A Speech on “What is better: buying pets or adoption?”

Without thinking twice, we can say that pets are a source of immense joy to people. A majority of the students seated here might have pets at their homes. You never feel lonely when you have pets. Pets like dogs are very loyal to their masters and are even called ‘man’s best friend. Most of you might have bought your pets from pet shops.

Some of you might have adopted them. Which one do you think is better: Buying pets or adopting? 

As with any other concepts, these two also come with their pros and cons. When you adopt a pet from an animal shelter, you are giving it a new home and a new life. Animals who are abandoned are the ones that end up in shelter homes. These are the animals that need a good home. You are also saving its life because many animal shelters euthanize these animals when the shelter floods with animals, and there is no space to accommodate them. Also, the cost of adopting a pet is much less than buying one.

You can also contribute to helping stop places like puppy mills where they breed animals for commercial purposes and do not care about the welfare of these dogs. They are left in the worst living conditions and are treated very badly in such places. After they are no longer useful, they are killed or are just left to die. If you promote adopting animals, these organizations will run at a loss and may eventually shut down.

Keeping aside humaneness and emotions, if you want a purebred pet and you want to be well aware of its behaviors and features, the better option for you would be to buy it from a proper pet store. When you adopt a pet, you do not know what it brings with it.

The owners of the animal shelters may not know what behaviors are specific to the animal since they are not much concerned about it. But when you buy a pet from an authorized pet shop, the owner will know the complete details of the pet, the breed, the features particular to the animal, and will be able to answer any queries in the future about the pet you purchase from them.

When you buy puppies or other animals when they are babies, you can see them grow and will know exactly what the likes, dislikes, habits, and manners the pet has.

You will also be able to bring up and train the pet the way you want. In adoption, this will be difficult as they usually will be grownups by the time you adopt them. You will also have a special love for them since you brought them up. You will also be clear about any medical conditions that it has and will be able to provide proper care. 

Now that you are clear about both buying and adopting, you can choose what best suits your interest.

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