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Good (—). I am (—) and I am here today to tell you why children should be able to choose their bedtime. Most parents will be very strict about their children’s daily routines and timetables. Order and discipline are very important in a child’s personal growth. But some things should be left to the child to decide what they want to do.

One of those things is to choose their bedtime. Toddlers can be put to bed on time by their parents, but if they have grown enough to tell time, they should be given the liberty to choose their bedtime. 

There are certain things that people of a certain age can perform. For a child, waking up early, brushing their teeth, going to school, listening in class, coming back home, and finishing their assignments and homework may seem like a gruesome task for them. Parents should understand that their minds are small and such things can cause stress in them. I have seen many children spiraling as they cannot complete their assignments and manage time because of their strict bedtime.

School-going children do have a lot on their plate. We should give them at least this freedom. The child will know through experience that if he or she sits up late unnecessarily, they will be tired in the morning and will not have enough energy. So they will start managing their time to complete their work on time and will manage to go to bed at a reasonable time. 

When children choose their bedtime, they will not be stressed out if they couldn’t get enough sleep as they may be afraid that their parents might scold them for being tired in the morning. Parents should also educate their children on the importance of good sleep.

Instead of imposing strict rules and a strict bedtime on them, let them know the effects of lack of sleep like health issues, lack of attention and concentration, etc.

When parents talk to their children about such things and trust their children, they will start to feel confident and responsible and will start following their parents when they get the feeling that their parents are reasoning logically. 

It is not necessary that children should go to bed when adults feel tired or sleepy. Instead, just tell them that you are tired and that you are going to bed and ask them to lower their voice and finish their work till they are sleepy.

If your children bring to your attention that they are not able to get enough sleep, look into it, and find out what is hindering them. Find remedies to help them get out of their bedtime problem.

Though they may be given the liberty to choose their bedtime, make sure that they are not sleep-deprived. If it concerns you, try contacting their teachers or friends and find out whether they are active or tired in class. Do whatever is in your child’s best interest.

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