301+ Brilliant Daughter Status for WhatsApp That You Love

Daughters have the souls of caring angels. They can read their parents like a book and then add chapters of happiness and joy. Daughters are all about loving and giving.

If you are searching for words to articulate your emotions as a daughter, here are 100+ WhatsApp statuses for you.

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Emotional Whatsapp Status for Daughter’s

– A daughter is someone who will love and laugh with you with all our hearts.

– Lucky are parents blessed with daughters.

-Daughters will change your life.

-Being a parent to daughters is precious and a responsibility.

-We may outgrow your lap but never heart.

– Being the girl of the best parents is the best gift to us.

– Mom’s teach their kids to choose battles carefully.

– The strength a girl shows comes from her parents.

– We adventure, laugh and live because our parents raised us to be free.

-What the daughters do, mothers did.

–  Daughters will grow to be your best friend.

–  Daughters are the sun that never fades.

–  Your girl child is your moon.

–  Solution to every problem for us our parents hug.

–  I’m the woman my mom taught me to be.

–  No man will be equal to a girl than her father.

–  Our daughters are our dad’s angels.

–  My parents guided me through life like one with a treasure map.

–  Mothers shed their protective gown on their daughters.

–  Happiness is getting a hug from your daughter for no reason.

–  For all the things my parents held, I’m still the best thing.

–  A mother’s treasure is her daughter.

–  My daughter’s smile is infectious.

–  Daughters are awesome but our parents are more than us because they raised us.

–  Daughter put color inside your world.

–  We daughters find warmth in our parent’s lap.

–  Home is your parents.

–  Parents will even follow their daughters into the dark.

–  Clasping your hind tight with your parents as a daughter is like a spark.

–  A girl’s bruised knuckles were first treated by her dad’s love.

–  When our fathers don’t have your hand they have our back.

–  We’re only here for once but if you spend it well with your parents, you do it right.

–  Daughter’s pain is fixed by her parent’s warmth.

–  I’m proud to be the daughter of the best parents.

–  You are loved the most by your parents.

–  We will always be our parent’s little girl.

–  It’s a thrill to be loved as a daughter.

–  Parents will Polaroid all their daughter’s memories.

–  Daughter’s precious memory is the first bike ride with her dad.

–  Swings with your parents in a park is a girl’s favorite memory.

–  I will paint all my mom’s happiness.

–  The sheets of your home will comfort you.

–  Food my mom is a home for daughters.

–  Parents have to hold daughters easy as they let her go as she grows up.

–  Wrapped in pink far and your mom’s hug is a girl child goal.

–  The moment of forever is when you wrap your hand around your parent’s finger.

–  My parents taught me to chase the dreams but know the road.

–  Even if we take the world we are always our parent’s little girl.

–  When daughters sleep, moms whisper I love you.

–  Daughters have the souls of a poet.

–   Your pain will always lead you back home

–  Every lullaby is still alive in every daughter’s mind.

–  Daughters are parent’s moon.

–  The light at the end of the tunnel for a girl is her home.

–  Daughters will always be a part of her parents.

–  Good daughters turn out great moms.

–  Even if your parents are gone, lullabies will go on.

–  Mother of the girl started loving her when she was less than a minute old.

–  We daughters love our parents since we fit into their palms.

–  We bloom like a flower child.

–  Us daughters are supposed to be raised with love.

–  My parents wish I was still the little girl, the minute old.

–  Lord smiles down to bless girls with beautiful parents.

–  Guys need to be careful while trying to love us like our father.

–  Dads are the number one for girls.

–  Girls are loved first by their fathers.

–  A daughter’s place belongs in his father’s arms.

–  Every butterfly kisses to us is held in our hearts forever.

–  My father sicked little white flowers on my hair as a kid and till my wedding.

–  I’m my daddy’s little girl.

–  All the ribbons and curls my mom made hold her love for me.

–  I look like mom more with every passing day.

