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The title might be misleading to many, as it superficially suggests a day dedicated to loving, glorifying, and cherishing the beautiful, shiny locks and curls some persons have. No, not at all! This day isn’t devoted to curly hair; instead, this day is observed to commemorate one of the lesser-known sports in this world, Curling.

Curling Is Cool Day Messages, Greetings and Quotes

Curling Is Cool Day Messages 

– 23rd of February each year is dedicated to cherishing this beautiful and artful game of Curling.

– Curling is known to have been invented in Scotland in the 16th century. People back then used to play this sport in frozen lakes. 

-Draining an old pond led to the discovery of a Curling stone, suggesting the game was invented in Scotland.

– In this sport, players wearing specific curling shoes try to slide the curling stones towards four concentric circles using a polishing broom. Granite Stones are used as Curling Stones.

– The game, Curling, is played on ice sheets.

– The game is played by two teams with four players on each side.

– Curling has got cool nicknames, too, such as Chess On Ice and The Roaring Game. One would what roaring does Curling have.

– The equipment required for this is a Curling Broom, Curling Stones made of graphite, and Curling shoes.

– Curling is an official Winter Olympics sport. It was first played in the 1924 Winter Olympics. In contrast, it got official status in the 2006 Winter Olympics.

– Curling is an exciting sport. The players have to guide the stone to its destination by keeping on polishing the surface of ice it slides on. They aren’t allowed to touch the stone.

– It is known that Kilsyth Curling Club is the first Curling club in the world, of course, if one goes by the club’s claims. It was established in the year 1716.

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the first club to officially lay down Curling’s rules.

– Curling at the Winter Olympics and World Curling Championships are two of the most coveted Curling title in this sport.

– The national Curling team of Canada does very well at this sport and has won many accolades and titles.

– Curling Is Cool Day is just the perfect day to know more about this beautiful winter sport.

Curling Is Cool Day Greetings

– Get to know this sport a bit better! It’s a lot of fun! Wishing you a very Happy Curling Is Cool Day!

– Play some Curling on Curling Is Cool Day! It’s really cool! Have a fun Curling Is Cool Day!

– Play sports and stay fit! Wishing you an engaging Curling Is Cool Day!

– Go on the ice and show off your Curling skills! Have a great Curling Is Cool Day!

– Hope you curl your way through life as a curling stone curls its way through the ice! Happy Curling Is Cool Day!

Curling Is Cool Day quotes

“You don’t have to comment on every boring thing you do.” I said. “This isn’t Olympic curling. You’re just unpacking a suitcase.”
― Maria Semple

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.”
― Pierre de Coubertin

“The Olympics remain the most compelling search for excellence that exists in sport, and maybe in life itself.”
― Dawn Fraser

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