85+ Best Mom Daughter Quotes and Sayings

The relationship between a mother and daughter is the most sacred and adorable one also. A mother is not only a person to a daughter. She is the first teacher, a shelter, and a guide in every situation that a daughter can get into.

A daughter is the most coveted possession of a mother. She can go to every extent and do unthinkable deeds for the sake of her daughter. Here are some best mom-daughter quotes for you:

Mom-Daughter Quotes and Sayings

-The love between a mother and a daughter is the purest one. – Michelle Obama

-A Mother is the only person who can give the best life lessons to a daughter. – Brie Bella

-To a mother, a daughter is a child in her childhood… a friend as she grows up and a companion as the mother grows old. – Mercedes Schlapp

-A daughter is the mini version of a mother who grows up to be the exact person like her mother. – Brie Bella

-A talk between a mother and a daughter is the most sublime talk you will ever hear of. – Gillian Flynn

-A mother’s happiness is the time when her daughter talks with her about the most secret things in her life. – Anna Gunn

-A daughter’s smile is the ultimate goal of the mother. – Mercedes Schlapp

-A mother is the only person who can do the unthinkable tasks in need of her daughter. – Phil Gingerly

-A mother and daughter share the most sacred bond in the world. – Michelle Obama

-Do you know what the strongest thing in the world is? No no… It’s not any chemical but the trust of a daughter in her mother.  – Gillian Flynn

-A mother and a daughter are two different persons may be… but they share a single heart. -Amy Klobucher

-A mother is the most reliable friend of a girl. – Mercedes Schlapp

-Sometimes, you may see a mother and her girl sitting in a park but not talking to each other… what you cannot see is the unspoken sublime words between them. – Dan Gable

-for a girl, the best gift is her mother’s hugs, kisses, and love. – Brie Bella

-A mother never wants that her children would follow her path, but she always wants her beside whatever the situation is. – Florence Henderson

-A mother can do whatever is possible for the fulfillment of her daughter’s dream. – Michelle Obama

-For every girl, her mother is the queen of the world. – Mercedes Schlapp

-The sacred bond starts between a mother and her daughter as soon as she feels inside her body and feels rewarded with a daughter. – Anna Gunn

-Motherhood changes a girl into a lady once who used to be a lovely daughter to her mother. – Gillian Flynn

– Mother is the only person who can replace everyone in our life, but the surprising thing is that her place can never be replaced.- Teri Hatcher

-A daughter’s love and care is the only thing that a mother wants as she grows old. – Gillian Flynn

– A daughter is the greatest treasure of a mother. – Mercedes Schlapp

-Many relations may come and torment you, can torture you mentally, but the relation with your mother is the most lovely and reliable that every time soothes you in every condition. – Florence Henderson

-At childhood, a girl’s universe is he mother – Brie Bella

-Age does not matter… a mother and daughter’s relationship is always the loveliest you have ever seen. – Kimberly Elise

-No matter how old a girl is… the lap of her mother will be the best place. – Mercedes Schlapp

-Value the care and affection of your mother… No one can replace her ever. – Michelle Obama

-you may do any job, but your mother’s smile is your ambition… It will reward you forever. – Amy Klobucher

-A mother’s love for her children is boundless and maintains no law… mother can do whatever her daughter needs. – Gillian Flynn

-The mother is the only person who works for us freely and seeks no salary. – Sarah Palin

-The challenges that a mother face makes a girl most strong. – Sarah Palin

-A daughter is the exact mirror image of the mother. She is her closest ally. – Michelle Obama

-A daughter’s role model is always her mother. – Florence Henderson

-A daughter becomes the closest partner for her mother when the daughter becomes a mother. – Wendy Davis

-A mother’s goal is always to find a perfect life partner for her daughter who is better than her own life partner is. –Meg Cabot

-Mother always wants her daughter finds a man who is capable of making her child smile in whatever the situation is… as she had done since her birth. – Mercedes Schlapp

-The daughter is the loveliest angel for her mother. – Gillian Flynn

-It is only your mother to whom you cannot put on a fake smile. She always knows us internally. She always knows our smile. – Florence Henderson

mom daughter quotes and sayings

-A mother knows the detail of every inch of her daughter’s mind. – Michelle Obama

-A girl becomes a mother for her mother when she becomes old. – – Sarah Palin

-A mother’s love is the ultimate confidence for a girl. – Brie Bella

-A daughter’s smile makes a mother more confident about her motherhood. – Brie Bella

-A daughter is a child for her mother, but she is a friend when the child grows up – Michelle Obama

-A mother’s love is not only a biological relation but an everlasting emotion. – Kimberly Elise

-Mother is a shelter for girls where they can cry without any hesitation. – Mercedes Schlapp

-A mother and daughter may live far from each other, but they are not distant from each other’s heart. – Sarah Palin

-A daughter’s smile is the most precious diamond to a mother. – Anna Gunn

-A daughter’s emotion is the most important thing for her mother. – Michelle Obama

-Believe in your mother… she can do whatever is needed for you. – Gillian Flynn

-You may lose a friend… you may lose your love… but keep in your mind that your mother is always there for you. – Florence Henderson

-The daughter is the most special person for a mother. – Brie Bella

-A mother’s blessings are the most important to live a healthy life. – Teri Hatcher

-A daughter is the most incredible gift to a mother from God. – Michelle Obama

-God has not given anything the most perfection, but he created a mother’s relation with her daughter. – Mercedes Schlapp

-A relationship between mother and daughter is the most adorable. – Florence Henderson

-A daughter is the most cherished possession of a mother. – Brie Bella

-If a daughter finds herself in the most adverse situation one ever has, she always has a shelter, that is the mother. – Florence Henderson

-Only a mother is a person who can go beyond the extent of a human for her daughter. – Michelle Obama

 -A daughter is the best of the gifts that a mother can have. – Mercedes Schlapp

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