–  My parents smother my wings for the day I will go out in the world.

–  Daughters are like a maze that continuously changes.

–  Girls become daughters who turn to be lovers and then mothers.

–  Daughters will love you as you do.

–  Your girl child is your little miss magic.

–  It is a warm breeze when your parents blow when you are hurt.

–  We daughters let you see a little more of you every day.

–  A daughter will get sad to cath the hair turning grey.

–  Your mother is the only one except you for your dad.

–  Daughters will look up to you as you have all the answers.

–  Sometimes your dad will protect you and sometimes they just let you find answers on your own.

–  No mountain is too high to climb when you’re a proud daughter.

–  Parents are clouds up in the sky for their daughters.

–  We will be as bright as the sun when we have angels like our mom.

–  My forever shoulder to cry on are my parents.

–  Seek your parents and you shall find: by a daughter.

–  We always remember the time we cling to our father’s leg on the first day of pre-school.

–  The weight of the world is lighter because our parents have held it for us.

–  A daughter is your royalty.

–  It is always a daughter moment.

–  Daughters are ready, born ready.

–  The whole ceiling is your floor for girls who know put their foot.

–  Birds sing a little sweeter for parents with daughters.

–  Homes with daughters are not homes but kingdoms.

–  Every daughter is unique and like nobody else.

–  Girls are the crown on their parent’s heads.

–  Daughters are the accumulation of the genes of the generation.

– The brightest star in the family constellation is a daughter.

Daughters Whatsapp

Daughter’s Status On Whatsapp

Having a daughter is considered a blessing. They are special and are always dear. Watching them grow must be overwhelming, but you are proud of the person they are becoming and always be the supportive parent. Here are a few messages about your daughter you could use.

-My dear daughter, I am very proud of you. I will always love you, guide you and always be there for you.

-I am so very blessed to have such an amazing and fantastic daughter who’s so beautiful and smart and always makes me proud. I love you very much, my dear daughter!  

-I am so glad to be your parent. I hope you will always love me and lean on me when you are tired or want a break. I am here for you always.

-To have a daughter like you must be a blessing. You are a human in an angel form, my dear.

-I am very much proud of you, my daughter! I love you so much and promise to be here for you whenever you need me.

Daughter Status

Watching your daughter grow from being so little would make you feel like you are on a roller coaster ride. Happy because she is becoming a self-independent woman and sad because she wouldn’t be spending so much time with you. But you are proud of the woman she is becoming. Here are a few messages about your daughter you can use.

-My heart beams with happiness watching you become the woman you have always wanted to be. I am very much proud of you, my dear daughter!

-If you want to take a break from life, my arms will always be wide open for you, my dear daughter. I promise to keep you safe and sound.

-You have made us the happiest and proud parents, my dear daughter! We love you so much and want to see you reach great heights in your life.

-I must consider myself lucky for being given such an amazing daughter like you. Watching you being happy makes us happy. 

-If I had the chance to go back to the time I heard your first cry and when I took you in my arms, I would do it all over again. I love you very much, and you continue to be so amazing, my dear daughter.

Father And Daughter Status For Whatsapp

Watching your daughter grow out to be a wonderful woman would be such a proud moment for you as her father. You pray the best for her all the time. You try your best to provide her with everything that she requires and make sure she doesn’t feel sad. Here are a few messages for your daughter.

-You made me the happiest dad on this planet the moment you entered this world, and I love you so much, my dear daughter.

-I still remember the moment I took you into my arms and swayed you to sleep. It is a moment I would choose to experience over and over again, my dear daughter.

-You make me the proudest dad by always doing your best. I would still be proud if you didn’t; just know that I am here for you and will always love you, my dear daughter!

-I am so thankful and grateful to have a daughter as incredible as you! I promised to love you and take care of you, and I am a man of my word, my dear daughter.

-I can’t be grateful and thankful enough to have you as my daughter. You are the reason I am such a great person, and I try my best to be your superhero every single day, my dear daughter!

