Should Cheerleading Be Considered a Sport? – Speech (593 Words)

Good (—) to one and all present here. My name is (—) and I am here today to give a speech on why cheerleading should be considered a sport. A sport is an activity that involves physical exertion and in a competitive nature. Cheerleading needs skills and physical exertion and in my opinion, it should be considered a sport.

Cheerleading is similar to many other sports like gymnastics, acrobatics, aerobics, and dance. Cheerleading like all these sports require the athletes to be in shape, talented, trained, and precise. There are also a lot of stunts that are involved in shading such as lifting a person in the air, throwing them, and catching them precisely.

Their leaders must be trained appropriately so that they all remain safe and prevent themselves from harm during the act. This shows that cheerleading needs immense recession and practice Tu to be safe and avoid injuries.

They require a lot of physical exertion and skills. The jumping that they do requires flexibility, stamina, and good balance. The cheerleaders jump in an unnatural position which takes a toll on them if they are not trained properly. They require a lot of practice to make their emotions perfect and Sharp for competition.

You are leading is usually not considered as a sport because people do not acknowledge their efforts that they do and do not think they are competent. But it is not so as most cheers compete more than once in a season. It takes a lot of planning, training, and rehearsing to pull them off. Their performances are based on their stunts, creativity, jumping, motions synchronization, etc.

Cheerleading, like most people mistake, is not just about standing on the sidelines and yelling. It requires intense physical activity skills, athleticism, competitiveness, and training. It is unfair to not consider cheerleading as a sport.

According to the women’s Sports Foundation, a sport must be a physical activity and should propel a mass through space or overcome the resistance of mass full stop cheerleading presents this through stunting where the resistance of mass is shown through tossing and holding the girls at various levels while they do their ax and also through their flexibility or flipping and spinning.

As with every other spot cheerleading also has a crowd to impress, coaches and judges, and a demanding schedule. Cheerleading requires intense physical and mental constraints as they are expected to do backflips, spinning, etc. Like every other sport cheerleading also has rules and restrictions.

In competitive cheerleading, they have strict time limits and dimensions of map space score sheets, and the winner is declared at the end of every competition. It doesn’t make sense to say that cheerleading is not a sport as it qualifies every aspect of a sport. It is important that cheerleading should receive the recognition it deserves and should be respected as a sport. I hope I have brought a solution to the ongoing debates regarding the same. Thank you all.

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