eating a burger today. National burger day.

– A hut with plenty of food is better than a hungry castle.

– Keep your friends close to you and burgers closer to you.

– When you eat a burger,  just think of the person who prepared it.

– The burger is the ingredient that binds us together.

Burger Day Greetings

– This is the best season to have a burger and wish everyone on national burger day.

– A party without a burger is just like a meeting in the conference hall.

– All sorrows are less with a burger.

– Exercise? I thought you said burger! National burger day.

– Talk less and work more. I am working on eating a burger.

– A balanced diet is a burger in each hand. Burger day wishes to all foodies out there.

One cannot get good sleep, cannot love well, and think well until he has a burger.

– The burger is not just for eating but to get experience.

– Buying a burger is the way to my heart! Have a tastier burger day.

– A cook brings the soul into food. A burger will keep that soul satisfied.

– My mind says Gym, but my heart says burger!

– Spread love as thick as a double-decker burger.

– Don’t give attention to how much you eat, give importance to what you eat. Happy burger day.

– A burger is that food that creates beautiful memories of friends.

– A burger represents love when words are not adequate.

– A burger is a piece of heaven on earth! Wishing all a heavenly national burger day.

– I eat a burger today because today it is someone’s birthday somewhere.

– All you need in life is love. But a burger is okay now and then.

– A burger is all I need today because I’m going to celebrate burger day.

– Food is good when you have a burger on the menu.

– We cannot buy happiness, but we always can buy a burger and eat.

– The more you get weight, it’s harder to kidnap you. So eat a burger every day!

– Healthy food is always expensive, but not a burger. Happy national burger day.

– Don’t regret having a burger, Just enjoy. Today is national burger day.

– There is nothing like ‘junk food’, but only food!

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– I was always was a junk food lover and always will be. Happy burger day.

– Fast food is bad for health, I know. That is why I eat only burgers.

– I want to finish all the junk food at home so that I don’t have to see one!

– I just imagine what the world looks like if burgers would make us skinny.

– Goof food means good mood, that’s the work of a burger.

– I love to eat a burger here, there, and everywhere!

– I don’t want to regret tomorrow. I will eat a burger today.

Burger Day Captions:

-For me life without #burgers is like life without any food actually. #HappyBurgerDay

-Nothing beats the feeling of having a fulfilling burger just after hitting the gym #BurgerFan 

-Burger is like a family member to me. I just love having them anytime! #BurgerDayishere

-A satisfying burger over any other junk food, any day works like magic for me. #BurgerDay #Burgerisbae

-Having a #burger every day keeps me going as if it’s the source of my energy! #BurgerCharger 

-Double cheese burgers are the only reason I work and get paid! #BurgerDay #BurgerFan 

-I’m health conscious but if I’m not having a #Burger on the #BurgerDay then it’s betrayal! I won’t do that, hence here’s my Burger folks! 

-Eat #Burger to feel what heaven tastes like! Nothing is genuinely more fulfilling than a burger. #BurgerDay 

-I believe in the power of Burgers just like Popeye believed in the power of Spinach! #BurgerDay #Burgerislove 

-I repeat, there is nothing that tastes better than a #Burger when you are at your hungriest self! #BurgerDayFeast #OnlyBurgers 

-I so relate to the name #BurgerKing because it makes me feel like a king whenever I have it! #BurgerDayishere 

-Don’t worry, if you run out of ideas just have a burger and your brain will have enough power to think a lot more! #BurgerDayScenes

-I never share burger just like Joey from FRIENDS! #Burgers are meant for self-musing for me at least. 

-Love #burgers because every time they will love you back with all the cheese and ham! #HappyBurgerDay

-The only key to world peace is a double cheese #burger. Has it ever made anyone unhappy? #Enjoy your #BurgerDay

-A #burger with juicy #bacon and stuffed cheese is nothing but simply pleasing to the eyes and at the same time calms your cravings to the best! #burgerholic #burgerfest #burgerday

-No matter what, you always deserve a burger to shower yourself with some love (ham, cheese, bacon, tomato sauce and the list goes on) #burgerfest #burgergram cheeseburger #hungry

-A burger a day keeps you happy, wise and never hungry again! #burgerlover #burgergram #foodie #burgerday

-Trust me, I’m more addicted to having burgers than love because you can buy it and it always makes me happy 😉 #burgergram #instaburger #burgerday

Burger Day Wishes: 

-I hope you take an amazing trip to one of the best burger joints today to feel the taste melt in your mouth right at the first dig! Happy burger day. 

