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On 12th February, Darwin Day is celebrated to commemorate Charles Darwin’s birthday. On this day, all of Darwin’s contributions to science are highlighted.

Darwin Day is celebrated all over the world in educational institutes such as schools and colleges. Darwin Day has been celebrated since he died in 1882.


-Let us thank Charles Darwin for his contributions to science. Happy Darwin Day.

-Darwin Day is celebrated on Charles Darwin’s birthday, so I would like to wish him a Happy Birthday and acknowledge his works and contributions to science. I thank him. Happy Darwin Day.

-Darwin has played a big part in contributing to science. Without his theories, many things would have been left undiscovered. He promoted science to the general public and made them knowledgeable. Happy Darwin Day.

-Due to Charles Darwin, the current generation has learned many things. He has inspired many people to study science. Happy Darwin Day.

-Both secular and religious organizations celebrate Darwin Day, and we should celebrate it with them. There is no need to know what others think about Charles Darwin. If you appreciate him, you should celebrate Darwin Day. Happy Darwin Day.

-Today is Darwin Day so let us go to the University. I heard there is an event where they are celebrating his contributions to science. I wish you a Happy Darwin Day.

-People should stop criticizing Charles Darwin and appreciate his work. Not many people can do what he has done for science.

-What Charles Darwin has done for the people is unimaginable. He has changed the perception of people. Because of him, people got to know about Evolution. Happy Darwin Day.

-As a scientist, I cannot stress enough about what Charles Darwin has taught the world. Without him, we would have been clueless about Human Evolution. As scientists, we cannot thank him enough for his contributions. Happy Darwin Day.

-All the scientists should be thankful to Charles Darwin because, without him, we would not have progressed the way we did. He is an integral part of our history. Happy Darwin Day.

-Darwin Day is observed by various educational institutes like schools, colleges, and universities because Darwin is an inspiration for many budding scientists, and most importantly, all the students should learn about one of the most outstanding scientists of all time. Happy Darwin Day.

-Darwin is a great example for all of us. He showed us that in our life many people will not believe us, make fun of us and call us crazy, but that doesn’t make you wrong. If you can explain them clearly what your point is then no one can stop you from being one of the greats. Happy Darwin Day.


-We have to go the college today because they are holding a special event on Darwin Day. 

-I will teach my children about Charles Darwin because every individual needs to learn about him. He has done many great things for mankind.

-We should visit his burial ground in Westminster Abbey as today is his birthday and Darwin Day.

-Without his theories on natural selection, we would not have had any knowledge about human evolution. We should celebrate Darwin Day as thanks to him.

-We have to give props to Darwin for his theory on evolution. The majority of scientists did not believe his theory but he still managed to convince them. The scientists regarded him as a great scientist.

-After his death, a seated statue of Charles Darwin was kept in the Natural History Museum in London. Another statue was unveiled at the Shrewsbury Library. He was truly a great man.

-Charles Darwin was so famous that thousands of people attended his funeral, and he was buried alongside Issac Newton and John Herschel.

-The University of Georgia is organizing an event on Darwin Day. We should definitely attend it.

-My friend attended an event on Darwin Day that celebrated the impact of Darwin’s works through a series of lectures. I should have attended it. I am regretting my decision.

-Even if no one in our college celebrates Darwin Day, we should celebrate it. He is an inspiration for us, and we would not let his contributions to science fade away. 

-Delaware became the first American state to announce February 12th as Darwin Day formally. It is a historic moment for many scientists who have admired Darwin’s works.

-On Darwin Day, we should get his book, On The Origin of Species. I am very intrigued to know his theories on evolution.

-Every central educational institute should unveil a statue or bust of Charles Darwin. He deserves it, and one should not forget his contributions to science.

-Since 2008, Evolution Weekend is being celebrated in the United States on the weekend of Darwin Day. It incorporates a broader range of traditions.

-Darwin Day has been endorsed by many scientists, philosophers, and physicians because Darwin influenced them in some way.

-Darwin’s theory on Survival of the Fittest is still one of the most intriguing things that I have read. The explanation is beautiful and you just have to give him props for what he has done for mankind.


“Nature eliminates the unfit and preserves the fit. It is man, not Nature, who has caused all the trouble. He has put his whole soul to saving the unfit.”


“It has taken Mother Nature long, long ages to turn fierce greedy hairy ape-like beasts into such people as we are. It will take us but two or three close-linked generations to make human beings far more superior.”


“Defective human beings survive in modern societies because they are preserved by charity, and are allowed to reproduce. Thus natural selection, the great law of evolution and progress, is set at naught.”-  EDWIN CONKLIN, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY

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