65+ Best Daughter Sayings and Quotes

Although it is a real blessing to have a daughter, it can be quite a challenge to nurture a small girl into a mature adult woman. It is the duty of the parents to develop the self-confidence of the daughters and one must take several things into consideration here.

However, it will be a sensible idea to ensure that the girls comprehend their true value more than anything else. With some help, she will be able to become a decent young lady who can take care of herself. Here, we have mentioned some interesting sayings for daughters that ought to touch your hearts.

Daughter Sayings and Quotes

  • Boys remain boys only until their marriage, but daughters never change. 
  • My daughter, learn to have patience and your life will become easier.
  • In case you learn to have patience, you will be able to lead your life much better.
  • My daughter, one thing you must learn to have in life and that is wisdom. Without wisdom one’s life is in vain.
  • At present, the majority of the girls lack one thing in common and that is wisdom. 

_Wisdom is something that is absent in most of the girls at present.

_All I want is that my daughter will be able to lead an independent life on her own.

_The person having daughters happens to be a shepherd at all times.

_Even though a daughter might be able to outgrow the lap of yours, she is not going to love your heart.

_At times, daughters can become very serious. It is your responsibility to teach them to smile a lot and take life less seriously.

_I want to live a life full of satisfaction and positive vitality. I also want that for my daughter who is very dear to me.

_I have been aware of the fact that our time on earth is limited and it is my wish to spend a significant amount of time in this world with my daughter and enjoy it to the fullest!

_I am grateful to my daughter for providing my life with immense satisfaction. I am happy because we have been the greatest of friends and we know each other more than anyone else.

_My relationship with my beloved daughter is growing rapidly.

_The lady who gave me birth has passed away, but as a daughter, I feel proud of her. 

_We seem to be like 2 volumes of the same book.

_I don’t have enough words to say how much I love my daughter.

_My daughter happens to be my eternal gift of love.

_My daughter was a little girl one day who has grown up to be an attractive lady right now. And every day our friendship has grown.

_Nurturing a daughter is similar to growing a flower. One needs to give his best. If the job is done well, the flower is going to bloom. 

_Enthusiasm happens to be the best gift that I can give to my daughter.

_My greatest achievement is my daughter. She has been a little cute star and has changed my life significantly ever since she has arrived in this world.

_Each and every moment I spend with my daughter is invaluable. 

_One simple way to stay with your daughter while she grows up will be to have a good time in each other’s company even when she wants to be with her friends.

_When I am with my daughter, I find some unexplained peace of mind which I cannot describe in words.

_To me, my daughter happens to be the most gifted lady on earth who has made my head high among the others.

_i really enjoy my time in the company of my daughter who is my favorite person on earth.

_My daughter has provided me with able support when I needed them the most. I am ever grateful to her.

_I love my daughter from the core of my heart more than anything else on this planet.

_My daughter has been a blessing from the very beginning.

_My job as a father is to take care of my daughter and also protect her. I think that I have done my duties to perfection.

_I have learned many things from my daughter that I can really boast of.

_Although most of the girls tend to drift away from their parents once they reach puberty, my daughter is an exception to that. She loves staying with her parents most of the time.

_Nurturing a daughter is totally different than nurturing a son. But one thing is common that you need to love both of them equally.

 _One day my daughter will step into my shoes; she will become a mother.

_A woman has 3 roles to play in her entire life: the role of a daughter, a wife, and a mother.

_It is quite tough to raise a teenage girl and it is quite difficult to be an adolescent girl as well. In fact, you are not the only one in case you found it difficult to raise your teenage daughter.

_I learn one thing or two from my teenage daughter on a regular basis.

_The first thing I taught my daughter was, to be honest for I am of the notion that honesty is the best policy.

daughter sayings and quotes

_In case you would like your daughter to be polite and well-behaved, you must try to be so yourself. This is because your daughter will learn only from you.

_If you are polite, your daughter will also learn how to be polite. If you are rude you cannot expect your daughter to be polite whatsoever.

_To an aging father, the greatest gift is his daughter.

_A daughter happens to be the treasure of her mother.

_A daughter can be a reason for sleeplessness.

_The world has many wonderful gifts to give and one of them is a daughter.

_She missed her father at times once she became old. 

_Daughters comprehend the fact that they can become good friends once they become more mature. 

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