-Let’s skip to the good part and just go and have burgers together. Happy burger day folks!

-Do what makes you happy? Having a burger generally makes everyone happy. Enjoy the burger day with some good one! 

-I wish you a happy burger day but the rest is on you to go and grab one to really be happy! 

-Never underestimate the power of a double cheese burger! It can motivate anyone any day! 

-Even though I do not like vegetables, all of them stuffed in a burger is actually amazing! Wishing you all a great burger day. 

-Who’s going to join me on my drive to grab some tasty burgers on this burger day? Even if you are not, have a great burger day mate. 

-On this burger day, let’s feed burgers to those who wish to have it but cannot afford it at the best joints due to money 

-I stand with all those who support the notion of having burgers on burger day! It’s important so go and grab one. 

-The international Burger Day calls for a toast for the taste it gives us on every dig! Enjoy, have one and chill! 

-If no one is, then treat yourself on this International Burger Day with the one taste that your taste-buds love! 

-Burger Days are meant to be celebrated and I hope you have a really tasty and cheese stuffed burger today. 

-I can’t keep calm because it is burger day today and I am running to get some! Have a great burger day folks! 

-Burger day is the best celebration because it specifically says what you are ought to have today! Hence, go ahead and grab that burger! 

-Burgers on your mind? So get a burger on your plate too on this Happy international burger day. 

-The best burgers are the ones that your friends treat you on burger day! Go and get a friend who’ll treat you today. 

-A worthy life is the one where you have a great burger. And today is the day to have one. Happy burger day mates!

Burger Day Status: 

-The secret recipe to happiness is double cheese in your burger on Burger Day

-I want to be in a ham-stuffed state of mind with cheese and burger breads (PS-It’s burger day)

-I’m not having anything else other than Burgers today. It’s Burger Day!

-There’s a day to celebrate Burgers and it’s today! I’m grabbing one RN! 

-The peace I feel with a burger stuffed in my mouth is UNIMAGINABLE!

-Where there’s burger, there’s no tension. It’s all cheese and happiness-Happy Burger Day folks

-Showcase your love for burgers on this burger day! Post pictures of what you are having NOW!

-No regretting, instead get a great burger today on international burger day! 

-Burgers are meant to eat and not only to dream of. Forget the calories just dunk today. 

-If it makes you happy then it’s worth it, said every burger lover on the International Burger Day

-The long queues at Burger King shows how much peeps love the burger! Love Burger Day! 

-The simple joy in eating a burger is so hard to find in anything else! Happy Burger Day folks 

-The bigger the burger, the better the celebrations of Burger Day!

-This burger day, go help yourself and have a burger to enjoy the vibe of the day.

-I just love burger day as I get to eat on this day without any guilt! 

-Don’t count calories on burger day, count the happiness that comes with the burger today. 

Burger Day Quotes: 

– “I give myself a cheat day where I annihilate my diet. I’m an all-American girl, so I go for a burger and fries and a shake.” – Ashley Wagner

– “I always say, ‘Eat clean to stay fit; have a burger to stay sane.’ – Gigi Hadid

– “I still eat a burger at a counter with ketchup dripping down my face.” – Scarlett Johansson 

– “I hate eating vegetables. The only vegetables I eat are lettuce on a burger.” – Chance The Rapper

– “You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars.” – Charles Kuralt 

– “We all need to make time for a burger once in a while.” – Erica Durance 

– “I would rather be having a burger and beers with my mates but I can’t do that when I know I’ve got to dance.” – Michael Flatley 

– “If it’s not too late, make it a cheese-burger” – Lyle Lovett

– “Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping – they called it opportunity.” – Bill Gates 

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