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February 15 is the day that holds the significance of international childhood cancer day. International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) which was established in 2002 by Childhood Cancer International (CCI) is commended the world over every year on February fifteenth.

CCI – a worldwide system of 171 part associations in 88 nations including our part association is focused on working with its international accomplices including the World Health Organization, SIOP, and others, towards the worldwide objective of lessening youth cancer mortality and the end of cancer-related agony and enduring.

Childhood cancer day Messages

-We’re all together in the worldwide battle against youth cancer.You are going to be a motivation for everyone.

-I don’t think he exists since it is an impossibility to have an ‘adoring’ god who is substance to remain by and watch 25,000 children under 5 bite the dust each day of irresistible ailments or starvation, and a lot more experience the ill effects of youth cancer or hereditary variations from the norm, and so forth.

-When a kid is detected to have cancer it influences everybody in the family. We need to be strong and fight this situation together.

-Tomorrow is the day when I shave my head for adolescent cancer. Tomorrow is the day that we tell youthful legends that we are with them in their adventure.. Tomorrow is the day that we tell youthful legends that we are endeavoring to support them.

-We all need our children to grow up sound from day one well there are a lot of difficulties out there. We can keep these by perusing and understanding what we are utilizing to avert things at home.

-To the smallest warriors battling pediatric cancer, we salute you… and every one of the families, medical caretakers, and specialists who are battling for you. Today is International Childhood Cancer Day.

-Today is International Childhood Cancer Day. A day-to-stand joined with an end goal to bring issues to light of the endeavors to improve results for children determined to have cancer around the globe.

-Today is International Childhood Cancer Day. Offer this gold strip to demonstrate your help for all children with cancer.

-Tomorrow is International Childhood Cancer Day. Youth stops for truly sick children.

-Today is World Cancer Day. Set up in 2000, it advances awareness, research, and administrations committed to helping individuals overcome cancer.

-Since cancer transforms, I trust the appropriate response won’t be one single treatment so supporting an association that scans for the most encouraging fixes broadly and internationally is imperative.

-It does exist and it’s overall us – all of us. Escape your air pocket and battle for OUR children. Pediatric cancer is unique in relation to grown-up cancers. The children need support and love. Help them survive this disease.

-If our children are our future, at that point for what reason would we say we are not battling more diligently to discover solutions for them?”

-I am so upset about the battle you are experiencing, and I consider you regularly. You are the epitome of strength.

-I wish I could remove this torment for you. I wish that this year we work and excel in the field of cancer and find your cure.

-I genuinely appreciate your quality and strength. This day will mark your strength.

-I wish each beneficial thing for you and your family, and I will think (or appeal to God for) of you as you experience this.

-I’m waiting for you to have a grin all over on the grounds that you have put a grin all over so often before. Try to cherish what you have and we will always support you.

-I like to feel that “can” is a piece of the word cancer with the goal that individuals will concentrate on what they can do rather than what they can’t.

-Don’t let cancer take anything from you that you don’t need it to. Your childhood will be the period that will make you strong for your future.

-I realize you are more grounded than cancer. I’m anticipating you beating cancer senseless.

-My trust in you is that you’ll be just as you can possibly be.I know you will beat cancer and come back stronger.

-You are a wellspring of motivation to me even as you face this test. Cancer is a test that you will pass with flying colors.

-I am appealing to God for you. If it’s not too much trouble informed me as to whether you have a particular petition demand, so I can appeal to God for what you need.

-You’ll dependably be my companion. You have something like one partner in your battle with cancer.

-I’m imploring that cancer will never again have the capacity to hurt your body, psyche, or soul.

-Does cancer realize who it’s messing with? I don’t think it stands an opportunity against you. You are a kind of strength and motivation.

-The just thing I know more obstinate than cancer is you. It’s a standout amongst your best characteristics, and it’s your mystery weapon.

-You are cherished. Absolutely always remember that. You don’t need to experience only anything.

-I am appealing to God for you from multiple points of view. I am petitioning God for recuperating, harmony, solace, and support.

-I am sorry you need to experience this. You are demonstrating to me how solid you are, and you’re working superbly.

-People may give you exhortation. Some might be great, some might be awful. It’s your decision whether to take it. Do what you believe is correct. Oh no! I just gave you guidance.

-If I was cancer, I’d be terrified messing with you.

-I trust you realize that since you have cancer doesn’t mean I’m going to treat you any in an unexpected way. Regardless i’ll be giving you trouble.

-Laughter is useful for the resistant framework. Perhaps that is for what reason there’s nothing interesting about cancer. Continue giggling in any case.

-No one can influence you to do anything. Make sure to tell cancer that next time it needs to control you.

Childhood Cancer Day Wishes

-Today is International Childhood Cancer Day, a day dedicated to the little fighters fighting childhood cancer.

-We congratulate you and all the families, health professionals, and specialists who fight against cancer.

-Today is World Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, we need to create cancer awareness.

-Children who fight cancer are a source of inspiration and power.

-Raising awareness about childhood cancer today and other days.

-A united day to stand to highlight the concerns of efforts to improve outcomes for children diagnosed with cancer around the world.

-Cancer doesn’t mean life is over. Let’s fight cancer.

-Cancer can’t kill anyone until it gets permission. Be strong and smile, and you will do well.

-If we resign ourselves to cancer, we cannot recover our health and well-being.

