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The National Celiac Disease Awareness Day is observed every year on the 13th of February. It is a day dedicated to spread awareness and support people affected by auto-immune diseases. All around the world, millions of people are diagnosed, and some people are affected by birth by this immune deformity. 

National Celiac Disease Awareness Day Messages

– The Celiac disease or the auto-immune disease effect in the body cannot be reversed and can only be controlled or taken care of with a proper, well-planned diet.

– The National Celiac Disease Awareness Day sends the message for people to diagnose such diseases and promote the importance of diagnosis.

The National Celiac Disease Awareness Day allows various resource groups to support people diagnosed with such auto-immune diseases. It helps them in maintaining a proper diet plan.

– It is the responsibility of all people to provide support to the families who have been affected by Celiac disease.

– We should promote the importance of a different nutritional routine signifying the National Celiac Disease Awareness Day.

– Celiac disease is a genetic disorder. This disease affects millions of people worldwide, leading to observing the National Celiac Disease Awareness Day, a lesser-known condition but indeed to be taken care of.

– On this day, let us spread the word to people to be aware of such deadly diseases. 

– One of the ultimate prevention of Celiac disease is staying hygienic and clean.

– The Celiac disease makes people unable to consume gluten-based food such as grains, wheat, or barley.

– The patients are requiring them to finish a well-planned, balanced diet, the only known cure for such disease. Spread the word.

– The National Celiac Disease Awareness Day provides ways to take care of people affected by Celiac diseases and promotes the need for a proper nutrient-based routine.

– The cure for this disease is only a well taken care of diet and avoiding gluten-based food. 

– The importance of diagnosing Celiac disease is paramount as its negligence or treatment can affect other parts of the body, leading to other conditions such as cancer, osteoporosis, and infertility.

– The National Celiac Disease Awareness Day is a day to get knowledge about a lesser-known disease, the Celiac disease, which affects the body’s immune system.

– This disease makes it difficult for the body to absorb essential nutrients for the body.

– It’s essential for families of affected people and the individual involved to lead a gluten-free life and adopt a fair and efficient nutrient-based diet.

– The National Celiac Disease Awareness Day makes you aware of taking care of the food you intake, earning you extra careful about the stuff you eat.

-On this day, we should learn to be open about asking people if the food they are provided with is gluten-free.

– Celiac disease is a disease whose only method of taking care is a proper diet.

– This disease has to be openly and widely accepted. 

– The National Celiac Disease Awareness Day gives all the people the strength to fight their way back to normalcy with proper food care.

National Celiac Disease Awareness Day quotes

“Gluten sensitivity may also cause asthmatic attacks.”
― Shari Lieberman

After I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I said yes to food, with great enthusiasm. . . . I vowed to taste everything I could eat, rather than focusing on what I could not.”
― Shauna James Ahern

“Perhaps most important to keep in mind, however, is that it can be impossible to distinguish between the symptoms of MS and those of gluten sensitivity.”
― Shari Lieberman

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