A Speech on Churches’ Needs to Contribute Their Share of Taxes

The purpose of government of each and every country is to provide proper and just law and order in our society. They should be able to recognize that the people have different beliefs, and should work in order to protect the citizens from any unwanted conflicts that can bear out form these different beliefs.

Another way of considering their role can be to see the government as an essential body to provide the safety and policies with which we can gain our desired “happiness” as clarified by our social beliefs. Now we all know that, law is very essential for a government to function properly, and is guided by the overall process for which the government was being built in the first place. he The church and  the other religious institutions are an example of a beneficiary services of the government. 

Whether they choose to follow and respect the services or not, they are always under the same protection as everyone else are and they also can enjoy the same peace affected by the existence of our government and also various effective implementation of laws.

Because they can receive many benefits from the government, they must also try their best to contribute in sustaining the government. To not act like that is simply unfair, as it would  definitely cause the result in other constituents indirectly bearing the huge burden of tax while not getting  any extra benefit. 

Because the government cannot get anything from churches but still has to provide many things for them with addition to an unfair amount of the burden of costs, the rule of the tax exemptions to the church also poignantly force many non-believers to follow religion. True freedom to follow and respect your own religion or faith means that no person should be forced in shouldering any burden related to any religion he or she does not want to follow.  The cost of the workings and everything else that allows churches to practice their respective religions has a strong economic impact and  also some added cost. 

To exempt churches from the taxation rules unethically reduces the ability of the other social proceedings that deserve to improve and progress, and thereby goes against the good intention of the government.

Another problem can be that all the constituents under the government have to be considered of equal importance, to provide financial benefit to only one shows the view that one  constituent is  far more important than the other one, which is not the foundation of the  modern government. The taxation process is only a benefit carried over from old practice during the time when the church also worked as a state authority. But the law has started to change for decades, state and religious powers are separated now and should be considered as such. Government should have to treat the religious believers and non-believers with equal importance.

The church or other religious institution are not for the reason of providing fair benefits to people for which the government is responsible. This is the point of the freedom of  following our desired religion! It is a person’s choice, and not the government’s task to forcefully make the choice for you. 

As a result, the taxpayer would not have to pay for it. Churches always have a good purpose and fair rules, which is to offer a peaceful place for  our religious worship and guidance in the form of various religious advice and instructions as well. However, we also believe that such religious advice are not the work of the government. 

Another good reason to stop tax exemptions for churches is that they are not any non-profit organizations in the real sense. At first, a church or religious organization may seem to us like a non-profit organization because they do not have any market or sell any tangible products and the purposes of their existence are not the same as most other corporations in the economic status, but we have to consider that they still provide a service for which they are getting compensated . The service that they offer are those religious advice and worship. 

Failure to get tax from the churches has a very powerful economic cost as well. Most of the economy of many countries are currently going through crisis, in this time tax exemption is not a very good idea for any country.

Therefore in my opinion Churches need to contribute their share of taxes.

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