Whatsapp Status For Daughter

Daughters are humans in angel form who could make your worries disappear, even for a moment! Watching them from taking their first step and slowly learn to walk to be the woman she dreams of becoming is the proudest moment for any parent ever. Here are a few messages for your daughter you could use.

-My eyes are filled with tears every time I see you work hard for your dreams and become the woman you always dreamed of becoming, and I am so proud of you, my dear daughter.

-No matter how hard life gets, promise never to back down without a fight, my dear daughter. I am here for you always.

-I knew you would be the best daughter from the moment I laid my eyes on you, my beautiful daughter! I hope you know how much I love you.

-A daughter like you is hard and as stunning as a diamond. I am so proud of how strong and independent you are becoming, my dear daughter.

-I hope you know how much I love you, and I am always proud of you, my dear daughter.

Daughter Captions For Whatsapp

To have a daughter who is an amazing human being is one of the biggest blessings for you. She tries her hardest to make you proud. Sometimes you wonder how someone can be so smart and beautiful, but then she is your daughter after all! You have the best daughter anyone could have. Here are a few captions about your daughter you could use for your WhatsApp.

-You put on your beautiful smile every day and never fall into the temporary worldly pleasures, and always try to focus on the people you love and care about. I am so proud of you, my dear daughter!

-I can never be thankful and grateful enough to have a daughter as incredible as you are, my dear daughter.

-May you always be happy and always work hard for the woman you want to become, my dear daughter.

-You should know that you give me all the reasons to make me proud every day, my dear daughter. 

-You teach me to become a better person every day, my dear daughter. I will always love you and always be cheering and guiding you.

Daughter Love Status

Watching your daughter living happily with the family she chooses to make fills your heart with warmth. You can finally take a deep breath after knowing she found herself a man who is going to love her and take care of her for the rest of her life. Here are a few messages for your daughter you could use.

-I am glad you found the man of your dream, my dear daughter. I will always pray for your happiness and well-being; I am your dad, after all.

-Even if you grow old, you will always be my little girl! I still would carry you on my back and give you a piggyback ride, my dear daughter.

-I am so glad you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. I will always be proud and always will love you, my dear daughter.

-No matter how old I get, I will still run to you if you face any kind of problems, my dear daughter. 

-I am happy you found someone who can love you as much as I do. I am so proud of you, my dear daughter.

Funny Whatsapp Status for Daughter’s

–  Daughters don’t complain when mom says no because we know dad will be there to say yes.

–  A daughter gets late for school since the day she learns to zip her jacket.

–  Parenting is hard for moms with the daughter of a mini version of them.

–  Asking for personal space from moms is as vain as drawing a line in the air.

–  Daughters are like daughters; they are flowers but also attract pests.

–  I asked my mom what it is to have an amazing daughter, and she said I’ll have to ask grandma.

–  When your girl turns out like you, well played, Karma.

–  The daughter has mothers who do their work hours for free but complain.

–  My father and I have mutually loved tea more than anything.

– % part of parenting a girl child is thinking about when you will get to lie down again.

–  Daughters are your best friend or satan, no in-between.

–  Guns don’t kill people; fathers with a pretty daughter do.

–  You can’t scare someone who has daughters.

–  Monster: what happens when your mom calls you and counts too – 

–  Having a girl child is like having a frat house, nobody sleeps, and everything is broken.

–  Moms with stubborn daughters, “why? Because I said so!”

–  Your parents always wonder where daughters get their attitude from; home people, it’s from you guys.

–  My childhood was my parents yelling, “you just had a snack.”

–  Being a daughter is all about / security cams.

–  Parents always say that friends are a bad influence when you are the one coming up with ideas.

–  We smile because we’re your daughter but laugh because you can do nothing about it.

–  My mom said if I’m old enough to critique what she makes, I can make it myself.

–  Every time you smile at your phone is a mom watching you.

