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Citizenships day is a day in the US calendar that holds great value in the country. It is celebrated on 17th September every day to mark the signing of the constitution of America.

The event dates back to 1787 when the country’s founders signed the constitution and laid down other important amendments to guarantee the rights of the citizens of the land.

Constitution day is celebrated alongside Citizenship day to mark the importance of the events.

Citizenship day messages

-Let’s take a moment and pay our salute to the founders of our country. Happy citizenship day.

-We celebrate this special day with utmost pride and respect for our motherland. Wish you a very happy citizenship day.

-On this citizenship day, as responsible citizens of the country we must value and know our responsibilities well enough.

-I wish you my heartiest congratulations on becoming an official citizen of the nation with a glorious history. All the best.

-Democracy is for the people, the people, and the people. I wish you a happy citizenship day and a happy constitution day.

-Celebrate the day as proud citizens of the united states of America and instill patriotism in your kids as well. Happy citizenship day!

-Being a citizen of a nation is a matter of pride and honor and on this special day, I wish you a very happy and joyful citizenship day.

-Becoming a citizen of this glorious nation is itself a matter of pride and good fortune, Celebrate your citizenship day with your loved ones.

-Happy citizenship day. A citizen of a nation holds many responsibilities and we must remember the sacrifices always. 

-Our ancestors have fought for our rights so that we can live peacefully today. Wishing you a very happy citizenship day!

-Today is the day to celebrate our citizenship day and pay homage to our glorious nation’s founding fathers.

-Being a good citizen costs nothing. So let’s take a pledge today and become a good citizen of our country. Happy citizenship day.

-A country’s prosperity lies in the hands of the citizens and today is the day to celebrate the power of the citizens.

-A nation is defined by its citizens. We must not forget our duties towards our nation. Happy citizenship day to you.

-I wish you a very happy citizenship day. Your love for motherland should always be pure and selfless.

-On this honorable day, I wish you a very happy and prosperous citizenship day. Celebrate the day like a responsible citizen.

-For a citizen, their country is the first home and their love for homeland should be unmatchable. May this citizenship day bring joy to you.

-A country is built on values and principles of our ancestors and we must always protect it at any cost. Happy citizenship day.

-Many have laid their lives and sacrificed to give us the life we lead today. Celebrate this citizenship day with utmost pride and honor.

-Congratulations on becoming a valued citizen of the most beautiful nation in the world. Happy citizenship day to you!

-The day is here where a responsible citizen of the most beautiful nation in the world celebrates the status of being a citizen. Happy citizenship day.

-A citizen of a nation decides on the future of a country and citizenship day is here to celebrate the power of a citizen. Happy citizenship day!

-This day goes down the pages of history books as one of the important days of the country. Happy citizenship day.

-Being a citizen of a country like the United States of America is a huge blessing. Happy citizenship day.

-Let us all take a pledge today that we will always love and respect our nation as a responsible citizen. Happy citizenship day.

-With each day passing by, you are growing to be a better and wiser citizen. Happy citizenship day.

-Take a pledge today that you will always protect and serve your nation till your death. Happy citizenship day.

-This citizenship day is all about celebrating patriotism and spreading love everywhere. Happy citizenship day.

-The time has come to celebrate thankfulness for your country. Happy citizenship day.

-Your nation is always for you and it’s time you realize you need to stand with your nation. Happy citizenship day.

-You are a responsible citizen of the country and it is time to contribute to society. Happy citizenship day.

-A responsible citizen knows the true value of a constitution of a country. Happy citizenship day.

-An aware and wise citizen serves as the building block of a country, Happy citizenship day.

-It is your responsibility as a good citizen to carry the values of the nation on your shoulders. Happy citizenship day.

-A good citizen will always respect the values of the nation’s founding fathers. Happy citizenship day.

-Celebrating this citizenship day is all about remembering the contributions of our founding fathers.

-A citizen of the USA means holding pride and dignity for the nation. I wish you a very happy citizenship day.

-You mus always remember and follow the fundamentals laid down by our founding fathers. Happy citizenship day.

-History remains proof that a memorable event took place in the past. Happy citizenship day.

-Singing of the constitution and giving the citizens their rights is a big achievement. Celebrate the citizenship day with pride.

-A citizen of a nation is the soul of the nation. Happy citizenship day.

-A country is not a country without its citizens. I wish you a very happy citizenship day.

-Happy constitution day and happy citizenship day to you. Celebrate this great day with a heartful of pride and honor.

-On this day our great founding fathers signed the constitution of the nation. Happy citizenship day.

-The citizens of a nation are officially the representatives of the nation. Happy citizenship day.

-Let us make a promise that we will protect and serve our motherland till our last breath. Happy citizenship day.