-International Childhood Cancer Day reminds us that we are all together in this battle against cancer and that we must defeat it together.

-Never let disease dominate you or your life, for you have the strength of character to overcome any obstacle. 

-I sincerely wish we can fight cancer someday.

-We make Childhood Cancer Day more meaningful by raising awareness of the disease.
-Let’s make cancer a thing of the past!

-Compared to those who succumb to cancer, there are more people who fight it and survive it.

-Always keep your hopes alive. Don’t let cancer win.

-We pledge on Childhood Cancer Day to never give up on this disease, and we will not allow anyone else to do so.

-Cancer, like any other difficulty we face in life, must be faced head-on.

-Let’s fight and see who comes out on top.

-There is no fear of cancer. We must fight this deadly disease and let it win.

-Let cancer take nothing away from you. Your childhood will transform you into a powerful person for the future.

-Cancer will never be able to gain control of you because you are so much more. Be aware of the disease and take a firm stand against it.

-Cancer is a journey, but you must walk it alone and fight against it with all your heart.

-Not the quantity of breaths we take, but the moments that grab our breath are what define our lives.

-Life is fascinating because of the obstacles we face, and it is meaningful for how we conquer them.

Childhood Cancer Day Status

-Enjoy what life has to offer and fight for what you want.

-To live a cancer-free life, be happy and encourage others to be healthy.

-I wish you all to understand how precious each moment of life is. 

-On this Childhood Cancer Day, I hope you are caring for your child in the best way possible.

-On this Childhood Cancer Day, I send you lots of good wishes. This cancer day please take care of your child.

-Never lose faith in yourself. May God grant you a long and happy life. Wishes.

-Although cancer is an unpleasant disease, it is worth seeking joy after cancer.

-Go, fight and heal.

-Cancer has a CAN because WE CAN defeat it!

-Start making the most of this day by catching problems early.

-Our goal is to find a cure and awareness is an important part of that.

– Treat your mind first, then your cancer.

-A world with fewer cancer cases has more birthdays.

-For your safety, always talk about the importance of early detection

-There’s only one team. There is only one dream. Let’s find a cure together.

-One small step at a time, join the fight.

-Something that doesn’t kill constantly strengthens you.

-Cancer affects you emotionally and psychologically more than physically.

-Surround yourself with those who will help you climb higher.

-As this is how you will overcome the darkness, stand close to your sun and shine brightly.

-It was just a matter of focusing on the battle instead of the fear.

-Cancer is a matter of action. So, take action today against this disease.

Childhood Cancer Day Captions

-Fight, discover the cure. #findcureforcancer

-Early detection helps save lives. #savelives

-I can do it, and I will. #wewillnotletcancerwin

-Get rid of cancer! #ridofcancer

-Hope is a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer. #livelife

-Our mission is to conquer cancer. It is in our souls that we can do it! #endcancer

-Anything is possible once you choose hope! #choosetohopeagianstcancer

-We must weather the storm before we can see a rainbow! #goodhopesaginstcancer

-Let’s unite to help all who suffer from this life-threatening cancer. #fightagianstcancer

-Cancer doesn’t mean life is over. Let’s fight cancer. #fightagianstcancer

-Cancer has no chance of destroying you until you give him this power. Be strong and smile and you will be fine. #livelife

-If we resign ourselves to cancer, we can never recover our health and well-being. #cancerisnottheend

-Childhood Cancer Day reminds us that we are all together in this battle against cancer and that we must work together. #weareallinthistogether

-Cancer won’t be able to kill you unless you give it permission. Be strong and smile and you will be fine. #endcancer

-We cannot resign ourselves to cancer, we cannot recover our health and well-being. #cancermustend

-World Childhood Cancer Day reminds us that we are all together in this battle against cancer and that we must beat it together. #findacureforcancer

-Cancer is harming our civilization and our future, so we must fight it with all we have. #endcancer

-Making everyone aware of cancer is the first step to eradicating the disease from the planet. #findcureforcancer

-On the occasion of World Cancer Day, best wishes. #fightcancer
-It is always better to know about cancer because you will benefit if you know about this early. #learnaboutcancer

Childhood Cancer Day Quotes

-“Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.” – Jim Valvano.

-“Cancer is a journey, but you walk the road alone. There are many places to stop along the way and get nourishment – you just have to be willing to take it.” – Emily Hollenberg.

-“Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Just be who you are. That’s what’s cool.” – Ben Stiller.

-“Look what scares you in the face and try to understand it.”- Jane Fonda.

-“Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees; it brought me to my feet.” – Michael Douglas.

-“People go through challenging moments of losing people and of having their life threatened from illness and real grief. But they get through it. And that’s the testament to the human spirit and it’s -we are fragile, but we also are divine. “- Sheryl Crow.

-“I’ve always thought of myself as being a warrior. When you have a battle, it’s better than when you don’t know who to fight.”- Carly Simon.

-“It was early detection that saved my voice – and I imagine, my life.”- Rod Stewart.

-“The pain lets you know you’re still alive.”- Hugh Jackman.

-“Time goes on. So whatever you’re going to do, do it. Do it now. Don’t wait.- Robert De Niro

-“I didn’t even think of my breasts in a nostalgic way, I just wanted to be a; it’s live my life without that fear all the time. It’s not ‘pity me, it’s a decision I made that’s got rid of this weight that I was carrying around.”- Sharon Osborne.

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