78+ Mother Quotes which are Famous and Thought Provoking

A mother is one of the most important people in someone’s life. From the moment she gives birth to her child, she becomes an inspiration in the life of her child.

She raises her child to be an independent and strong woman or man.

We shall always be thankful to her for all the love and care she showers upon us.

Let’s sneak peek at what world-famous personalities say about the bond they share with their mothers and their children. 

Mother Quotes Famous

– All that I am today, or I ever will be, I owe everything to my mother. I love her, and I have no idea what I’d have done without her. – Abraham Lincoln

– My mother always prayed for me, and those prayers followed me up everywhere. I have been clinging to them all my life. – Abraham Lincoln 

– My mom taught me to be strong. She taught me how to accept things, she taught me how to tolerate something extreme, she taught me to be brave, and she taught me compassion. – Lady Gaga 

– Being a mother is not just about having a biological relationship with the child; it’s also about an attitude she carries with herself. – Robert A. Heinlein 

– You will get the sense of the purest love that exists in this entire world when you look at your mother. – Mitch Albom

Mother Quotes Famous

– If love is like a sweet little flower, then my mother is that sweet little flower in my life. I learned so much from her; she was my greatest teacher who taught me compassion, love, and fearlessness and also taught and encouraged me to follow my dreams. – Stevie Wonder 

– All the love begins with motherhood and ends there as well. – Robert Browning 

– My mother is everything to me. My root, my foundation, my inspiration. It’s the seed she planted years ago that built my life. My life is based on this only. She made me believe in achieving the stars, and I could do it because of her. – Michael Jordan 

– My mother was a reader. I was six, and my brother was eight. She read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to us, and I will never forget that. – Stephen King 

– She raised us, and she made us understand not everything is going to be okay; there will be hard times, but we shall never give up. They raised us with honor and made us see life as it is. –Liza Minnelli 

– You can be yourself in front of your mother. You can cry your eyes out in her arms and then rest in her lap. – Jodi Picoult

– Whenever someone asks me to describe my mother, I describe her as a hurricane with full power or a rainbow with falling colors or climbing a mountain. – Maya Angelou 

– Everything else in this world is unstable and unsure in this world. Just mother’s love is the most assured and pure thing in this stinking dunghill of the world. – James Joyce 

– With time, everything melts away. With time youth fades away, the leaves of friendship fall, and love droops, but a mother’s prayers and pure love never leave you. It stays within you always and forever. – Oliver Wendell Holmes 

– A mother is not a person to lean on, but she is the person who teaches you that learning is not necessary at all. – Dorothy Canfield Fisher 

– My mom is like a shelter to me. Whenever I am not feeling good, or I am in trouble, I hurry to her. – Emily Dickinson 

Mother Quotes Famous

– The arms of a mother are full of tenderness. A child sleeps peacefully and soundly in them. That is the most satisfying moment in the world for the mother. – Victor Hugo 

– I find the most comfort when I’m in my mother’s arms. Being in those arms is the most comforting thing I can think of. – Princess Diana 

– Being a mother makes you a better person on a daily basis, and that is my favorite thing about it. – Drew Barrymore

– As moms, we are changing this attitude of treating women’s ambition as an ugly quality. I am so lucky that I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, and they support me with everything I can think of, be it my career or ambition anything. – Reese Witherspoon 

– When I became a mother, I understood the purity of the love of a mother. I know every mom out there understands what I am talking about. I had never felt like this before. I never realized that there could be unconditional love that is so pure. – Jennifer Lopez 

– There will be moments when our children will be unprepared for adversity. We try to protect them whenever something goes wrong with their lives, but I don’t think that actually helps in any way. Instead of protecting them after something happens, we should prepare them for any situation that might arise so they can handle it independently. – Taraji P. Henson 

– At first, I didn’t know how to appreciate myself as a mother. It was really hard to believe for me, but then, slowly, I accepted the fat and learned to appreciate myself more. – Gwen Stefani 

– People will come up to you and give advice about parenting and how to handle your child, but the fact is you know what your child needs. You need to trust that. You need to have faith in yourself and faith in your child. It’s an experimental life, and you are a part of it. – Lucy Liu 

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– The strength that lies in motherhood is much greater than any other strength in nature. – Barbara Kingsolver 

– There is a silent peace in the mother’s love that needs to be acquired and deserved. – Eric Fromm 

– Everybody is born of love, and that love is our mother. – Rumi 

– The real lioness never tells her cub to stay weak so that the wolves can get him. She teaches her to toughen up. She will teach her child to toughen up because that is the society they have to live in and survive, and there is no place for weak people. – Lauryn Hill 

– It is possible to gild pure gold, but no one can make his mother more beautiful as she is already the perfect and most beautiful woman in this world and in his eyes. – Mahatma Gandhi 

– In the lips and hearts of the children, Mother is known as God. Mother is God’s name for them. – William Makepeace Thackeray

Mother Quotes Famous

– A mother is always the first teacher to her child. – Peng Liyuan

– All women become like their mothers, and that is a great tragedy for the whole universe of women. None of the men become like their mothers, and that’s their tragedy too. –Oscar Wilde 

– We shall try and make mothers of all nations meet each other. In this way, no war would be started in the first place. – E. M. Forster 

– Mothers want their children to grow up to be president, but no mother would want her child to become a politician. – John F. Kennedy 

– Mothers are so great that they can outlast everything. – Carrie Fisher 

– The relationship between a mother and her child is very powerful. No matter what our age is, as long as our mothers are alive, we want our mother, we crave her smile, and we look out for her whenever something good or bad happens to us, and that’s life. – Goldie Hawn 

– The real heroes are the mothers who work full-time and still take care of their children and family. – Kate Winslet 

– A mother can be terrible or glorious, but she will always be a goddess and a real hero in the eyes of her children. I am totally convinced about it, and I will always believe in this. – N. K. Jemisin 

– My mother always taught me to think higher. She told me if I were a soldier, I would become a general, and if I were a monk, I would become pope. Instead, I am a painter now, and I became Picasso. – Pablo Picasso 

– I suffered all my life. I was a queen, and they took my crown; I was a wife, and they killed my husband; I was a mother. They deprived me of my children. Now I am left just with my blood; I will give it to them because I don’t want to suffer anymore. – Marie Antoinette 

– My mother often told me that there would be times when I will become the first to do something, but I shall never become the last to do something. – Kamala Harris 

– Abortion is also a part of becoming a mother and caring for the children. If she had an abortion, she cared enough to think it won’t be a good idea to bring that child into this world at that particular time. – Katha Pollitt

Mother Quotes Famous

– My mother was very energetic and enthusiastic. I think I got this energy and enthusiasm from her only. – Donald Trump 

– Only a mother can make everyone feel special. That is the gift she has within her. – Oprah Winfrey 

– A mother is always a democrat towards her son, and a father is always republican. – Robert Frost 

– A baby always feeds upon her mother’s bosom at first, and it is enough to melt her heart. –Henry Ward Beecher 

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– I could rhyme from my childhood, and my mother was always fascinated by this fact. – Dolly Patron 

– And I am a daughter who was raised in the south side of Chicago by a father who was a blue-collar worker in the city and who was also a mother who took care of my brother and me. –Michelle Obama 

Mother Quotes Famous

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