–  Having a daughter is all about having a broke best friend who thinks you’re rich.

–  People say women speak words in a day, while being a daughter, we do it by breakfast.

–  Daughters are an awesome reflection of their moms.

–  Don’t ask a girl why she loves her dad more than her mom. Truth hurts.

–  Having your childhood expire at  is cur=e to be responsible like your parents.

–  We always love our dad more because we have our mom’s attitude.

–  Daughters never hit the mute button.

–  A daughter loves parents, shopping, and being lazy.

–  Nobody tests your inner gangster-like your daughter.

–  My mom signed up for a makeup artist for herself when she decided to have me.

–  Mess with my dad and he will fight back; mess with me, and you’ll never find your body.

–  You must teach your daughter to be kind but also throat punch someone.

–  Praying for some badass daughters doesn’t end up in prison.

–  I am an amazing prime daughter.

–  Never mess with “doods,” daughter.

–  Just when I think I am nothing, I show my attitude.

–  Doesn’t matter how old you are, when your little girl wants to have a tea party you do.

–  And though we were little once, always fierce.

–  Daughters are sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.

–  My parents do have a beautiful daughter but they also have a gun shovel and alibi.

–  I’m the best daughter in front of guests

–  The look your mom gives when you speak of more makeup.

–  I always thought my mom was crazy, it turns out I’m the one who did that.

–  Daughters think their mom stands for “made of money”.

–  Life doesn’t come with manuals for daughters, so they have dads.

–  Maybe it’s just the daughter’s job to piss off her mother.

–  My mom finally had “the talk” with me, she told me animals eat their young, so I better get my shit together.

Daughters Whatsapp

Motivational Quotes for Working Daughter’s

–  A successful daughter will never let you bow down to other people.

–  Working or not, a daughter will always make you proud.

–  Your daughters are made of tougher stuff than your sons.

–  Little girls need to learn that they can be and do anything in life.

–  A son’s job may begin at the workplace. –  A daughter’s job begins where she lives.

–  A successful son stands up for himself. –  A successful daughter stands up for her whole family.

–  Never underestimate a working daughter. 

–  Anyone who says daughters can’t be successful hasn’t heard of multitasking.

–  Your life may not be a fairy tale, but your daughter is a queen.

–  Teach your daughters to be proud of their femininity.

–  Being a successful daughter is just as important as being a successful woman.

–  A daughter can take everyone’s place, but no one can take her place.

–  Successful daughters never forget their roots.

–  We daughters never share how far we’re willing to go for our parents.

–  A son will be your son until he gets married, but a daughter will remain your own all life.

–  Having a successful daughter means you will never wish for a son again.

–  A daughter might be successful but she will remember to check up on her parents every day.

–  Daughters grow up to be the best friend you’ve always wanted.

–  A successful daughter will always judge men by comparing them to her dad.

–  Working daughters can tolerate everything except disrespect against their fathers.

–  We daughters always look for little ways to make our parents proud.

–  A strong daughter can be the most beautiful woman in your life.

–  Behind a strong, successful daughter is a father who never stopped trying.

–  Your daughter might be a boss, but she will never stop being your daughter.

–  Daughters might be successful, but they never lose their empathy.

–  Our daughters don’t share all our burdens with their parents.

–  All daughters are secretly conspiring to give their parents the world.

–  The best protection you can give your daughter is by telling her not to give up.

–  A strong daughter will stay by your side even when she is hurting herself.

–  Your daughter is the strongest woman you’ll ever know.

–  If you see a successful daughter, know that she can face anything.

–  Courage is the best gift that you can give your daughters.

–  A daughter will never say it but she wants to protect you from the world.

–  Daughters are made of sterner stuff than sons.

–  Successful daughters are not afraid of anything.

–  A daughter learns more from strong mothers than any famous role model. 

–  There is nothing better for daughters than seeing their parents get the respect they deserve.

–  I know that there is nothing I wouldn’t do to go back to my childhood and hop on my father’s back for a piggyback.

