A Speech on Computer Nerds Will Always Be Unpopular

Nerds are kids or teenagers who have completely submerged themselves into the world of books, computers, and studies. For them being successful is the top priority; it is also what their parents want them to focus on. A person who has an obsessive interest in or high knowledge about computers that they always spent most of their time researching more and more information on this vast world of technology is called computer nerds. They lack other interests and knowledge on various subjects in their school. 

In an atmosphere where these nerds have to choose over being smarter and popular in school, they often choose to be smart and keep digging for more information and mostly stay away from all the crowd and other fun activities. They prefer to be in their group of people who just prefer to share a lot more ideas and information. In front of all the other students, they are always known as the “geeks” or “freaks”. They don’t have many active friends groups or parties; thus making them invisible to most of the other students. 

Computer nerds are practically the most intelligent kids in the school, they do contribute a lot to their school in terms of technological ideas and bringing it to life. Some of the children would also invent various kinds of interesting applications that could be useful to the school authorities and parents; sometimes even incredible applications for students use only. But no one will ever come to know who they are; they always love to keep them in the hidden side. Maybe for their safety or even to make sure their parents won’t know. 

Nerds are the kind of students who don’t crave attention. For example, Teenage kids pay a lot of attention to their clothing, accessories, looks, etc. Some are mainly to blend in but most of it is to show off and shine, trying to be a bit at least popular. Being popular has its demerits, one could never own their privacy. You will have eyes all around you, it may affect your studies, focus, and much more. For nerds it is intolerable to pass through such a phase, they need their own space and time to create ideas, focus on being successful always not just for them also for their parent’s satisfaction, and also need to build a zone of their own where nobody disturbs you.

Interestingly, any kind of a nerd, they don’t know the world outside of their made-up world. They don’t know how to have fun or interact with people, and so they don’t know what should be done to make themself popular. Being a nerd that has to reach success all the time, has also got their constant effort behind it that many people don’t realize, they just merely say “it is always easy for them”; but the truth is, they spend hours digging more information and keep learning, not worrying about being popular.

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