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The National Civil Services Day is observed every year on date of April 21.

This day is dedicated for the civil servants who devote their entire life to the reason behind voters and renew their commitment to public service and excellence in work and for the country. The primary such operate control in Vigyan Bhawan on April 21, 2006.

Civil Service Day greetings

-Let your heart compassionate the afflictions and distress of everybody. I wish you a very Happy Civil Services Day!

-All the ability is at intervals you. You’ll be able to do something. Happy Civil Services Day!

-Public service should be overdoing employment with efficiency and honestly. It should be a complete dedication to folks and also the nation. Happy Civil Services Day, Sir. Thank you for serving us faithfully.

-The civil servants are primarily the master of the short-run resolution. I wish you a very Happy Civil Services Day!

-Service without humility is stinginess and egotism. Happy Civil Services Day!

-The knowledge imparted with the heart will bring revolution within the society. Happy Civil Services Day!

-The civil servants will never be placed on a satisfactory basis until it’sits regulated by law. I wish you a very Happy Civil Services Day, Sir. Thank you for serving us faithfully.

-Take the civil servants out of state, and also, the country can collapse, take politics out of state, and even the government can flourish. Happy Civil Services Day!

-To ease another’s heartbreak is to forget one’sone’s own. Happy Civil Services Day!

-Choose service instead. Not as a result of the globe desires you — it in all probability does not. The world is going to be okay. And if it will not be acceptable, you alone cannot fix it. Happy Civil Services Day!

-Choose service due to there’s nothing a lot of unacceptable than a proficient, driven one who is additionally utterly self-obsessed. Wish you a very Happy Civil Services Day, Sir

-Anyone is often flourishing. Solely service will cause you to understand, however insignificant, and however meaning, it slow on earth very is. I wish you a very Happy Civil Services Day, Sir. Thank you for serving us faithfully.

-The world does not like much-bent police WHO fake to uphold the law ahead of the associate investigation; it desires a lot of mere authority WHO follow justice even once no one is trying. Happy Civil Services Day, Sir

-Cops square measure the general public servants, not the govt servants. Happy Civil Services Day, Sir. Thank you for serving us faithfully.

-No public administration will be accepted unless the general public servants square measure polite and pleasant to the folks. Happy Civil Services Day, Sir.

-Public servants, in conjunction with payment conjointly get power, ought to beat any personal sector worker, any social service volunteer at providing sensible available service. Happy Civil Services Day, Sir. Thank you for serving us faithfully.

-The civil servants could be a bit sort of a rusty vane. It moves with the opinion that it stays wherever it’s till another wind moves it in an exceedingly different direction. Happy Civil Services Day, Sir. Thank you for serving us faithfully.

-It’s all papers and forms; the whole civil servants are a defensive structure product of documents, shapes, and procedures. Happy Civil Services Day, Sir.

Civil Service Day messages 

-It takes hundreds of individuals to show against the law politically impose the right democratic injustice. And because it happens, an enormous piece of these persons are civil servants. 

-If even a few civil servant of the country is loyal and faithful to the country, then the place is in safe hands my dear.

-I allocate a name at the moment to the civil servants all over the world – yours is to serve, not the government, not the politicians, not even the constitution, however the people. 

-You’re the initial servants of the society. For your shoulders lies the accountability of humanity\’s existing and future. If the militia is our continued protection in any nook of the world, you are our initial line of defense in each nook of the world. 

-Injustice should ask your permission earlier than coming into the lives of the people. You, civil servants, are the primary vanguards of society.

-You usually in this place to build a dwelling, on the other hand, to change the county to degree amply, with a more giant imaginative and prescient and a more delicate spirit of hope and accomplishment.

-It’s the civil servants who run a rustic, not the politicians.

-A member of the civil provider in the discharge of his/her features is to be guided by declaring genuine integrity, allegiance to the structure and the law of the nation, nationalism, nationwide pride, 

dedication to duty, honesty, impartiality, and transparency.

-The high Minister and the manager ministers are one team. The cupboard Ministers and the say Ministers are one more team. The civil servants on the center and the states are yet one more team. This is often the sole method we can with success develop India.

-With unhealthy laws and sensible civil servants, it’s still potential to manipulate. However, with unhealthy civil servants, even the most specific laws can not help.

-One of the major points to allot responsibility to the civil servants is through World Health Organization.

-On National Civil Services day, the officers of central and say the high Minister of the republic awards governments for his or her exceptional and products in the sphere of inhabitants administration.

Civil Service Day quotes

-A central government only passes the bills. But the planning and implementation is the responsibility of the civil service officers.”


-If you want to serve the nation and it’s people, and offer them a good future, then you must try to join the civil service officers.


-The task of a civil servant is not only to provide the best services for the countrymen, but also to uphold the integrity and dignity of the nation in every manner.


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