–  If you want to test me, try hurting my family.

–  Successful daughters are made of courage and patience.

–  Real freedom is when you can inform your parents about your day, and they don’t judge you.

–  No, you cannot tell me that as a daughter, I cannot support my parents because I know I will do anything for them.

–  My parents know they can rely on their daughters for anything.

–  As daughters, we will always find comfort in our parent’s homes.

–  Your daughter won’t let you know that she can smile through her problems.

–  Being tough and ambitious as a girl is harder than it looks.

–  Daughters know that being independent is the best thing that can ever happen to them.

–  Having a daughter means you will have a best friend for life.

–  Teach your daughters to keep wearing the invisible crown.

–  Daughters love it when you come to them with your problems because you know they’ll solve them.

–  Most of the time you already know what the problem is but lack the courage to accept it.

–  You may not know what the future holds but you know what you deserve: the best.

-Sometimes, a girl just needs her war paint to look confident.

-A daughter knows her rightful place in the family: the warrior princess.

-Having a daughter is both tough and rewarding.

-Your daughter might cry herself to sleep, but she will wake up strong from her power nap.

-Girls, always imagine you’re in a film playing the superhero fighting baddies in heels.

-Sometimes success is measured by the happiness one gets from doing something, not the money.

-As a parent, you must let your daughter create her path to success.

Daughters Whatsapp

Daughter’s status

-Girls, the right attitude is all you need to hold your head up high.

-Teach your daughters that makeup is awesome, and not wearing make-up is awesome.

-Daughters will keep coming back to you even after you’ve sent them away.

-A daughter should be two things: smart and successful.

-Nothing hurts a daughter worse than seeing her parents bear her as a burden. 

-You don’t get to tell daughters who they are or can be.

-Don’t expect a daughter to take it easy if you disrespect her family.

-You don’t realize how powerful your daughter is until you see her be a boss.

-We daughters love it when we can make our parents smile.

-You don’t have to be rich, girls – just dress like it.

-Teach your daughter that loving herself is the only way to set standards for others.

-Staying strong is a skill all daughters have learned by the time they’re adults.

-Girls, being tough does not mean you cannot be feminine.

-A daughter will stay by your side even when you have lost all hope.

-We daughters know you better than you know yourself – even when you don’t show it.

-Daughters grow up the day they realize that they need to fight for what they want.

-Don’t let a man tell you what to do if he doesn’t do the same thing himself.

-The best protection for your daughters is courage.

-Don’t let your daughter believe that she does not have power.

-Having a daughter to take care of is the sweetest experience.

-Sometimes, the right attitude is all you need to make people believe you’re better than them.

-Imagine what would happen if daughters were told they could do anything and be anything.

-Every daughter is a warrior; you cannot see the battle wounds because they have been covered up.

-Strong women were strong daughters once, learning from strong mothers.

-Learning to be strong is a trait daughters learn early in life.

-Always strive to be the man your little girl thinks you are.

-A strong woman will tell you to your face that she loathes you.

-Daughters are like stars, they shine in the morning, but you don’t see them because you’re too busy thinking about the son.

-Don’t compare your daughters with others; let her know she is far above them.

-You don’t need to obey all the rules if these rules are created by men for women.

-Parents don’t realize this, but daughters can take care of themselves if they can live through patriarchy.

-Raise your sons right; your daughters won’t need to keep themselves safe then.

-Treat your daughter as a princess, so she knows how to fight in heels.

-Let your daughter build her world.

-It’s your life; you deserve to be the main character, not the sidekick.

-Don’t make it tougher for your daughters when they already have to live in a man’s world.

-Daughters know you better than you think.

-Don’t teach your daughters to be meek; teach them to be bold and outspoken.

-Girls don’t want much except for respect, basic human rights, and love and support from parents.

-Nothing makes a parent happier than seeing a confident daughter living her dreams.

-We daughters love it when our parents trust us for everything.

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