Citizenship Day Captions:

-Being an American citizen, as long as the American blood will run in my veins, I shall hold my liberty to write, speak and do whatever I want. Happy Citizenship Day. #secondcitizenship #citizenshipbill #citizenshipact

-It’s Citizenship Day, the day to celebrate being amenable to the laws of my country. Cheers! #immigration #visa #greencard

-On this Citizenship Day, let’s be entitled to the American rights as other countries. Happy Citizenship Day! #outstandingcitizenship #canadacitizenship #citizenshipapplication

-The American Citizenship Day is a great event to celebrate those men who worked and contributed hard for us. #citizenshipbyinvestment #citizenshipamendmentbill2022 #citizenship

-Being an American citizen, my freedom of speech is the best I ever had. Happy Citizenship Day. #secondcitizenship #citizenshipbill #citizenshipact

-Freedom of speech makes this country what it is today! Let’s celebrate. Happy Citizenship Day. #outstandingcitizenship #canadacitizenship #citizenshipapplication

-America is what remains in our souls. Happy Citizenship Day. #immigration #visa #greencard

-Not by birth, nature, or shape, I am American by soul. Happy Citizenship Day. #citizenshipbyinvestment #citizenshipamendmentbill2022 #citizenship

Citizenship Day Wishes:

-Wishing a happy Citizenship Day to all American residents. Let’s take pride in being an American. 

-Citizenship Day is a matter of pride in being American and the citizens of this wonderful country in the world. 

-Sending you all my warm greetings for Citizenship Day. Let’s make this day truly memorable for close ones. 

-I feel proud of calling myself an American. I hope, at this Citizenship Day event, you will show your pride, too. 

-Citizenship Day in America is one of the most vital and significant days that brings golden history along. 

-Let’s make this Citizenship Day a cheering and memorable day of our lives. Happy Citizenship Day!

-Wish you a happy Citizenship Day day. It’s a reminder for you to realize how truly fortunate we are to be American citizens. 

-Age is just a number; wisdom is real. Happy Citizenship Day!

-No matter how old you are being an American citizen, your wisdom for life is all that matters the most. Happy Citizenship Day!

-Being an American for a long time made me realize how blessed I am! Happy Citizenship Day.

-Forget your problems, age, hindrances, and live your life to the fullest. Happy Citizenship Day. 

-The Citizenship Day event is a moment for celebrating who we are today! 

-Citizenship Day provides us with a motive for our purpose of living. Happy Citizenship Day. 

-The essence and warmth we get in this beautiful country, no other nation can provide that. Happy Citizenship Day!

-Being an American, the essence and warmth are the best feelings you can relish. Happy Citizenship Day. 

Citizenship Day Quotes:

-“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” -Abraham Lincoln

-“This city is what it is because our citizens are what they are.” – Plato

-“United we stand, divided we fall.” – Aesop

-“We must all live together as brothers or perish alone as fools.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

-“There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.” – Ralph Nader

-“And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Nelson Mandela

-“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

-“Citizenship is the chance to make a difference to the place where you belong.” -Charles Handy

-“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

-“Ensuring the access of all citizens to government information and to essential information for human development is a must for every democratic society.” – Koïchiro Matsuura

-“I remind myself of the power of thought and how it’s my obligation as a citizen (and student) of humanity to propel compassion.” – Alyssa Milano

-“Our true nationality is humankind.” – H.G. Wells

-“Citizenship consists in the service of the country.” -Jawaharlal Nehru

Citizenship Day Status:

-American citizenship day is a reminder of our heritage, history, and contributions. Let’s take a bow.

-On this American citizenship day, let us encourage education and remind the heritage of our country.

-American citizenship day is what makes us liberal and active. Happy citizenship day!

-On this citizenship day, let’s celebrate the power of knowledge and wisdom. Happy citizenship day. 

-It’s citizenship day, the opportunity to become an active social person instead of passive. 

– citizenship day holds ample history, political updates, and memories that we must not forget. 

-Is it too much to ask for liberty on citizenship day? 

-Congratulations to Citizenship Day and to those who have got us Citizenship. 

-On this Citizenship Day, let’s make some beautiful memories together. Happy Citizenship Day.

-Wish all a very happy and wonderful Citizenship Day. 

-Take my warm wish and love on this Citizenship Day. Cheers!

-On the occasion of Citizenship Day, let’s remember the glorious moments of 1917 when we became citizens. 

-On this Citizenship Day, I want to greet everyone everything good. Happy Citizenship Day. 

-Let’s celebrate this significant day of American Citizenship Day to remind everyone of its golden aspects. 

-Congrats to everyone who has become responsible citizens of the most powerful country- America.

-American Citizenship Day is the history that we must remember. 

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